Something I need to tell you by Cyborg-Lucario

If you're adding me to your Skype/Discord contacts only for roleplaying (not even any small talk), then sorry to tell you but I'm not going to roleplay with you.

I mostly role play with people I know and can't find the time/motivation to rp with strangers. And I'm especially sorry for those who want to rp because they actually like what I'm doing.

Though I'm not afraid to role play with strangers, I mean there will be a gaming store opening in my city tomorrow and you can play board games and role playing games there from pictures I have seen from their site. So yeah, I may role play with people that may be there if my ordinary role playing group isn't available.

Now that I think about it, I would like to know a bit about you if we're going to rp with each others. I mean, it would be easier to rp if we both knows what our interests are. It might take a while though.

My point being, I don't do random rps.

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Something I need to tell you


9 December 2016 at 09:32:45 MST

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    Wow, that must be awkward for someone to try to ask you to roleplay with all the time. Though from the sounds of things, this seems to be a constant problem, even for me. Then again, I could probably be considered one of those people, though I honestly have been enjoying you more with small talks whenever I get the chance, haha!

    Oh? That actually sounds pretty cool about that game store opening over there! That sounds like a place I'd love to go to, and probably do, hehe! Probably the best way to go for!~

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      To be honest, since we have been talking and known each other for a bit so can I feel more like I more likely could roleplay with you if you asked (and if I have the time for it).

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        Aww, hehe! <3 Thank you for saying that! ^^ Though I will