Unbanned from SoFurry... without explanation... by Vinchenzo the Jackal

I was originally perma-banned, without explanation, from SoFurry, the day I made a journal complaining about FurAffinity and its undeniably likely deceitful manipulative explanation that FA staff suspended me because SF staff requested it. In that journal I spoke well and positively of SF staff and how SF staff were kind and understanding and helpful to me... and how FA staff was basically the opposite.
I was banned less than 3 hours after posting the journal, and the journal did receive a multitude of views, but only one commenter. I know that at least some one person on the SF staff saw the journal... but I doubt they would ban me over the journal, especially when the journal clearly did not break any SF TOS or AUP rules.
Still, I'm confused. I have continued to receive no contact or communications from SF staff. SF staff requested I email them, I did such multiple times, and they never responded. They have made no contact with me now that I'm unbanned. They have not told me why I'm no longer perma-banned.
Being banned for 1 month and a Week have brought to light though that it may be possible I might not live much longer though. The only coping mechanism I possess is relying on the kindness and compassion of my only true friends and family, which consist of pet animals, and people that are furries. Everyone IRL I deal with regularly condemns me speaking of their hatred of me and my worthlessness, my bloodkin, and their friends, and friends' family. Without furries to communicate with, their constant encouragement to commit suicide will eventually lead me to do so... especially when I no longer have any pets to rely on...

Unbanned from SoFurry... without explanation...

Vinchenzo the Jackal

18 August 2017 at 20:43:46 MDT

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