Will you see the new Fantastic 4 movie? by Cyborg-Lucario

It's coming out this friday (as far as I understand so will it have a worldwide release on that day), and I'm unsure if I want to see it.
On one hand, we could get a movie where we get to see how it would be like if teenagers accidentally get super powers in a realistic setting.

But on the other hand, we're talking about a movie based on Fantastic 4! They were made in the 70s, during the silver ages of comics. So they're not the most serious comics out there and trying to make them edgier may backfire (I don't know much about the Ultimate universes version of them, except that Mr Fantastic turned into a villain).
Then we have the rumour (started by his actor) that Doctor Doom (only one of the most bada** villains in comics) will be an antisocial blogger. But we do have to remember that Doom didn't start out as a royalty or even a nobility, and that he made a coup on the tyrannical rulers of Latveria to become the new leader there. So chances are that they can save it by letting Doom use his newfound powers to take over Latveria and build himself up to become the awesome villain we all love.
...Unless they kill him off at the end of the movie before he could manage it. -_-

I'm still unsure if Jamie Bell is the right actor to play Ben Grimm (he's not a bad actor. I really liked him in his roles as Billy Elliot and Tintin, but I think he should have played a character that can move around a lot more and not be a cgi creature).

If I do watch this movie, then I will probably do it for one reason. And it's probably the only reason why people wants to see the movie. To watch the trailer for the Deadpool movie! XP

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Will you see the new Fantastic 4 movie?


5 August 2015 at 05:43:45 MDT

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