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Maybe I haven't told you about it, but I have been in practice at a confectionary for a while now. It's pretty nice to work there, and you sometimes get free bakery.
So should I be working there? I think I'd rather try a practice at other places before I decide where I want to work.

IN other news. Jurassic World will come out soon. And that's awesome! Checks my wallet and how much I have on my internet account and cries
Why must life be so mean to me for? cryingplz cryingplz

I would need some money to make sure me and my cats have enough to eat for this and next week, so... anybody wanna commission me? hoboplz hoboplz
(If you haven't noticed, so did I make a new pricesheet with new prices: )

Next week is E3, and I plan on doing a reaction video on some of the conferences, like I did with the Nintendo Direct a few months ago. Sadly, me having a practice doesn't let me watch every conference. But then again, Sony's might be boring (like their big showcase of PS4 last year, which I attempted to do a reaction video on). :P

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Some news


8 June 2015 at 10:51:59 MDT

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