A reminder and other things by Cyborg-Lucario

It's the last day of my Holiday sale. So it's your last chance to get your commissions for cheap prices! (Though my usual prices are still cheap compared to most other artists I have seen.)

So what else? Should I really say how I feel in journals, or should I use these status thingies that dA has? I don't think so because fa and Weasyl dowsn't have these functions. So maybe it's better to see my status of how I feel on Twitter instead (less evil than Facebook). I have heard that they're going to increase how many figures you can put in a post from 140 to 1000, which makes it so that I don't have to make a chain of comments when I want to tell the world how I feel about a certain thing. :P

(And those few people who complains about the change are a bunch of idiots)

Oh yes, and Mighty No. 9 will actually get released for real next month, and I'm actually one of the people who do want to play it and don't condemn Inafune as the devil for all the earlier delays and other things.
No that's for the creator of another project (which I'm not gonna mention, so there's no idea in asking).

So how are you all doing?

And one last thing (I promise). I'm still pissed at Master Card (or my bank) to debit me the money I got from Paypal I could have used to buy some food for me and my cats. Which made it awkward when I bought cat food at the pet store (which I had ammassed points to use for my purchase), so now I owe the pet store 2 SEK.

Seriously, d*ck move. >.<

A reminder and other things


10 January 2016 at 11:37:42 MST

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