A small May update by Cyborg-Lucario

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm currently working on new pages for my Patreon exclusive comic. Though I do sometime doodle things to try to keep my ability to draw fresh.

Something else? I have been considering doing some kind of donation drive where the more money donated, the more pregnant a character of mine becomes. Not sure if I will go through with it even though it could help my economy.

But it seems like my scanner doesn't want to work with my computer lately for some reason. It's not broken as the scanner's copier works at least. Whatever the case so will it probably be harder for me to upload any pictures on my art galleries (and Patreon). But I hope I can get it fixed soon. Maybe it's something that was only temporarily, but who knows?

EDIT: All I needed to fix it (and some other issues I had with the computer) was to simply restart it. It's weird how some problems have such an easy solution.

A small May update


5 May 2016 at 16:09:39 MDT

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