Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 6 by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

Note: In this story I am forced to use the Japanese name of this gen 5 pokemon.

By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 6: Monumental Museum

Narrator: Last time our group made their way into the stony town of Pewter. A large crowed was gathered outside the recently opened museum. Trainers from all around where being allowed inside free of charge as long as they have a valid pokedex. <<<

A rather overweight and bald fellow greeted the trainers as they entered into the museum. He checks over every trainer's Pokedexes to make sure they are valid. A name-tag displays "Rax" in bold letters. He was dressed in what looks like a bell hop outfit for a fancy hotel, almost standing out as odd in this sort of place.

The whole area was filled with loud talking and all sorts of gossip could be heard like a group of school girls at recess. Everyone was excited to see this new building and all the treasures it holds. The crowds finally started to thin down as the day went on.

Hakuzo and Andrew finally make it to the door after standing in line. "Greetings trainers, May I see you pokedexes?" Rax asks the two.

"Sure thing!" Andrew replies as he hands over his pokedex. Hakuzo just nods and hands his over.

"well both of your Pokedexes are valid so you may proceed inside." Rax says with a fake smile. The two trainers take their pokedexes and walk into the museum, Miles and Torchic following behind.

Inside the building was a vast open space with marble stairs leading to a second floor. Display cases filled with various pokemon fossils and other artifacts of old. Crowds where all over the place looking at everything they possibly could. There was hardly any room to move at all.

Near the entrance was dark haired female at the main desk. She is wearing a executive style suit and has a name tag that says "Anna" on it. She is busy handling the phone and answering anyone's questions.

Lastly there was a rather short guy with light brown hair. He is walking around talking about the different exhibits on display. He is dressed In a similar suit to Anna and his name-tag reads "Moe".

Hakuzo and Andrew busied themselves studying the different exhibits and wondering around at random. A few minutes later Moe disappeared somewhere deeper int the museum with an urgent look on his face.

After a couple of hours the Duo grabs a bite to eat at the cafe inside the Museum and then take notice of a part of the museum that appears to unfinished. The two finish their meal and go to investigate this area.

As they approach, they here the voice of Moe coming from behind a plywood door. "Heh, yeah boss, everything is going great." Then there was a moment of silence before Moe said, "Ofcourse we have a full house and I'm ready to secure the museum doors. These trainers won't be able to stand a chance against us when we take their pokemon from them!"

Hakuzo and Andrew look at each other. "We have to warn these people." The two rush off to start warning the other trainers but it was too late. Metal barriers slide down to cover the windows and doors of the museum. Soon the whole museum is sealed off from the outside.

Anna and Rax quickly put on gas masks as the room starts to fill up with some unknown gas. Everyone start to panic except for a few of the older pokemon trainers. A few trainers called out their flying pokemon to clear out as much gas as possible, while other went to work opening up the front doors.

"Oh no!, we gotta do something before these trainers ruin our plan." Anna yells out. Rax simply nod and the two send out their pokemon. Anna yells to Moe, "Mole! Get your shortness out here and help contain these trainers quickly."

Anna's pokemon that she sends out is an Abra, a small sandy colored pokemon. It appears to be sleeping sitting up, but this is far from the case. "Abra, use confusing on these trainers, quickly now!"

The Abra opens her eyes and they start to glow red. A red aura appeared around a hand full of trainers and they started to get a lost look in their eyes. Soon they stood in a stupor unsure what to do.

Rax was also having his pokemon attack the trainer's pokemon trying to open the front door. His pokemon was a small and plump blue pokemon named Munchlax. The pokemon was causing a big disruption, to the trainers at the door.

Moe rushes into the room an releases a Rattata, ordering it to steal as many pokemon from the trainers belts as he can without getting spotted. Soon the purple rat darted back and forth bringing pokemon to his owner.

Andrew busied himself with helping the trainers at the door, while Hakuzo heads toward the Abra with his pokedex. The electronic box states, "Abra, Physic pokemon. Ability to confuse most humans using only its psy powers. Use extreme caution when confronted with one."

Hakuzo suddenly notices that Miles was gone, and spots him stalking after a Rattata that was carrying a pokeball in his mouth. Hakuzo watches for a second as Miles silently follows the Rattata, then he quickly calls out Pidgey to attack the Abra. "Pidgey quick attack that Abra!"

The bird pokemon rushes quickly at the Abra, slamming into it with a fierce peck. The Abra is surprised by this and release her control on the trainers. The Abra glares fiercely at the Pidgey.

"Abra, use Confusion on that KFC mascot!" Anna commands the Abra.

Abra's eyes start to glow red and Pidgey is surrounded by a red aura.The Pidgey is lifted into the air and an is thrown into one of the metal shutter. The Bird pokemon is a bit dazed from hitting into the metal. The Pidgey is shaken from the hit.

Miles continues to stalk the Rattata, not making a sound. Soon Miles creeps up close enough to the Rat's rather large tail and bites it. The startled Rattata lets out a yelp in surprise sending the pokeball flying.

This caught the attention of some of the pokemon trainers that have missing pokemon. They notice their pokemon missing and quickly spot Moe holding them. These trainers rush over quickly and overtake Moe.

The Rat spins around and glares at Miles. The Rat then attempts to bite Miles back but he easily dodges the attack and counters with a blast of fire. The blast was fueled by a hatred that the fox has gained due to that first day in the forest. The blast was strong enough to make the Rattata faint.

Andrew orders Torchic to help with the metal shutters and he sends Aron out to battle the Munchlax. "If you want to play who has the most Defense game, then try Aron on for size Baldy!" Andrew yells at Rax.

"Munchlax, Eat that Aron's face off! Show him the power of your scratch!" Rax Counters.

"Aron! Use Harden now!" The metallic pokemon armor plating starts to glow, becoming more dense. The Munchlax makes contact with Aron but does little damage.

"Munch?" the Munchlax asked confused.

"Don't look at me like that! Get over there and keep attacking!" Rax yells at the plump pokemon. The pokemon gives what looks like a sigh and proceed to continue attacking Aron.

"Aron, use Iron head on that Munchlax!" The Aron ducks his head down low and rams into the Munchlax sending it flying. The Munchlax staggers backwards but still stands after the hit. It counters with another scratch but not harming the metallic pokemon much.

This went back and forth, seeming none of the trainers gaining any leverage over the opponent. Finally the Munchlax starts to falter and one final hit knocks him out. The battle goes to Aron.

Ana starts laughing at the poor Pidgey as it staggers around a bit and looks like it's lost somewhere. The bird pokemon has a glazed look in his eyes as Hakuzo shouts of for another Quick Attack. The bird regains his composer for a moment and hits the Abra.

The Abra attacks with yet another Confusion at its trainers command. This time the Pidgey tries to attack but misses and ends up hurting its self. The Pidgey sits on the ground for a moment, then gets up and shakes it's head. It gains a confident look in his eyes again looks ready to take on the Abra.

"That Abra's starting to weaken, keep attacking it quickly with quick attack and stay on your guard!" Hakuzo commands his bird pokemon.

The Pidgey goes in for another quick strike, and hitting its mark with a critical strike. The Abra attempts to attack with confusion again, but the agile bird pokemon dodges the attack and nails another quick attack, knocking out the Abra.

The trio of crooks where out of usable pokemon and where soon backed into a corner by all the other trainers not occupied with opening the museum back up. Soon the there was a big enough opening for someone to get help. The place was surrounded by police and some where already inside. Ana pushes a hidden button on the desk she is standing near, and soon the three thugs where being lowered into the ground via the platform they where standing on, and then protected as the floor closes above them quickly.

The police went and question everyone that was present and made sure everything was in order. Everyone was finally released to go on their way as the sun was starting to set. Hakuzo and Andrew head off to the pokecenter to rest for the night, and to be ready to take on the gym leader in the morning.

End of Chapter 6

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 6


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