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FA staff suspended me for talking bad about SoFurry?!?! by Vinchenzo the Jackal

Furaffinity staff discussed whether or not me talking poorly and making people on SoFurry look bad is against CoC(CodeOfConduct).
They decided that even if someone never visits and uses FurAffinity, so long as they are a real person, cannot be condemned, mocked, made fun of, hated, criticized, or spoken as being immoral.
If anyone forgets, SF had a user that claimed prejudice does not exist and happen in the USA and that no one has ever before been deported over such. This user left that comment on my journal. I responded that she is a liar and that prejudice and persecution is commonplace in the USA in the distant past and it still happens in the present day. A SoFurry staff member then said I had broken their rules by calling her a liar and stating lies myself. They demanded I apologize to that person, or they will ban me.
But, now on FA, staff have suspended me for mentioning that I spoke bad about someone on another website.
Under their logic, and stated personally by a FA staff member to me, if I made a journal mentioning I didn't like someone from DeviantArt, InkBunny, Weasyl, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Gaia Online, in which I spoke negatively about them, I would also be punished.
The suspension is deemed just. This is deemed a good thing. It is deemed acceptable. It is deemed a good rule. I deem it persecuting free speech, and completely insane.

FA staff suspended me for talking bad about SoFurry?!?!

Vinchenzo the Jackal

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