Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 5.5: Bayne's newest pokemon: Zorua. by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

Note: In this story I am forced to use the Japanese name of this gen 5 pokemon.

By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 5.5: Bayne's newest pokemon: Zorua.

Narrator: Bayne and his flunkies retreat from the wood and end up in a small little town called Cyan. It seems to be a small town, that's even smaller than Pallet. Little dose Bayne know this will lead to the most fateful encounter yet.<<<

Bayne looks around after finally stopping to rest. "What the? I've never been to this place before... I never knew there was a town near this part of the woods." Bayne walks up to a sign that says 'Welcome to Cyan Town, where the sky is the limit.' Bayne is taken a bit aback by this town, as it was like nothing he has ever seen before.

Somehow the buildings here where slightly different... they were of a design unlike any other towns in this region. Then suddenly something else struck the three thugs as odd, the whole town appeared to be empty.

Raid was the first to open his mouth, "It looks like a ghost town around here.... Where is everyone?"

"I'm not sure..." Bayne answers and starts to inspect the one of the houses. "Hmm, this place is unlocked, lets see if there's anything of value left here." Bayne opens the doors and steps into the house. he the suddenly falls face first into a mud puddle and the house is no longer around him.

"What the?" Bayne stands up quickly as he finds himself standing in an empty lot of land. Skid and Raid couldn't believe their eyes either, one moment there was a house and the next minute, nothing.

"I-I.... think we better get out of here... This place is scary" Skid stammers out, and turns around to proceed to run.

"Get back here you coward. There has got to be a reason for this... Maybe the heat is playing ticks on our eyes." Bayne barks at Skid.

"O-Ok boss...." Skid replies submissively.

All around the houses started to disappear one by one. All that remained was a dusty trail leading up to what appears to be a Japanese shrine. The area starts to grow dark and paper lanterns along the path start lighting up by themselves casting off a bluish green glow.

Both Skid and Raid attempt to turn and run away. Bayne grabs both of them by the collars of their jackets and pulls them close. "Listen up you two, the answers we seek are just ahead, so you two go first." Bayne shoves the two flunkies toward the shrine.

The two slowly walk up to the shrine and come upon a pedestal with an engraved plaque on it. The plaque reads as thus "Leave an offering of rice cakes on the pedestal or be cursed for the rest of your life."

"T-That doesn't sound very.... welcoming" Skid stammers out again. "too bad we don't have any rice cakes."

"Your lucky I so happen to have one left, seems you two would be lost without me." Bayne walks up to the pedestal and places the cake on it. He takes a step back and moments later a dark colored fox jumps up and quickly eats the rice cake. Soon everything appears to dissolve away and all that is left is a natural rock table with the dark fox pokemon eating it.

Bayne holds up Dexter at the pokemon, and it responds in an electronic voice. "Zorua, Dark type pokemon. Ability to cause illusion. No Further Data."

Bayne realizes that this pokemon was the one causing all of this trouble. Then an idea comes to light, that maybe this pokemon will be strong enough to defeat Miles. He quickly throws a pokeball at the pokemon while it's still eating. The pokeball strikes the pokemon in the side and pulls it inside. The pokemon was completely caught by surprise, and a few second later, the pokemon was caught.

"Now lets see who has the last laugh Hakuzo!" Bayne says triumphantly.

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 5.5: Bayne's newest pokemon: Zorua.


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