Some reminders and another thing by Cyborg-Lucario

My Halloween sale ends in two days, so Monday will be the last day you can get these kinds of offers. Will I go any more kind of sales? Hmm, I'll probably do a Christmas sale when it's December and then I have no idea if I'll do another kind of sale.

Also, I did post an update video a few days ago about my Youtube channel.

For those who don't have the time to watch so am I simply asking you to vote what my next LP will be. Which you can do over here:

And on my Patreon so am I doing a Pokémonth of my own and makes a Pokémon sketch a day: (though you already knew that)

Finally there's also something that I have only told a select few, but I'm preparing to move. It's weird to me that I will be moving out of the apartment I have been living in for three years now, but I knew that the ones who owns the apartment was going to raze the building and build a new out of it. So when will I move? I don't really know, except that it probably will be sometime next year.
I have already checked an apartment yesterday which looked nice, but the only problem is that I don't know what the rent is like, not even the guy who showed me the apartment knew and is something I have to ask the guy who originally recommended me it (said guy didn't even work on Friday and I believe he doesn't work on weekends either).

But yeah, if I do manage to get a new apartment with a reasonable rent so do I also hope that me and my cats will like it.

So how are you all doing? :3

Some reminders and another thing


5 November 2016 at 10:04:56 MDT

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    Aah, sick for the most part, but getting better for the most part. Oh yeah~! I do have to watch that channel! Been wanting to see what you'll be doing next. I just put in the vote, so I'll be curious. I will have to support you on Patreon too! ^^