I'm a bi-sexual male that dreams about being a dragon, is obsessed with werewolves, and has had the following creatures as a fursona: wolf, panther, squid, and jackal, in that order.
I love nature, magic, mythology, and games. Exploration and learning is always a plus when it comes to these things. Science is something that is too complex for me to understand with some things, but it is an enigma for me, and thus magical and wonderful.
I loathe destruction and killing and can be obsessive about justice and morality.
I'm considered Pan&Demi-romantic and Pansexual.
I also play many computer MMORPGs like Everquest2 and DDO, Neverwinter, and Rusty Hearts. I play Blizzard games too, like Diablo series and StarCraft series which I've played since I was a kid, and recently on year 2017 I'm trying WoW. I also play alot on Steam and with Nintendo. No longer doing XboxLive. Send me a note about playing games with me, I'll add you. Also... I play Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Pokemon a lot. Ask for me friend codes for said games.


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Dispelling fears and untruths about me, FA, and Dragoneer

on 9 October 2017 at 19:51:47 MDT

The truth is I never was a real close friend of Dragoneer. We were merely gaming buddies. We played online games together. We played with each-other once every week for an hour at minimum. We enjoyed each-others time as gamer-buddies but we were never really friends. The reason I called him a friend was because I had a high respect and admiration of him, and I though that our gaming time together was enough to warrant friendship. But friendship requires something more than just playing a bunch of games with each-other a lot. Let's face it, if such a thing was friendship, all people who play online games together with folk happily would be friends. That would mean almost all gamers would be friends with each-other. Dragoneer has informed me he has been questioned what kind of relationship or friendship we had, but now I'd like to confirm what Dragoneer has said for the past few years, there is no friendship or relationship. We just played games together very often for about 2 years and then we stopped ever playing games together because we began buying different games and I couldn't afford as many games or systems to play with him...

Next, there is the insane conspiracy theory that Dragoneer banned people for harassing me while we were 'friends'. This is not true. Those people were banned because they were repeated rule breakers who I reported via a Trouble-Ticket, which Dragoneer responded to. He did his job very well back then, and he protected the furry community from troublemakers like a righteous noble paladin. That is also why long ago, dating back to the times prior to me having an account/profile called VinchenzoTheJackal, when FA was newly founded, and for several years after-words, you could find me constantly singing praises to Dragoneer and his name. I also warned people that if they broke the websites rules they would be punished, and if they kept breaking the rules they would be banned.
Nobody was ever banned because Dragoneer was protecting a friend, nobody was ever banned because they didn't break the rules. Dragoneer was simply following the rules of the website. He is a good guy. We just don't always see eye to eye. Sometimes, we can easily to be seen to argue and disagree, and he deletes any comment of mine that he does so with me rather than respond and live the comment he responded to visible. If I wanted my comments to not be hidden, I should have at least been more civil with him.

Next, Quoting_Mungo was recently attacked because of a situation I mentioned that concerned me. This situation involved me mentioning how a moderator on a website was stripped of power for being a Neo-Nazi and having a swastika on their fursona. I voiced that I was worried that the same thing was happening on FA, that there was a racist on FA. I mentioned how Quoting_Mungo took down one of my journals for breaking the rules of FA. In that journal, I attacked Donald Trump, the NeoNazis, the KuKluxKlan, and anyone White or Christian supporting Trump. I said curse words, insults, lots of bad things, and Quoting_Mungo took it down because it was offensive to people which included Whites and Christians. I never mentioned the complete details of why Quoting_Mungo took my journal down like I did here, or its contents. People made the insane assumption that Quoting_Mungo is a white-supremacist, and truth is, Quoting_Mungo is not one. I can attest to that as a fact. People on FA attacked Quoting_Mungo because like many folk, they never had the details, and made insane assumptions.

There have been many big crazy assumptions and conspiracy theories. I am just stating, none of them are true. This is an journal in which I want to tell the truth, and apologize. Yes, I apologize. I was wrong to ever mention me and Dragoneer even knowing each-other at all. Staff and users should maintain a separate relationship completely, and my obsession with us being friends in the past was wrong of me. We were not friends. I was behaving inappropriate.
I also apologize for not being detailed on the events that I praised Dragoneer for. I should have mentioned that I was praising Dragoneer for punishing people who broke the rules of the website. That Dragoneer was caring enough to answer trouble-tickets when other staff could not. That when people performed a bannable offense because they exhausted all warnings and other punishments, that Dragoneer did what he was supposed to do as a staff member.
I was wrong to also complain about Quoting_Mungo taking down my journal. I never realized that it could be misunderstood and turned into a huge deal, and in which the nicest and most tolerant staff member on FA would have their reputation dragged through the mud, when it should be me for being so hateful in that journal.
I hope my apology, is good enough for you all, and if Dragoneer and Quoting_Mungo see it, that it is good enough for them too. I will no longer mention my past as Dragoneer's temporary gaming buddy. I will no longer comment on how he punished bad behavior on FA. I will no longer comment on how Quoting_Mungo took down a specific journal. I will in fact cease commenting in general on FA to ensure that I can fulfill my apology as sincere and show that I am truly seeking to be a better person.

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