Why does Blocking occur like this? Net Neutrality Haters... by Vinchenzo the Jackal

A Trump supporter claiming Net Neutrality is harmful and bad for America, and that Obama made Net Neutrality to ensure Liberal Democrats and Mega-Corporations would have complete and absolute control of the internet. That it harms both consumers and businesses, and denies people freedom. When I argued he was wrong, he blocked me, but only after leaving a hostile comment claiming that I was a criminal and that I was having a panic attack and that I should be punished for being a liar.
FA staff are also claiming that opposing another furry's viewpoint, and not accepting such as truthful, is against their rules, and they will punish me and ban me, if I attempt to continue argueing that Net Neutrality is a good thing, and it needs to be protected from the FCC and Trump, whom want to remove them. FA staff clearly cannot tolerate anyone supporting Net Neutrality. This is very disturbing, because half of FA staff claim to not support Trump, and claim to oppose prejudice, racism, and totalitarian control and removing freedom of speech. And yet, they clearly all have united to support Trump and his policies, his desires and interests, and his supporters. I don't understand how anyone can support any of this.

That SoFurry staff includes people who support Trump and Trumpists, and who claim that they are right and unquestionable, and they cannot be opposed, sucks. Toumal and Leilani even argue that Trump and his followers are good people, devout Christian folk. What does being Christian even have to do with things though? Let alone, on SoFurry, SF staff have repeatedly said racist comments, attacking blacks and black culture as being criminals and supporting crime, and that all Muslims are terrorists, make me lose faith there as well. I can't even show the full journal I seek to make, this half, because its against SF policy to ever report staff and to ever report racism.

Blocking people, attacking them after you block them before they can block you back, just so you can have last say by insulting and mocking them, is despicable. But these things are allowed and permitted on both FA and SF... ugh.

Why does Blocking occur like this? Net Neutrality Haters...

Vinchenzo the Jackal

29 November 2017 at 18:58:04 MST

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    Not cool, FA. Saying, someone is not allowed to argue their viewpoint is something you should even go near as a multi-media website hosting a plethora of users unless actual harassment is happening. They might wish to better watch their investigations into such matters.

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      To copy and paste an InkBunny conversation I had with someone in regards to this same exact journal-

      Moyomongoose's Comment:
      "FA staff are also claiming that opposing another furry's viewpoint, and not accepting such as truthful, is against their rules"

      According to a rule like that, someone can claim the sky is purple, the moon is made of crepe paper, the north pole is in downtown Mato Grosso, Brazil, and the Sun gets it's energy from 367,000,000,000,000,000,000, Eveready flashlight batteries, and it would be a violation of FA rules to point out that is not correct.

      @ moyomongoose

      Well, they are effectively trying to put an end to all arguments and disagreements on their website, but they are doing so with the worst methods possible. Good intentions, bad actions, horrible results. That summarizes both FA and SF very well sadly.

      @ VinchenzoTheJackal

      Well you know the old saying...The road to disaster is paved with good intentions.

      Basically, now you understand both sides, FA staff has good intentions, but their actions lead to bad results, leading in numerous unjust suspensions and bannings. I've been suspended many times simply for reporting things like racism and harassment. Under this rule of thumb, people can argue certain things aren't racist, and FA staff has backed a total of 1 (one) person (she is named Lei-Lani) on this issue in regards of her attacks on black people and muslims. Once more, this rule has good intentions, but is horribly implemented and enforced.

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    So basically, you are not allowed to have any real discussion with anyone that you might even in the slightest offend, and arguments are not allowed at all.
    Might as well not talk to anyone on this site. xp

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      I don't understand... Why on this site? That is a rule on FA... not on Weasyl...
      Here on Weasyl we can actually communicate to each-other. Its nice.
      I've been a member of FA since the year it was made. Check out my profile prior to me being VinchenzoTheJackal on FA.
      FA has changed many times, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. But this silencing is for the bad.

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        Oop...that would have been a goof on my part. I think I lost part of the chain of the thread in the time between making comments and getting replies, and my brain ommitted that we were talking about FA. So that should have read:
        ...not allowed to have any real discussion of FA....