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Of the year that is! XD

So what can I say about 2015? It had its ups and downs. The bad things were that my economy were rocky (something it was last year too) making me feel like I wouldn't be able to even buy food, my computer broke down and had to get repaired for 3000+ SEK, having to wait to even afford sending the computer for repairs, waiting months for it to get finished. My parents dog had to be put to sleep due to old age. :(
And now it seems like my video editor won't work well. Making videos freeze at one point. So I should probably get a new one.

But some good things happened like the movies of this year being really good (except for some stinkers here and there), with the best ones being Age of Ultron, Ant-man, Star Wars The Force Awakens, and Snoopy: The Peanuts Movie.
Sadly I haven't gotten to see all movies that has come out this year like Mad Max Fury War and Inside Out.
Another good thing is that the games I was able to buy were really good.
And as with last year so did I have my sweet cats as company so that I don't feel alone and miserable. :')
And even though I have psoriasis so was I healthy, even if I could try to be a lot more healthier by going to expensive gyms (says the guy who buys lots of Lego and action figures with only the slightest bit of second thought).

So with that out of the way so do I wish you all a happy new year! :D

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31 December 2015 at 04:35:54 MST

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