September 11. The day so many suffer... year after year... by Vinchenzo the Jackal

I mentioned this on Discord servers, it makes sense to put it in my furry journals too.

9/11 is a painful day every year. It is the day friends of my family went to work in the World Trade Centers and died, and we watched on live television this atrocity. It is the day I was in school as our teachers showed us what happened and all I felt was fear and sorrow. It was the day I went home to my family and we all cried. It was also the day the entire country went mad with an illogical fear and hatred of middle-eastern folk, like my family. It is the same nightmare every year for my family. We have to face not only the deaths of those we loved, remember the horrors we watched, but also to be horribly demonized, threatened, and sometimes physically assaulted. Every year I think of all the reasons not to kill myself everytime September 11 happens again, and I keep living, and people keep abusing my family. Every year I wonder if my life can ever return to normal. Every year I hope that people will think about all the lives lost and destroyed on 9/11, instead of attacking the people who lost lives and whose lives were destroyed. Someday, I hope my sufferring will end. This day is always one big nightmare for me. If you know anyone that is middle-eastern, whether they are Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, or otherwise, please show them some kindness and compassion. We go through alot every year around this time.

Btw, if your worried about me, I'm fine, I thought of plenty of good reasons to keep living and not kill myself this year.

September 11. The day so many suffer... year after year...

Vinchenzo the Jackal

11 September 2019 at 20:00:28 MDT

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