An intensive week by Cyborg-Lucario

Hi everybody. Next week is gonna look intensive because on tuesday 15th so is the last Smash Bros Direct airing at 22/10pm CEST, and on the day after (wednesday 16th) so does Star Wars The Force Awaken have its premiere. Two days earlier than when american movie goers will be able to see it.
But because it's the most hyped movie of the yearm so am I not sure if me and my friends will even be able to get a seat during its first week. ._.

In the meantime so do I just have to get back to drawing and figure out an issue I have with my current editing program.
What's the problem? Well, when I'm editing a video in it so does it freeze at a certain point, and it will stay on that point when converted to video. The video of the captured footage was fine before I put it in, so it may just be the editing software I'm using.
I'm using the one that came with my Roxio HD capture card. And it's not the special editing program, but a standard one (a step better than MS movie maker), so it seems like I need a new editing software.
But I don't want to spend hundred of dollars on one! Though I guess no one would blame me if I pirated one as long as it's not the latest version. Or will they?

I don't think it will help with the video editor (since I need it forother things), but I want to remember you all that I still got that 50% Holiday sale on commissions.

An intensive week


11 December 2015 at 09:25:46 MST

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