Three days left of my Summer Sale by Cyborg-Lucario

That is if you count today (29th August), but if you don't count today then it's two days left. So I had to take some time thinking about my wordings.

Anyway, my Summer Sale is ending soon, so you should commission me for 40% the price while you still can.

So how is it with me? Oh, just trying to work on several stuff, and thinking that I may have too much stuff to do. But I don't have that many pages left to do for my Patreon exclusive comic, so at least one of many projects will be done soon (I hope).
And I still need a new scanner. Though my Huawei Honor 8 phone does take really good quality pictures so do I feel that it's somehow better to scan pictures.
Or I could get a tablet so that I can learn to draw entirely on computer from scratch to finish (I'm using a mouse to draw on my computer believe it or not).

So how are you all doing? :3

Three days left of my Summer Sale


29 August 2017 at 07:20:40 MDT

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