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Ah, December by Cyborg-Lucario

The different holidays that people of different religions are celebrating happens, so remember to greet eachothers with "Happy Stop Being a Douche Day". Or you could just say happy holidays.

THat's not the only thing that happens in December. We also got Star Wars episode VII, and I'm totally hype. I know that I shouldn't be, but I'm hyped. Another movie in December that I may not be hyped over, but still want to see is The Charlie Brown movie wich comes out on Christmas day in Sweden (seems like SF (Svensk FIlm/Swedish Film) wants people to think of it as a new Christmas classic).

So what do you all wish for Christmas/Hanoukah/Kwanza/whatever you celebrate? The only thing that's on my wishing list is Generations Metroplex, though I could need a new screen for my computer, because it flickers sometimes but mostly just shows blackness. And for those wondering so am I using my TV as a computer screen. While that may be good, so do I think that an actual computer screen may be more practical to have for projects like let's plays.
But I guess I could just save money for it.

The December sale is still ongoing if you're interested in getting a an image from me for half the price. In that way so may you be able to both help me out and save money so that you may still be able buy gifts for your family and loved ones. ;)

Ah, December


30 November 2015 at 05:15:24 MST

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