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Some things about the Patreon exclusive comic by Cyborg-Lucario

So I think that I might need to explain the premise of my comic better as I'm unseure if people got it.

Or maybe people are dissapointed that there aren't any kind of fetishes shown on the first page (c'mon, all the good fetish comics only gets to the fetish after a few pages of build up on the characters).
But let me say that some jokes can be a bit on the fetishy side. But I'm only putting them in as a joke, because they're not the main focus of the comic.
The comic are meant to be character based and be focused on being fun for everyone (which is hard with todays current generation being oversensitive whiners. JK (mostly)).

I am planning on having some action in the comic, but I gotta make it so the pacing won't get wonky.

Or maybe it's some other thing you want to say about the comic, then please don't be shy. Tell me about it. You can even criticize it (yeah I know, it sounds like a stupid thing criticizing the first page of a comic, but it may seriously help when forming the following pages).

One last thing. I'm not forcing you to become my Patreon supporters, I want you to decide for yourselves if it's really a good idea for you to help me out by donating a minimum of $1 a month.

Oh, one last thing (for real)! If you see any of my Patreon exclusive works (or any of my works in general) on any other site without crediting me, then please tell me. I know I'm not that popular yet to get my work stolen by others, but I think it may be best if I said it right now in case it would happen.

Some things about the Patreon exclusive comic


22 January 2016 at 07:13:42 MST

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