FA Suspension ends tomorrow! Finally! by Vinchenzo the Jackal

Well, my FurAffinity(FA) suspension ends tomorrow. Finally!
As people who know me very know, the furry fandom was heavily influential and important in my life. During my early adolescent and to the first years of adulthood self-harm and suicidal thoughts and desires consumed my life. I lived a life filled with pain and suffering, sorrow and unhappiness, frequent abuse and a complete lack of friends IRL. If it wasn't for the internet and for the friends I made over the internet, all of which had been in the furry fandom, I wouldn't be around, and would have likely had one of my attempts, not only followed through, in which a select few I did but failed, but lets face it, not all of them would, and if I did them all, or most of them, I would be dead long ago. The furry fandom provides me comfort and happiness that I never receive IRL face to face with people.
FA originally suspended me on the odd concept in which they stated that the staff of the website SoFurry(SF) reported and requested it. After speaking with the staff on SF, they stated they never made such a report or made such a request. After making a journal on SF stating the FA suspended me over such a thing, and that SF said they never made such a report and a request, and I was supported SF staff over FA staff, because FA staff have a history of lies and corruption and power abuse and breaking their own website's rules, SF staff deemed it be appropriate to ban me from SF.
They never said why they banned me from SF. They did not find me breaking any rules of their website, and they could not find a reason for it. However they told me to dispute my ban with Toumal, who refuses to respond to my emails which I had sent every other day.
If anything, this shows its probably best I stay with FurAffinity, a website I've been a part of the very year Dragoneer joined up on. Funny, cause it makes me one of the longest running users on the website FA. It's where all my friends are. It's what my life revolved around and depended on... and being suspended from it was a nightmare. I never want to go through another suspension again. Quite literally... I'd probably not be around if I would wind up banned from there.

FA Suspension ends tomorrow! Finally!

Vinchenzo the Jackal

18 July 2017 at 18:29:53 MDT

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