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Someway possible to get away from depression -Help Request by Vinchenzo the Jackal

Well, considering my followed through suicide attempt was from a mix of circumstances, I'm now seeking to escape a few of them.
In regards of the circumstances I'm dealing with IRL, they are tied to an unkind, uncaring stepfather, and he and my mother are controlling, and quite, abusive.
While this is just the root of a fraction of the issues that caused my suicide, they are a factor, and certainly, without them, I'd be less depressed, less stressed out, and dealing with less anxiety.
I need to move out, but that isn't possible as my deviant manipulative mother and step-father have done everything they can to ensure I can not. They strip me of my money for each month, leaving me only scraps to survive off of, and they constantly belittle me and destroy both my confidence and my hopes, and refuse to provide any aid in me ever having hope of a job, or even acquire a driver's license. I cannot walk to a job, and there is no bus service or taxis in Bayville, only a train that would take over an hour to walk to... that leaves specifically to far off places...
I've been stuck thinking, if someone were to take me in, I could seek out a job, whether a fast food worker or a man stacking products on shelves, I'd take ANY job, just to pay that person for taking me in, and doing everything I can to help out and support my savior.
Problem is, not many furries exist in my area, and there are 0 in my town. Still, if there is anyone who would drive into New Jersey, Ocean County, Bayville/Beachwood, and pick me up and take me away from my nightmare parents, I'd appreciate it.
I'd still deal with any stress or abuse online in the furry fandom at various websites, and my damaged liver, my other health problems, but I'd at least be able to get away from a horrible home situation.
Anyone here at Weasyl who helps would also have my thanks, just spreading the word would be appreciated by me.

Someway possible to get away from depression -Help Request

Vinchenzo the Jackal

26 December 2017 at 20:27:47 MST

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    My life online still makes me depressed. CaseyJess, Graeme, Moonblood, and SkyeTheShark, each claim that as staff they can grant immunity to punishment to anyone breaking rules on SoFurry, and they have recently deemed the constant stalking, harassment, and death threats sent to me by various users on the website is something they refuse to punish and stop. If my depression tied my IRL nightmare living space does not kill me, the abuse I face online will... I can only deal with so much abuse and harassment before I crack... why are these people harassing me and claiming I am banned from FA, Weasyl, and InkBunny, and that I am a scam artist, art thief, and deserve to die and should suffer for my 'crimes'? Why is it staff protects them on every furry website they do this to me? Why is it support tickets are used by staff to harass and abuse me for reporting these folk? I just wish my suffering would end... I'd do anything to stop it.