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Discord is Scary - Crazed Tyrants by Vinchenzo the Jackal

So... I'm on a pregnancy fetish discord group... yup... weird right?, and most everyone is not a furry and we don't really get to know the people there that well. Especially me since they are not my fellow furries Well, some can be a little crazy. Very crazy in fact. Evil even.
Turns out two of the people like to call themselves cops... and use weird words that most law enforcement finds offensive, like, coppers, as they refer to themselves... while... most police officers call themselves... you guess it... police officers and law enforcement officers. They also regularly jokes about bashing people heads in with nightsticks, while casually mentioning they need to bash in skulls every now and then without joking. Now, not surprising, they also are a bit trigger happy, and casually talk about violence and its a part of the job, everyone beats and shoots and kills people, its a part of what you do as a cop. Whats scary, is that these two people claim to live in the USA, and than I learn that one lives in Ohio, and that eating food is their coping skill... and they are into pregnancy because they look pregnant. Holy fuck!

So, what mistake do I do, I mention that while police officers have guns and nightsticks, they don't always use themselves outside of defending themselves and protecting others. That post gets deleted and one person, a moderator with a female dog for a picture says "Leave things to use cops." They continue talking about all the stuff they do to people, and I'm thinking, what the hell, and other people are listening in. Everyone in my family is police officers and these two make us look bad. So I intervene and say but us police are nice and friendly and try to solve problems without violence whenever we can. Moderator who claims to be a 'cop' who talks to their Ohio friend intervenes, deletes post and says, "Stop butting in, stay out of this".

Say what do I do, I go to another group, that is with a few furries and non-furries, I chat with them, only to see that one of these two people claiming to be a police officer decided to join the group out of no-where, and is stalking me. I chat with my furry and non-furry friends on this group, avoiding using names on the Discord, while the Ohio officer stalks me, watching me. Why are they on a group with furries?, what is their problem? Well, turns out they are suddenly going on and offline back and forth, and I realize, they are going on and offline because they know who I'm talking about on the other group, the group they are a part of.

Mind you, scared, and freaking out, and depressed over my cat and grandma's death last week, which were both one day apart, I begin a hysterical sob story, everyone online comforts me, cause we are furries and we care about each-other, and the human preg fetish guy leaves.

But, this shows on a preg fetish group for many people, weird loathsome folk come around... and do scary ass shit, and I can rely on the furry fandom to make me feel better about life, while others who are human folk will not show the same acceptance and tolerance.

Oh, I might as well give a twist to this story. During the conversation, I didn't want to say it, but the Ohio guy said people mock him calling him a 'rent-a-cop' because he is a security officer for a warehouse complex and he doesn't have a badge. So... yeah... he wasn't a real police officer... which might be why he is messed up. God humans suck. I'm glad I'm a furry.

Discord is Scary - Crazed Tyrants

Vinchenzo the Jackal

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