Lost Pokemon Episodes: Halloween Speculation. by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

Special thanks to Ivy Mistfox AKA Nega_ivy for number picking.

By: Hakuzo NightFox

Episode 7: Halloween Speculation.

Narrator: Last time Hakuzo and Andrew where caught up in a museum mishap, caused by three unknown thugs. A lot of damage was wrought onto the building. Damages are estimated to be remedied in a minimum of two months. The duo finally disembark for the Pokécenter and retire for the night, In the morning the two promptly head straight to the Gym.<<<

Once the two trainers reached the doors, a sign is posted on the door: "Gym closed for the Hallow's Eve Festival in New Orchard. Normal Services resume tomorrow." Also with the sign, is a map with directions telling how to reach the town.

"Hmm, Well looks like we still can't battle the Gym leader today..." Hakuzo sighs out.

"Who would of guess that the Gym closed down for an event in the next town over? That doesn't seem right." Andrew states, trying to figure out why the gym leader would express interest in a festival not even part of his town.

"We might as well go to the festival, we don't have much better to do." Hakuzo replies as he pets Vulpix on his head. The group gathers up their wits and follow the directions of the map. In a couple of hours the two trainers arrive at New Orchard town, if it could really be called a town. Many plowed fields fill the gentle planes of the area, no longer full of corn or other produce. The fields are freshly harvested, empty of all forms of plant life.

Carved jack-o-lanterns also sit along the road side, As the two near the heart of the town, they quickly spot where the festivities are. This part of town resembles a bit more of a real town, more rustic looking to say the least. A few many buildings fill this town, almost like a scene out of a western.

Hakuzo and Andrew approach the town, there are tables and benches placed all around. There was a carve jack-o-lantern on each of the tables, along with many pokemon trainers. Some where even dressed up as pokemon. Music fills the air coming from large speakers placed around a makeshift stage.

A great variety of food is also available to all, pokemon included. Home-cooked meals to ready made dishes. Almost any kind of food can be found for sale during this festival. Hakuzo and Andrew let out their pokemon and all enjoy a meal of the local specials. soon Everyone is caught up in the lull of the activity and lost to the local events for a time.

Time quickly passes on and it starts to darken. The festivities continue on and soon the younger trainers in costume prepare for the late night events of candy gathering.

Before the main event of candy gathering starts, a contest of Fire type pokemon is about to begin. Our two trainers enter into the contest to see how well they can do. A lot of trainers enter the contests. Many different kinds Fire type pokemon are seen. Some people even started placing side bets on Andrew's Torchic because the pokemon is an exotic sight to the people in this town.

"Welcome to this year's traditional Pyre lighting." The mayor of the town addresses the locals. He is dressed up as a Golbat, A giant purple and blue over sized bat, complete with vampire fangs. "This Tradition was started many years ago to allow the spirits of this world to continue their journey to the next plane, Along with the Spirits of pokemon lost during the great disaster many years ago. The Team that has the most pyres lit in five minutes is the winner. Since we have so many trainers participating this year you will be in teams of 3. Gather up into your teams and you will begin at the sound of the gong."

Hakuzo and Andrew nods, wondering who would be their third team member. Suddenly a trainer dressed up like the grim reaper, wearing a heavy cloak that covers his face approaches these two. "It seems you two need another member, allow me to assist you?" The trainer also has a Dog like fire pokemon. It was a Growlith, without any black stripes on it.

"Hmm, Well we do need another to do this contest..." Hakuzo states.

"Sure, You can be part of our team." Andrew tells the new comer.

"Then it's settles, what's the plan?" The new comer asks.

"Simple, we start off by boosting Vulpix by taking advantage of his Flash fire ability; We attack the fox enough to boost his fire power." Andrew explains as they prepare for the contest.

"I see.... Sounds like a plan." The stranger said with a nod.

A quick surveillance of the others teams show that Hakuzo had the only Vulpix in the competition, Other had normal looking Growliths, a horse like pokemon named Ponyta that had a mane made out of pure fire and a couple had a Flareon, another pokemon that looks similar to a fox with bright red fur. Lastly the bulk of the fire pokemon where Charmanders, with at least 3 teams full of only Charmanders.

A few seconds later the sound of a gong fills the area. Without delay Andrew and the stranger order their pokemon to use their fire attacks on Miles, and within moments, Hakuzo's pokédex emits a sounds indicating that Miles is at full power.

Next the three order their pokemon to begin attacking the first Pyre. It consisted of large logs in the shape of a Tepee, in-between holds tightly woven straw and other combustible materials. Torchic unleashes ember onto the Pyre, but pales in comparison to the Growlith's and Mile's Flamethrower, Even then Growlith's flame looks like a trickle of water next to Mile's upgraded attack. Within moments the whole Pyre is glowing with flames as everyone in the audience gasps.

The team starts on their second Pyre where most other teams are still struggling to light the first Pyre. The trio again gets the pyre blazing in no time and move on to the third one. A couple of the teams broke out into fights when they couldn't make any progress at all, and ended up putting out most of the flames they started.

This goes on as finally another team started to catch up. The team consisted of the evolved form of Ponyta, Rapidash; An evolved form of Charmander, Charmealon, and a Flareon. Both teams only have a few seconds left to light the last Pyre and win the competition. Already all of the pokemon where starting to wear out due to the constant use of their attacks.

The Rival team quickly starts attacking the Pyre all at once. They are off to a good start but suddenly the Flareon falters and nearly passes out from over exertion. Miles, Torchic, and Growlith, focus on the pile at three separate spots, attempting to get the fire going.

The Rivals have some smoke starting already but the Rapidash trips over Flareon and falls face first into the ground. This in turn startles the Charmealon and it stops attacking. At the sound of the gong, Hakuzo's team's Pyre blazes to life.

"We have a winner, Hakuzo NightFox and Andrew” The announcer starts, but for some unknown reason the sound cuts off, then cuts back on. "Have won the contest, and all 3 get the chance to stay at the Haunted inn free of charge. Including free meals and drink." The audience starts clapping and cheering. Some of the people that made side-bets collect their winnings.

"I have something I must take care of.... Do not wait up for me." The mysterious stranger said as he leaves. The stranger walks off and Hakuzo notices a pokemon he has never seen before, A brown colored wolf like creature. The pokemon has a strange feeling of familiarity to it.

"Hey you see that pokemon? Have you seen it before?" Hakuzo asks Andrew.

"Yes, that is a Poochyena, A rare colored one at that! Quickly let’s follow it!" Andrew states, as the two go off and tail the Poochyena.

Hakuzo and Andrew take off running after the Pokemon, the Poochyena dodges around a building down an alley way and appears to have disappeared. "What the? How did that pokemon disappear like that?" Hakuzo asks.

"I'm... not sure... There's something strange going on here..." Andrew replies, pondering what just happened. One moment the Poochyena was there, and the next moment it was gone.

Next a scream of a young female fills the area. Hakuzo and Andrew rushes toward the scream. They happen upon an young teenage female being assaulted by two goons with black ski masks on. Behind the Female was a small yellow pokemon, roughed up badly and has cuts all over. "Stop it; You already hurt this pokemon enough!" Yells the teenager.

"We can't do that little lady, we are under orders to capture that pokemon and return it to our boss." One of the thugs said in a gruff voice.

"I can't let you hurt this pokemon any further!" the teenager continues as she guards the small pokemon.

Andrew shouts out at the thugs, "Hey You leave that girl and the pokemon alone!"

"What's this? A small fry wanting to mess with our business? Lets teach him a lesson!" The other thug shouts out.

The first thug sends out a Poliwag, A small blue pokemon with no arms and a fin like tail. The second thug sends out a Tauros, a bull like pokemon. Hakuzo and Andrew nod, preparing for a double battle.

"Looks like It's a double battle then!" Andrew announces as he sends out Aron. Hakuzo simply nods and sends out Vinzith. Both of the other pokemon are faster and they get to strike Andrew's and Hakuzo's pokemon first.

The Poliwag assaults Aron with a Water Pulse. The attack spins Aron around with such force he becomes confused. Tauros starts kicking up large rocks out of the ground and sends them hurtling at Vinzith. The rocks form a sort of Tomb around Vinzith, pinning him in place. The move was super effective against Vinzith, causing him to faint. Hakuzo withdraws Vinzith and sends out Pidgey knowing full well that he has a low chance of winning.

Aron shakes his head a second, looking confused but he regains his bearings and attacks the Tauros with Iron Head. He slams into the side of the bull pokemon doing decent damage. Hakuzo's Pidgey rushes at the Tauros and Pecks the pokemon harshly.

Tauros then gets to counter attack, The bull pokemon does the same thing and starts flinging giant rocks at Pidgey. Again the strength of the attack was too much for the bird pokemon to handle, and thus becoming knocked out. Hakuzo again recalls his second pokemon. The Poliwag again attacks Aron with Water pulse, causing a decent hit.

Hakuzo sends out his last pokemon Miles, and orders him to strike the Tauros hard. Miles sends launches a stream of fire at the Bull pokemon and knocks the bull pokemon out. Aron launches a Mud slap at the Poliwag, causing its vision to blur.

The Poliwag gets mad and unleashes a Water Pulse at Miles, With yet another super effective hit, Hakuzo's last pokemon faints. Aron takes this chance and slams into the Poliwag with another Iron head, knocking out the small pokemon.

Both of the thugs are out of usable pokemon. The then rush at the small yellow pokemon, hoping to catch it in all the confusion but instead they are met with a shockwave of electricity. Both thugs look stunned for a moment, the race off for their lives. The Yellow pokemon faints from using up the last of it's strength.

"Oh no.... We gotta get this to a safe place quickly!" The teenager states, looking very worried. "Will you two follow me home? I don't want to travel these streets in the dark... I don't know if there are anymore thugs around..."

"Yes of course we will escort you home, It's the least we can do." Andrew addresses the teenager, "But can we have your name first?"

"Oh... where are my manners? My name is Mia... And you two are?" Mia asks.

"My name is Andrew." Andrew replies.

"I'm Hakuzo NightFox." Hakuzo also introduces.

"I'm glad you two where able to get to me when you did... I have no idea what would have happened..." Mia states as she continues to talk toward home. The trip was in silence for the way there, once they where safely inside Mia continued her story. At this time the yellow pokemon starts to stir.

"I was walking along a fenced path when I seen these two goons beating up on this Eleckid. Seeing me scared them long enough for me to rush in and rescue him. The brutes started chasing after me and We ended up where you fought them." Mia pauses a moment to catch her breath.

"Seems you had a rough night. " Andrew replies while taking in the story.

"Yes it has been. I've seen this guy around here a lot. I asked people if he belongs to anyone, but they all said no. He appears to be homeless... Possibly lost his parents. I would take care of him... but I'm no pokemon trainer, I don't know the first thing about them." Mia continues on, wondering what to do. "Maybe.... Maybe one of you can take care of it?"

The Eleckid looks up to Andrew and Hakuzo, seeming to understand what is being said. "I'll take care of him then, That is if he will allow me to." Andrew states. "Also assuming if that is ok with you Hakuzo?"

"That's fine with me, You need another pokemon." Hakuzo answers.

Mia gently picks up the Eleckid and asks "Do you want to go with Andrew? have new adventures and meet new people?" The Eleckid takes a moment to think it over and he nods slightly.

Mia hands the Eleckid over to Andrew, and the moment the pokemon touches Andrew a static shock was given off. "Yeowch, Seems this Elekid's fur builds up electricity. I have to be careful about that." Andrew states.

"I should also tell you about the town's local legend. Tonight is Hallows eve, It is said that the barrier between the spirit world and the living world is the thinnest on this night. Well..... Those pyres that are lit during the contest are used to ward off bad spirit pokemon.... As long as those stay lit, the town remains safe... but if those Pyres are put out.... The evil spirits have freedom to terrorize everyone. There are also good spirits that are allowed to enter into the town too." Mia explains the local legends to the two trainers. "I would be extremely careful tonight If you venture outside."

"I don't think that will be much of a problem, We won the contest and got a free stay at the local hotel." Andrew tells of the contest, then of the rare colored Poochyena.

"You mean the Haunted Inn?....... That's the worse place to be on a night like this! As for the Poochyena, I never seen a pokemon like it around here before. Nor have I seen any trainers with a pokemon like that." Mia explains.

"Wait, What do you mean the worse place to be?" Andrew asks suddenly. "Did something bad happen there?"

"Yes... Three year ago, A fire broke out in the Inn on Hallow's eve.,.... No one was able to make it out of there. Many lost their lives that night." Mai pauses... "I remember one of the guests had a little girl named ivy. She was just a new born. She also perished in the fire."

Hakuzo got a look of shock and recognition... When he was younger... he remembered something he over heard from his mother accidentally one night. He heard his mother talking on the phone to a neighbor one night about an accident that happened. His mother's friend just had a baby girl named ivy, and was staying at some Inn.... The realization of what was said struck him fully there, because he remembered on that night, he had a very vivid dream, which he never told to anyone. Hakuzo has a flashback of that very same dream.

Hakuzo awaken in what appears to be a dark forest. Everything is eerily quiet. In a clearing in these woods he comes face to face with a girl his same age. Something very familiar about her catches Hakuzo by surprise. "Who are you?" Hakuzo asks the girl.

"I am Ivy Mistfox. I am your soul sister. You will not be able to see me for a very long time, but our paths will cross once again in the near future, but only briefly." Ivy tells Hakuzo then fades away. Hakuzo is struck with awe at this, Soon he awakens, confused at what he dreamed.

Hakuzo blinks his eyes and shakes his head a bit. Once again he was reminded of that dream, and relived it again. What could this mean? Could it be that Ivy's soul is visiting Hakuzo for some unfinished business? Andrew broke Hakuzo's thoughts.

"Are you Ok Hakuzo?" Andrew asks his friend.

"Yeah... I'm fine... I just had remembered a dream I had before, nothing's wrong." Hakuzo says, a bit dazed still.

"Hrm, Well we should head on over to the Inn." Andrew suggests.

"I wish you wouldn't!" Mia pleaded.

"We will be fine, if anything where to happen our trusted pokémon will help us!" Andrew proclaims. This sets Mia's mind a bit at ease.

"I guess your right.... Ok then, I won't keep you any longer." Mia states. The group says their good-byes and exits the Mia's home. Hakuzo and Andrew leave and head to the Inn.

Narrator: Elsewhere, Bayne was up to mischief. Him, Skid, and Raid decides its time to do some party crashing, and starts putting out the Pyres around town. Soon the three arrive at the last Pyre.<<<

"Hey boss, this looks like the last one!" Skid announces.

"Then quit your yapping and put it out already!" Bayne barks.

Skid and Raid scurry around like a pair of cockroaches and start putting out the fire. Soon the last Pyre is put out, and a silence falls over the town. A permeable darkness starts to creep into the town. Dark clouds start to gather and cover up the full moon in the sky.

Skid and Raid start to freak out. "Ok, come on you Two! afraid of a little thunder storm?" Bayne asks?

"T-This is more than a mere Thunderstorm..." Raid states.

"Bah, its your imagination, now lets go find Hakuzo and terrorize him! This weather is perfect!" Bayne says as he starts looking around for Hakuzo.

By the time Hakuzo and Andrew make it anywhere near the Inn, a down-pour started. Bayne caught sight of the two running into the Inn. "So that's where the two are staying the night. Let's move out Boys, we got work to do!" Bayne commands his flunkies.

Hakuzo and Andrew check in for the night. There is no sign of Rall but the inside of the lobby is decorated with all sorts of Hallow's eve decorations. Bowl of candy sit on the front desk, inviting to anyone. Even the workers of the Inn are dressed in different costumes, The manager was dressed up as a vampire. He greets Andrew and Hakuzo after they settle in. "Greetings, Seems your friend already checked earlier tonight, I'll show you two to your rooms." The manager walks the two trainers to their room, while Miles continues to walk besides Hakuzo. A look on his face shows that he isn't too happy about the rain.

"I was watching you three as you worked together to light the Pyres. That was the most balanced teamwork I've seen in ages." The Manager pauses for a moment. "I wanted to warn you two, that before you two go into your room that this was the section of the inn where a fire was suspected to have started...." The manager lowers his voice. "This section was the first to go, back then... the fire codes where not up to standard."

"Yeah, We heard from a girl named Mia that a fire started hear a few years ago..." Hakuzo interrupts, "Is this place really haunted?"

"Reports of customers in this wing have reported seeing strange things. I have never personally seen anything here, but it give this Inn a purpose!" The manager beams, then quickly remembers he is talking to his guests. "I'm sure you will be fine, Besides. There are reports that the fire was a complete accident. That faulty wiring was to blame, but to this day nothing has been proven." The Manager hands The trainers their respective keys. "Here you are, your rooms. If you need anything I will personally see to everything." The Manager gives a slight bow and flourishes his cape as he turns around.

Hakuzo and Andrew unpack their belongings and decide to roam around the hotel a bit. They hope they will run into the same guy that helped them in the contest.

Bayne and the flunkies duck inside after they see Hakuzo and Andrew follow the manager. "Let’s get checked in for the night. While I'm booking the room, you two sneak around when I distract the people at the desk and find out which rooms Hakuzo and Andrew are staying in." Bayne then proceeds to start booking the rooms, once which was finished, he start gets an idea. He crouches low and whispers something into Zorua's ear.

The Dark fox pokémon nods and jumps up on the counter. His eye start to glow an eerie greenish blue. Both people behind the counter step up and begin walking toward the front door.

Skid and Raid jump behind the counter and quickly find what room Hakuzo and Andrew are staying in. Bayne whispers something else to Zorua again and then the employees return to the front as if nothing happened. The Fox's eyes stop glowing and the blank look in the employee's eyes disappears.

The storm continues to gather, the clouds growing darker by the minute. A swarm of Zubat, bluish colored bat like pokémon, screeches and flies about. At first only a couple then dozens, the Hundreds fill the sky around town. The Zubat are not the only ones to show up, Ghastly and Haunters also appear, gaseous like ghosts that can haunt anyone's dreams.

An eerie silence falls over the whole town of New Orchard. A figure appears wearing a dark cloak, a Female Jynx beside him. The stranger walks into the middle of town, which is devoid of people. "Hmm.... Looks like its time to have fun." A male sounding voice is heard from the cloaked figure, but the voice doesn't sound quite human.

Hakuzo and Andrew roam the halls, noticing that for some reason that the patrons of the Inn seem to be hiding. No one else was around. The two make their way back to the main lobby and notice only the staff, and an girl the same age of Hakuzo is staring out the window. A fight pokémon battle was taking place outside.

Even Bayne was watching the fight from a discreet location, Not wanting to strike just yet...

The cloaked figure laughs at the pokémon that another Kid, also the same age of Hakuzo, sends out. "You call those trained pokémon? I'm sorry but you lose now Rall Kirax!" The stranger says.

"Thranos, You will not make harm these people this day!" Rall shouts out as his Growlith, which is missing the black stripes like normal Growlith, bares his teeth at Thranos.

Thranos snaps his fingers and a Ghastly appears out of thin air. He then points at the Growlith, and the Ghost pokémon begins his attack as if Thranos gave it a command. The Ghost licks the Growlith and it becomes paralyzed.

The Growlith attempts to attack, but he can't move. A ball of darkness forms in front of the Ghastly, and it launches straight at the Growlith. The poor Fire pokémon has no chance to dodge the attack, causing a good hit. Again Growlith tries to move but can't and the Ghastly follows up with yet another Shadow Ball.

The Growlith shakes off the effects and finally can move again. Rall orders the fire pokémon to Attack the Ghastly with a bite. Growlith manages to grab the ghost in his jaws and bites down causing the Ghastly some pain.

The Ghastly releases A psionic ray against the dog pokémon and confuses it. The Growlith shakes off the confusion long enough to land another Bite on the Ghastly, almost enough to knock it out.

The Ghastly counters with Shadow ball again, causing the Growlith a lot of pain. Growlith quickly snatches up the Ghastly in another bite and causes the pokémon to fade away.

"Is that all Thranos? I though you said my pokémon where useless?" Rall Challenges.

"This battle is far from over Pup, now you will see more pain!" Thranos says as he snaps his fingers again. A Zubat materializes out of thin air.

Growlith becomes confused and trips when trying to attack the Zubat. The Zubat zooms in and sharply flaps its wings, causing the air to cut into the Growlith sharply like a knife. The poor pokémon faints, and Rall recalls him. He then sends out an Eevee, a small fox like pokémon.

"Lenia it's your turn now!" Rall encourages his pokémon.

The Zubat lets out an awful screech at Lenia, causing her to become confused suddenly. Rall commands Lenia to use Headbutt against the Zubat. Lenia is still confused and misjudged the distance and slams into the ground. The Zubat takes this chance and hits the Eevee with its wings, causing Lenia to teeter.

Lenia is still wrapped in confusion and ignores her trainer. Zubat sweeps in with an Air cutter on the defenseless pokémon knocking it out. The Zubat makes it through the battle without a scratch.

Rall sends out his last pokemon A Larvatar, "Tirren, you are my last hope...” The Zubat attempts to confuse it again but the attack misses. Larvatar uses Rock Slide on the Zubat and the pokemon barely holds on from fainting. The Zubat counters with bite but scores a weak hit. The Zubat was assaulted by another Rock Slide and fainted.

Thranos shakes his head "Now the real test, Jynx you know what to do." The pokemon that looks like a female opera singer nods focuses on the Larvatar. The Jynx knows that the Larvatar's strongest move is Bite, and will be ready for it thanks to it’s forewarn ability. For its opening move it tries to lick Tirren but misses. Tirren then attempts to counter with bite, but the Jynx easily dodges the move.

The Jynx follows through and hits Tirren with an ice punch, causing a solid hit. The Larvatar is frozen in ice from the attack. The Jynx then uses Wake-up slap and Tirren faints.

"You are weak as ever Rall, You haven't changed one bit!" Thranos belittles Rall.

Once the young female saw this she ran out the door immediately. Hakuzo and Andrew where also watching the fight and followed the female outside.

"Ah Ivy, I was wondering when you would show up, but I'm bored now. Time to end this charade now." Thranos claps both of his hands and the Zubat and Ghastly appear again, Jynx also steps forward. "You where the real prize here tonight, I'm glad you showed yourself."

Hakuzo is again shocked at what he just heard... How can this be...? Ivy... is alive?... but she is the same age as Hakuzo.... Wasn't she much younger than him? Soon Hakuzo realizes that something isn't right here, and he also realizes that Ivy mustn't lose this fight.

Ivy sends out three pokemon as well, A Riolu, An Absol and the same rare-colored Poochyena from earlier. While all of this was going on Bayne snuck outside also, hoping to get a surprise attack on Hakuzo.

Thranos got a worried look on his face, as Ivy's pokemon have a strong advantage over all his current pokemon. This time he didn't mess around with Confusion or Paralysis, he goes strait for attacks.

Jynx assaults the Poochyena right away with a wake-up slap, doing super effective damage against the Poochyena. Ivy's Riolu assaults Zubat with a Thunder Punch knocking the poor bat out in one hit. The Zubat fades away.

Ghastly Sucker punches Poochyena, causing the pokemon to be knocked out. The area seems to grow darker and Absol's eyes glow oddly, she disappears and then reappears behind Ghastly. Absol's Night Slash’s accuracy was boosted due the Pokémon’s natural luck and the attack does critical damage knocking out the Ghastly, and causes it to fade away.

The Jynx hits Riolu with an Ice Punch but Riolu did not get frozen. Both Absol and Riolu strike the Jynx at the same time, Absol disappearing again and striking right after Riolu hits with a shadow claw. The double prong attack proved too much for the Jynx and it faints.

"Y-You think you Won? Think again!" Thranos yells, as he claps his hands fiercely once and all his pokemon return. Before anyone could move both Miles and Zorua run out at Thranos, They nod to each other and both start to glow. An Arcane circle appears under Thranos and he becomes trapped in a beam of light. Thranos starts to fade away along with his pokemon, never to be seen again.

"W-WHAT just happened?" Bayne yells out of nowhere, drawing attention to himself.

Ivy turns sharply to Bayne, "Your pokemon and Hakuzo’s both worked together using their power to bind that specter. Your pokemon does not follow your same misguided way Bayne, Learn well from him." At this point Rall walks beside Ivy and gives her a hug.

"...How is this all possible, I though you where dead...?" Hakuzo asks Ivy.

"This night, is vastly different than any other Hallow's eve. I did not die in that fire 3 years ago. This same Poochyena saved me that night. It carried me to safety. I am very much alive and well, but..... My actual age is not the same as I appear now. I'm not sure how or why it happened, but I and Rall are meant to meet you again for real some day. Once we leave... It will be a very long time before we meet again." Ivy pauses a moment allowing Hakuzo to soak this all in.

"This is all so strange.... Why now out of all times?" Hakuzo asks.

"It seems fate has a plan for us Hakuzo. The Pyres you lit help kept these evil spirits way, but Bayne put out those Pyres, allowing Thranos to enter into this town freely. I must tell you while I have time, you are my brother soul, and in short we are spirit siblings. There may be a day where you may need to save my life." Ivy replies.

Hakuzo walks up to Ivy and hugs her as she does the same. "We will meet again Brother." Ivy says as she and Rall starts to fade.

Hakuzo continues to stand there a moment. Zorua nods at Miles again and returns back to Bayne. Miles and Zorua know something their trainer's don't but are not about to give up that secret yet. Zorua hops onto Bayne's shoulders and he stomps off to his room.

"It seems now you have another reason to work harder now Hakuzo" Andrew tells Hakuzo as they make their way back to their rooms.

"Yeah, I guess so... but this is going to take a while to get used to...." Hakuzo simply answers.

Narrator: For the rest of the night, nothing else happened. The locals went around relighting the Pyres again and the storm clouds started to scatter revealing a star filled night.<<<

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Halloween Speculation.


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