Accepting commissions [EMERGENCY] by Cyborg-Lucario

I know, it seems like I'm always bothering people to buy a commission from me like I was some kind of beggar living on the street. But I actually need it because the week before I usually get money, and it seems like I'm always running low on money during just that time of the month (for those who don't know so am I a loser who lives on welfare and house allowance because it's hard to get a job and the guys who were a great help in trying to get me a job are no more (the persons are still alive of course, but the company doesn't)).

So what do I need the money for? For food for me and my cats of course. And don't say that you're sorry and hope that everything will be alright (I know you mean well), but it would help me if you actually bought something from me or at least reccomend people to commission me.

Yes, I think the reason why people may not want to commission me is because I seem to be updating too slowly. Which may be true, because I'm not sure if I would commission someone who seems like he never post anything in a long time (I don't blame anyone, I know real life can stink). But most of the time when I draw so is it just t h elp me come up with something more creative or for other projects I'm doing.
Though trust me when I say that I will do my best to make my costumers happy with the results.


Here's the price sheet:

I'm sorry for taking your time, but I hope you will think about it. (Not sure what kind of icon that's fitting)

Requests: CLOSED
Art-Trades: OPEN
Commissions: OPEN

Accepting commissions [EMERGENCY]


5 September 2014 at 13:15:27 MDT

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