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My faith in humanity was restored days ago, only to be dashed by Trump today... by Vinchenzo the Jackal

Well, my faith in humanity was restored when I saw how much hope even those whom are evil and commit evil will change for the better. That people seek to redeem themselves... and will dedicate themselves to that path. This took the form of a major Corporation leaders and a foreign country's Government that have been known for aiding in the slaughter of innocent men women and children and persecuting people through-out their part of the world, and, in the case of the Corporation, beyond.

The Corporation was Military Arms Manufacturer. The are centered in Germany and have no loyalties to any country in the world, and have even been known to sell weapons to both sides within conflicts of war, rebellion, and chaos. Surprisingly, they sell the most armaments out of any other company in the world, and they are the company responsible for every country in the world being able to arm their soldiers with modern military technology. They recently agreed to cease selling weaponry to countries and organizations involved in unethical military actions and whom support what the UN calls War Crimes. This applies to various countries outside NATO and various alliances that are NATO counterparts. They have cut off selling to the middle-east, including Israel, whose Prime Minister continues to defend killing civilians as a necessity of war that is not a crime. Every Muslim and non-Muslim country in the middle-east, and every organization in the middle east, is no longer being supplied by them. The have also denied supplying every country and organization in the continent of Africa to acquire arms. Lastly, they are also denying Brazil the right to buy military armaments, as the government and military of Brazil is dedicated to wiping out the enemies of their nation and modern progress, Native Americans. Brazil believes that by driving black skinned native tribes extinct, they will bring the salvation of their country and mankind, a bit insane. They did not mention one country that was the only country they do not sell to, North Korea, because they already deny them weapons and will continue to do so. The company is also preparing a compensation fund for every countries' peoples that suffered civilian casualties at the hands of their careless marketing management.

Iran also showed there is faith to have in humanity, as their government, and its deemed evil dictator, which I still say is evil, demanded more than ever that all countries of the world continue with the agreement they were made to sign, to abandon military progression with nuclear weapons and creating nuclear weapons. Iran was made to disarm and cease progress on nukes by an alliance led by the USA many years ago, which Iran has maintained a sterling reputation of continueing the agreement since Bush Jr.'s 2nd term. That Iran wants all countries to abandon nuclear warfare as a possibility of war is wonderful. It's evil dictator now shows he doesn't want to blow up the world like a baby man with tiny hands and an orange face.

Iran brought this up at the UN do to Trump and Kim Jon In Jr. threatening to cause WW3, in which Kim threatens repeatedly to attack the USA if Trump and the USA continues to threaten North Korea, and Trumps threatening to Nuke the countries of Japan, China, South Korea, and North Korea, but Trump is bat-shit insane and delusional and senile so he doesn't know who his enemies and allies are which made sense why Trump brought up nuking ALL those countries MULTIPLE times over the past 3 MONTHS... I wish Trump was as nice and moral a person as the dictator ruling Iran.

Sadly, recently, my faith in humanity was dashed to smithereens by Trump, or better yet, the name he uses under his Russian citizenship, Donaldovich Trumponuv of the Soviet Union. Trump has recently stated that Iran's agreement is worthless if Iran has a military in any form using rockets, missiles, and bombs. Trump says that by Iran possessing Tanks, Rocket Launchers, Airplanes, and Missile Silos, that they have broken the promise to not use and possess nuclear weapons by possessing any form of explosive weaponry. Trump states there is no difference between even an Grenade, and a Nuclear Missile, and that the agreement applies to both, and Iran needs to be punished.

I suppose that what's worse is that Trump is also ordering for Senate and Congress to agree to a Bill that will bring a complete end to all medical care in our country not managed solely by corporate insurance agencies. This Bill requires that all places in the country deny service to the sick, injured, dying, and pregnant, unless they pay through corporate insurance that is not managed by the government. This also means that you will no longer even have access to medical services via 911... which is stupid bullshit, but its a part of the Bill that is the new healthcare plan made by Trump and his supporters in the Senate and Congress.

Trump also shows extreme levels of shitheadedness by continueing to condemn people based on race and religion, as he continues to attack Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, as enemies of America... it just... come the fuck on! Why does my country constantly get worse and the rest of the world gets better... I live in America... the USA... the most tolerant, free, accepting country in the world... and this stuff keeps happening?

My faith in humanity was restored days ago, only to be dashed by Trump today...

Vinchenzo the Jackal

23 September 2017 at 22:41:21 MDT

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