The Tree's Apprentice by Cyborg-Lucario

You all have known that I have complained about my computer during the last couple of days. Don't click on the back button or close the tab, because I will not be talking about that this time.

There's a content creator on Youtube called The Tree's Apprentice (a.k.a. Itionoben) who makes countdowns and other videos which may or may not contain smashing fruits.
He has been doing that since he was 15 (maybe he even started at a younger age than that), which makes him one of the most successful young countdown makers.
Unfortunately so did he have to hide his internet life from his parents, who (in his own words) are a pair of shits who has verbally abused him and is against everything he wants to do because they don't understand modern society.

I just found out today that some asshole told Ben's parents about his internet history, which made them shut down the internet for him and has been antagonizing with him even more, while pulling the victim card, even though they had no real reason to do so but being assh

The Tree's Apprentice


7 October 2015 at 15:33:40 MDT

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