College problems by Vinchenzo the Jackal

I'm having some issues at my college that requires me be on the phone for a bit with my family for getting help with my college. My professor wants me to keep a journal about him and our class, we need to write in it about our class lessons every day, mentioning what we like about the professor, like about the class, and what we don't like about both. I haven't had an opinion on him for a while. So he has been consistantly failing me on my lack of opinion, which I learned because he collects and returns the journals after each quarter of the semester. This quarter of the semester was another 8 F's in my journal. I want to write in the journal, but I'm fearful of it because a young female student just out of college was failed for having a negative journal that criticises the professor and his class, and he fails students if they are negative in their journal, in which they judge him. I honestly don't want to do the journal, because if we don't say we love him and his class, he will fail us, and he fails us for not having an opinion. My uncle wants me to contact either the Dean or Counselor and talk either of them. I would be passing if he only graded our homework and tests, but the journal drops my grade down far below a D-. I'm hoping that this can be resolved by talking to either the Dean or Counselor. My uncle knows what he is talking about. He says my professor has highly unorthodox methods of teaching. My mother says I'm too autistic to understand what is happening in my college and I should let her talk to the school and get them to acknowledge me as severely mentally handicapped AKA autistic. I'm going with my uncle, he knows what the hell he is talking about. My mom is completely backwards nutcase.

College problems

Vinchenzo the Jackal

27 February 2019 at 18:23:47 MST

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