It's December by Cyborg-Lucario

Hi everybody, it's December time which means that I need to greet Happy Holidays to you all!

At this time of the year so would I atempt to have some kind of Holiday or D&D sale on my commissions, but part of me tell me that I should just focus on finishing the personal drawings I already started on, and issue three of Magus Doe.

Besides, it seems like anyone who follows me aren't interested in D&D or any kind of fantasy game, I mean it's pretty hard to know when I don't get any feedback from you all.

I'm not mad that most of you don't comment on my stuff, I just think it would be helpful with feedback so I know what you're really interested in.

You know what, if you do read this journal and came this far, tell me all the things you like about my drawings or if there's something specific you want to see me draw more of?

Or maybe you want me to think of a better time to stream on Twitch? No wait, there's no better time in my timezone since I start at 8pm, but I do hope it won't stop you from watching, or at least follow me, I do need 50 followers to become affiliated and if I become affiliated so may I do a limited request offer.

Of course, the rules for what I will and will not accept for requests are the same as with my commission info, just so you know:

Though if you are interested in seeing me do a sale, then tell me.

In other news so am I still waiting for the publisher to tell me if they will even accept my book, and during this time so have I already started working on my next book.
I really hope that my first book will be published, and if it does so will it be the first step to a creative career which hopefully results in Magus Doe being made into a TV series, but that my books can be adapted into shows themselves or movies or games (and I really hope those adaptions will be good, or a slim chance that they can be better than the original source).

That's all I got at the moment, I hope you all will have a good holiday this year.

It's December


1 December 2019 at 11:41:38 MST

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