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September 11. The day so many suffer... year after year...

College problems

Happy holidays

Health and income problems are pretty serious.

Update and more: By next week, I'll have my driver's permit.

I am going to the ER tomorrow

Furrys and furry friends for 2 years+ in the fandom analysis of modern times and old

My family says that furry artists are scammers

Long time since an update - Depression

Discord is Scary - Crazed Tyrants

A death in the family, Timmy

I'm back from the hospital...

The flaw in CVR and why it can't help anyone.

Discord is Depressing - Furry Drama and Depression

Trump urges small scale weak gun control laws - and what?!

Gonna try drawing again...

Starting my aftercare program at CVR

Good Intentions, Bad Results, Always Forsaken

Most Common Untrue Animal Myths

Was at the hospital for 6 days... updating here... alls well.

Hot Depressing December and Hot unHappy January

Someway possible to get away from depression -Help Request

Successful follow through with suicide attempt, failed to die

Why does Blocking occur like this? Net Neutrality Haters...

Assassination attempt on Obama hits new today...

Extreme Depression, Family Attacks me from all sides

Trump acquires 24-Hour Ready Nuke Bombers... we're getting closer to WW3!

Donaldovich Trumponuv flips the finger to Puerto Rico and Las Vegas Victims

My faith in humanity was restored days ago, only to be dashed by Trump today...

Suspension from FA on my birthday for basically no reason... copy and pasted staff statements

Solar Eclipse endangers American Businesses - Donald Trump

Unbanned from SoFurry... without explanation...

Here I can at least talk about the events in Virginia, USA.

My political, religious, and so forth stances USA and more.

FA suspension has ended, SF ban continues.

FA Suspension ends tomorrow! Finally!

FA suspension continues, FA claims SF staff responsible for my suspension... not really sure if thats true...

FA staff suspended me for talking bad about SoFurry?!?!

First mass-deportation of arab christians important to news!

Net Neutrality Art Campaign

Is this depression? Probably...

New User from Abusive Home