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It has been a while, so I may as well talk about E3. It was honestly great. Sure there were sports games that I personally don't care about (but hey, there are lots of people who likes those game, so it's good for them), but there were still lots of interesting games. There was Super Lucky's Tail which is a collectathon platformer where you play as a cute little fox who travels to different worlds by jumping into books. And yes, it reminded me of Yooka-Laylee, but with no flying companion, and probably a higher budget since it seems like they're directly backed by Microsoft.

Rare's new game Sea of Thieves looks like it will be entertaining and hilarious with friends. But then came Ubisoft and announced their own pirate game which looks like it will have more massive ship battles.
Though if I have to choose so may I have to go with Sea of Thieves because of the witty charm (that haven't been lost even though the veterans left to form Playtonic).

State of Decay 2 looks like it could be a fun co-op survival game even if zombies may be over saturated in pop culture (I know, some would say the same about super heroes).

Though one stupid thing Microsoft did was to reveal that Scorpio is not a new console, but the code name for a slightly more powerful Xbox One called Xbox One X. It's like the opposite problem with Wii U.
But from what I understand so is Xbox One X able to play 4k without sacrificing framerates unlike Playstation 4 Pro (I don't have a Playstation 4 Pro, so I can't verify anything).
And they also got a smaller Xbox One called Xbox One S.
It won't at all be confusing for parents to know which one of the new Xboxes their kids wants because they almost sound the same. :P

Shadows of Mordor looks like a fun game too (not only because it seems more witty than the last game).

While Microsoft showed some great games on Xbox One so am I not feeling any interest in getting one because most of those games will also be available on Windows 10 anyway.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles strangely looks fun. And it also looks like Xcom, though I guess there won't be permadeath.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite seems... ok. I mean, from what I have seen from gameplay so does it look fun. But the graphics... I don't usually care about graphics myself but a franchise like Marvel vs Capcom deserves to look better. Heck, Arcsystem's Dragonball Fighter Z looks amazing and it's only 20% done.
I still hope Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be a good game.

And speaking of Marvel. The new Spider-man game made by Insomniacs (the original Spyro trilogy, and Ratchet and Clank) looks great. I really want to try it out. ^w^

Nintendo weren't any slouches either. While we got a new Kirby and Yoshi game so were everyone surprised that they announced Metroid Prime 4 for Switch, and later a remake of Metoid 2 for 3DS. Can you believe it? Two new Metroid games were announced. Now we just have to wait for F-Zero to get revived.

Super Mario Odyssey looks incredible and it's fun how you not only can throw your hat, but also throw your hat at certain enemies and object to possess them. And Pauline returns, but not as a damsel in distress (that's Peach's job), but as the mayor of New Donk City (which apparently was the place where the original Donkey Kong took place).

While I haven't played Xenoblade Chronicles so do I admit that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (yup it's a proper sequel unlike X) looks like it could be great.

There were more games that I could have talked about, but I wanted to about the games I'm most interested in talking about. So are there any games you want coming soon?

On to other stuff. It seems like I have a problem with money and I'm afraid I won't have enough to pay for all my bills. So if you feel like you want to help so can you commission me.
I have thought about getting a Ko-fi account (it's a site where you can donate money to content creators who may or may not have set up a special kind of goal), but considering that I already accept commissions and have Patreon so do I think it may be overdoing it. Or would it?

Well, I hope you all have better than me at least.

EDIT: I made a Ko-fi page. So you can donate to me if you want. Unlike Patreon so are there no rewards, but I guess it's better for some people who might just want to donate without expecting anything in return (of course, I will still thank you regardless). Here's the link for those who wants to donate: http://ko-fi.com/cyborglucario
Can I just say that depending on how big those cups of coffees are, so does $3 seem expensive. But I don't drink coffee so I shouldn't complain here. XD

E3 thoughts and something else


19 June 2017 at 06:19:21 MDT

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