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For me to partake in a commission, I am given full rights to using your characters into the stories. I will make them fit your guidelines, and not deviate from them. Where as, I still have creative control over the Story its self. You own Your characters, You still own the Characters, but I own the rights to the story. Once the story is completed, you own a copy of the story, but you can not claim it as your own work. You can post it anywhere you please, but I must be given credit for the writing.

If you request a mature/adult rated story, ALL characters that engage in any sort of sexual activity MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER. You must also be 18 years or older to commission mature content, and I will require a statement saying you are at least 18 years old in email!

As long as you can agree to these rules, I will do your commission.

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Updates, novel, publishing and patreon

on 13 September 2017 at 22:14:08 MDT

I've been busy working away on several writing projects. Soon I will be releasing a novella on Amazon and soon to smash words

Second, my novel is drafted and you can get details on my Patreon. Http://

Lots of big things will be showing up soon.

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Commission Story Special
$ 1.00
General Audiance
$ 10.00
Mature Story
$ 15.00
  • $1 dollar for every page over the first 10(or over 5 pages for mature stories.

  • $1 dollar for each additional Main character over the first 2.

    [Npc or background characters for story are free.]

Things I will need:

(clean) Character refs/Pics (if available)

Theme: Be it Fantisy, Sci-fi, Political, Comedy, and such.

An outline of the basic flow of story. Something Simple, just to give me the main points and such so the story can flow. You can include any additional information in the outline.

If you would for any of my own characters to make a guest appearance inside the story, let me know. If nothing is said, I will add them at my own digression. Interactions will be purely Clean, no mature interactions allowed with my characters.

The Will DO/WILL NOT do list:

Will NOT do:
*Cub in sexual situations
*Hard vore

Will do:

*Clean for a flat base of 10 pages.

*Mature/Adult related material (Ask first if you want as specif


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