Working, just working by Cyborg-Lucario

There's much work and so little time. But currently so do I have to focus on the latest page of my Patreon exclusive comic and then... I should record a bunch of footage for my two current let's plays even if I can't edit them (Sony Vegas Pro is expensive as heck, and Movie Maker and the one that's included with Roxio sucks), because Grim Fandango Remastered and Metal Gear Solid V are loooooooooong games (maybe Grim Fandango is a bit shorter).
And I still need to make sure the script for my upcoming review is good enough and record voices for it (I don't make all of this for popularity, but it would be nice to get some recognition for all the work I do).

Yes, I know. There may be times when I don't feel good and have considered closing my Patreon and stop taking commissions, but then I remember that I can't quit because then the haters will win (I have no idea if I actually have haters, but I'm sure some think I'm corrupt for just having a Patreon account), and people who only wants free stuff but hate commissions and give money to starving artists (I'm not referring to anyone in particular as I know people who follows me have a better reason for not commissioning anyone (i.e. they're being poor themselves).
But yeah, looking at it this way so am I not ashamed of working hard on something Patreon exclusive even though I only have two patrons.

So how are you all doing? :3

Working, just working


8 May 2016 at 09:54:41 MDT

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