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Hmm, I wonder if someone stumbles by and wants to commission me today?
With my luck? Nah! :P

(...though I wish it would happen. :( )

Maybe someone who wants to do an art-trade? Ok, I need to go and ask people if they want to do a trade and not wait for them to ask me.

Too bad I currently have no idea what I would like for a trade. ._.

What more do I need to saying? Yeah, I have been wondering if I even should continue roleplaying over skype or notes. Because whenever a random person (I don't remember if they were watching me on any of my art galleries or Tumblr (I'm a horrible person)) contacts me on Skype and wants to roleplay. So do I say that it depends on what kind they're roleplaying. And even if it was something that should interest me, so didn't I feel it.
Roleplaying in forums is still fun though, except for the fact most roleplays are only active for a short while before everyone who signed up for it stops participating.
I guess I just find it more fun to roleplay when it comes to roleplaying games like DnD, Pathfinder, Scion, and others.
(It feels fairer to let dices tell you if you hit someone instead of having someone else say if you hit their character or not)
Of course, since I don't roleplay much outside of roleplaying games, so do I also get the feeling that others are probably not interested in roleplaying with any of my characters. Which was why I ended up not making an RP blog on tumblr.
Well, maybe one of my friends who still roleplays may be able to convince me that it's still fun to roleplay. :)

Of course, I do technically have free time since I don't have Sony Vegas Pro 13 yet and can't work on my videos. (Seriously, why does it have to be expensive?) So why know?

Random Ramblings


1 March 2016 at 05:20:41 MST

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    Wow... that is a lot of ramblings that is going through your mind currently! I do hope things turn around soon enough! And yeah... A lot of times it is hoping someone would do stuff like that. (Art trades and commissions and the like.) Though... not much can be said and done sadly...

    As for the latter part? Well... Roleplaying is always a good time to have if you have those that are willing to go for it. Usually it is quite hard to find someone mainly through various forums or even on here! Skype is usually the best way to do such things, though more than likely, they seem to be always busy. (And no, I highly doubt you are a horrible person!)

    As for roleplaying games? I don't doubt that! Usually that is quite fun to do when it is all said and done. It's probably the best way to roleplay when you find a few select group who'd actually continue on with it with a story being brought out to light amongst the group! (...I need to pay more attention to journals! Now I feel like an idiot!)

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      Thanks, I hope things turns around too.

      The thing with people always being busy in skype is also a reason why I don't roleplay so much any longer.

      You don't need to feel like an idiot for not paying attention to journals. Strangely enough so does it seem like most people that follows me misses journals I have posted from what I can see from comments. So please, don't feel bad about it.