Some random things by Cyborg-Lucario

If I knew that Steam would have a new years celebration for the Chinese lunar new year beforehand, then I would have probably also have made a sale, but it's kind of late for that. :P

So that means that you have to pay full price if you want to commission me.
It would really be good if you did so. You know supporting me?
Or you could buy some of my characters. There's no deadline here.

And now to something regarding Tumblr:

I’m considering deleting my asks blog.

Seriously, there has only been one single individual who has asked a question all the time it has been there and there are no signs of people showing interest in asking my characters.
So what’s the point in keeping it if it fails to get people to ask questions?

I will still keep my main blog on Tumblr tough.

Other than that. How are you doing? :3

Some random things


10 February 2016 at 10:42:42 MST

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