Commissions are open by Cyborg-Lucario

Yo, I just want to remind you all that I'm open for not just Halloween Icon commissions, but also any kind of commissions. It would be fun if you commissioned me to draw your characters in Halloween costumes for example.

Let me also remind you that my payment methods are Paypal and dA points (the latter in case you can't use Paypal).

Commission info:

If I'm being honest so am I worried that I don't know my audience and what they want. What if they don't care about my original stuff and ignores the things I put lots of work in like my Magus Doe comic.

If you want to read it so can you buy the first issue on Gumroad:

I'm currently working on issue 2, which I had hoped to finish last month, but it looks like I will be done with it this month instead.
I have fun working on it, and some would say that it's the only thing that matters. Though those people will also say that I should do everything for free for that reason too.
What's wrong with earning money through something you like?

Maybe some people think I suck at drawing, because I know there are. But now that I think of it so may it only be because they equal fetish works with awfulness.
It doesn't matter if you're awesome at drawing and colouring, if you draw fetish art so are you one of the worst artists out there.
So don't listen to bores like these, instead you should listen to people who has valid criticism.

What was I saying again? Right, if people think I'm actually good at drawing so am I worried that they think I'm not good enough to earn money out of it. I have made sure that my prices are fair for me and the commissioner because Paypal will clearly take a few percent as a fee.

I'm just worried that I don't know my audience. If most of my audience are below the age of 18 so is it understandable if you aren't able to support me through monetary means like commissions, Ko-fi, and Patreon.
I mean, you should be using your money on things like games, comics, movies, or candy first and foremost instead of paying money to artists because I know most of you don't have enough money and have probably no allowance to purchase anything on the net. (But if you're able to, please donate a little charities you can trust)

Sorry for rambling when this post should have been short. I just want to get it straight that none of you are bad people. and that I may be worrying too much.

If you feel like commissioning me, please send me a note.

But enough about me, how are you?

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Commissions are open


8 October 2018 at 06:09:03 MDT

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