Donaldovich Trumponuv flips the finger to Puerto Rico and Las Vegas Victims by Vinchenzo the Jackal

Donald Trump continues to show himself as an asshole who cares about no-one but himself.
In his trip to Puerto Rico he attempts to shame and condemn the people there for harming the USA by making the nation's debt worse by helping the disaster torn province of the USA.
He speaks of how Puerto Rico didn't endure a horrible disaster and is most fortunate that they endured a less destructive Hurricane than Katrina... mind you, I live in the USA at NewJersey, the state hit by Katrina, and trees got torn down by my house, our Shed was destroyed, a nearby house was crushed too, but we at least didn't have a toll of death and loss that is as bad as Puetro Rico, so we actually feel sympathy for our fellow Americans who comprise the USA territory of Puetro Rico, even if Trump is a dick.
In the same speech he shows however that he cares deeply about the people having lack of access to fresh food and water, electricity and services involving electricity, and medical supplies and hospitals, by throwing rolls of toilet paper at them. $100 dollars personally spent by the President on 60 rolls of toilet paper, in which he throws them at the crowd of people.

Mind you, then there is the mass-shooting at the city Las Vegas. A man who legally bought over 23 guns and over 5000 rounds of ammunition, only half of which was fired, and explosive ordinance, killed dozens of people, and injured hundreds of others. While lawmakers republican and democrats have always disagreed on gun control, in which that republicans still state the mentally ill and criminals should be allowed to legally buy guns, they both agree that gun modifications used to make guns sold into advanced destructive military weapons that renders guns incapable of not killing large quantities of people should be outlawed.
Trump however says that the victims of the Vegas shooting, and all the Republicans and Democrats in Congress are abusing the events to pass pointless meaningless gun control laws and that the victims are selfish and immoral people to take advantage of the tragedy for the purpose of decreasing gun violence in this country. Trump is standing by, ready to veto any bill created to forbid military arms used for mass-destruction being outlawed to sell to civilians, in which he says it makes perfect sense if a modified AK-47, as well as rocket launchers and flamethrowers and chemical weapons be sold to people nation wide.
If anything, I think its selfish Trump wants to condemn gun violence victims for desiring to limit gun violence. People who have suffered, and have had family died, and all the police and military servicemen who died at the hands of the insane gunman, should at least have a voice, and should at least be allowed to do something so future innocents, civilians, police, and military, do not get killed by madmen.

But this is what happens when we have a communist dictator that idolizes Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin as President.

Donaldovich Trumponuv flips the finger to Puerto Rico and Las Vegas Victims

Vinchenzo the Jackal

5 October 2017 at 21:10:15 MDT

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