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Super Smash Bros and fan arts by Cyborg-Lucario

Today's the Smash Direct, and I am avoiding social media so that I will not get spoiled. Because I have heard that data miners have found something in the latest update of the game, and there's a high chance that they're being douchebags and will leak it out to the internet and ruin everybodies fun.

I'm also going to do a reaction video on it. So I hope it will be fun. :D

Another thing I want to bring up is fan art. Are you ok with it? I know some artists refuses to do them because of professionalism or trying to make their gallery original, I won't blame them. But I'm neccesarily not really talking about fan art for games movies, comics, shows. and etc. (Though people who do so seem to have a really good chance of getting jobs it seems)
I'm talking about fan arts of other artists works. Is it okay to draw them, or does drawing fan arts of other artists works seem like attention grabbing and ass kissing to the original artist you made fan art for? (Wow, you must be a really cynical person to think that.)
I have absolutely no issue with fan art (as you can see in my gallery). And I'm going to tell you one thing: I approve of people doing fan art of my characters. You don't need to ask. Just remember to credit me for the characters you're using and keep in mind of what I'm ok with drawing when you do so.

So how are you doing? :3

Super Smash Bros and fan arts


15 December 2015 at 07:13:45 MST

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