Holiday greeting by Cyborg-Lucario

How was your holiday? I had a nice time, though I wouldn't say my gifts were much to talk about, mostly gift cards and also some books and comics.
But I also got lots of money (which is always surprising when that happens) which will make it easier to get a train for Stockholm in February for Nordic Fuzzcon.
I still don't know if my roommates have any kinds of profiles anywhere and I feel awkward for not asking. ^^;

The new year is coming soon and I hope I will get better in the next year.
For one so do I really want my comic Magical Guardian Magus Doe to be successful, so I hope you will be able to read it soon.

You can find it on my Gumroad store:

If you don't want to read my comic and only want free fetish stuff, then that's really demotivating for me that you don't want something original that doesn't have fetishes in them and I may not be able to make anymore comics.

The year may be ending soon, but my D&December sale is still going. So if you got anything inspired by Dungeons & Dragons or fantasy in general, then you can get your commission for 50% off the price.
That's a good deal if I say so myself. ^^

For those who don't know so do I have my own Discord server, which I plan on rebooting so that it will hopefully be better. It should be a good place for my fans and Patreon supporters to gather.
You also remember when I made that pic to announce my streams?
I haven't done a good job using that since I have only announced my streams on Twitter and Discord.
That's a good way to know what I'm up to, follow me on Twitter (if you have any that is) or join my Discord server (whenever I make the new version available).

I don't have anything else to say at the moment, except that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is great and I have been streaming the World of Light campaign this month (together with Yakuza Kiwami) and I believe I should be close to done.
I'll probably finish it on New Years Eve, yeah that and I'll do some online matches, maybe play some classic mode for certain characters if I got the time.

Happy New Year everybody, and I hope your lives will get better!

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Holiday greeting


28 December 2018 at 07:12:56 MST

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