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An announcement of a new project by Cyborg-Lucario

I have had some friends over to talk about a project I have been doing for some time (and is still in developement). That project being a tabletop RPG. (My two years in game design will finally pay!)
So yeah, it's a roleplaying game where you play as any of four species of anthropomorphic animals in the wartorn world of Brehna. The mechanically and magically genius Maharaj (gazelles and antelopes). The formerly barbaric race who tries to become a more civilized species, but is stuck in a civil war for rulership of the land, Shindoun (hyenas). The sly mercenary species, who mostly only serves the one who pays them the most, Lizmen (lizards). And the war mongering religious Leux (lions).

You can play either play as part of someones army, or be a group of mercenaries. The choice is up to you and the other players. Though don't expect the species to coexist easily.
This system will bring on a new system that as far as I know haven't been done before. "The Brehna MO system", which implements a morality system in the game that affects how well you do in battle.
(And since I put a name on it, it's all mine and you have to ask for aloowance to put it in your game and give me full credit for it)

The world of Brehna is a something of between a mid-fantasy-high-fantasy setting. Haven't really decided because there are clearly going to be some scientific realistic things, but also an abundance of magic, monsters, and other things that could make it high fantasy.
The Maharaj lives in a desert land called after them, that used to be a green paradise before a fire demon came and burned it down so they had to move closer to their neighbouring country of Mahin where the Shindoun lives. Their land is a bit barren the closer to the desert you get, but greener the farther away you get from there.
In one of the greenest places lives the Lizmen, who got it a few hundred years ago when they killed a demon that was supposed to be immortal.
The Leux on the other hand lives on the other side of the sea and lives in city like structures like the Italian renaissance. To be honest, they're kind of based on the holy roman empire.
By the way. The maharaj is based kind of arabian culture (and the fact that the old arabians were said to build fantastic machines). Shindoun is based on japanse cultures and some northern european culture.'The lizmen on the other hand have their culture based on both chinese and japanses, and were most certainly the ones who introduced the shindoun to their new culture.

So yeah, I will try to make pictures of the species and put them here together with full history of them. I will also have an alpha test when I'm done writing the rules, and after that test. Kickstarter!
Though I need to get to know all about Kickstarter like the right numbers (though having a functioning prototype certainly is a bonus for people to bid on my project).

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An announcement of a new project


24 June 2015 at 13:58:41 MDT

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