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The new year is here by Cyborg-Lucario

I know I'm late with this, but happy new year everyone!

In this new year so will I attempt to make improvements on my works, maybe even get help with my stuff too.

I'm trying to make changes, like rebooting my Discord server (which means I may delete and then make a new one), I will make sure to announce it as soon as I can.
It will probably be with the help of an image since I'm not sure how many even reads journals.

Next month is Nordic Fuzzcon 2019 and I'm excited to attend there.
I will be there during all five main days where I will most probably be walking around, playing games with new people, being the GM for one shot RPG sessions (and probably be a player too in some), and of course take pics of some cute and cool furs. :3
... I just hope I somehow will get my own suit done in time.

As of right now so am I not sure what else to say, I just hope you all who had a bad time in 2018 will have it much better this year.

I guess having more people supporting me on Patreon would be nice too, but I'm not gonna force anyone.

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The new year is here


6 January 2019 at 04:18:27 MST

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