Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 8: Rocking with the Rocks. by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 8: Rocking with the Rocks.

Narrator: Last time, Hakuzo and Andrew took a forced break from their normal adventures. The Duo visited a town named New Orchard during the night of Hallow's Eve. Everything appeared normal during the day, but when night hit, all forms of ghosts and ghouls ran amok. As the night progressed, the two trainers met up with a stranger named Rall.

The trio then won a contest and won a stay at the local Haunted Inn. Once things calmed down Bayne put out all the pyres in the town and unleashed an evil called Thranos. Rall then battled the stranger and lost. Soon Ivy had to battle Thranos and defeated him. After the battle Hakuzo learned that Ivy is a sort of a sister to him, and from that point on his life has changed.

Now Hakuzo and Andrew are faced with the travel back to Pewter, and are left with a sort of emptiness. Soon they gather up their supplies, and start on the trails again. As soon as the two leave the inn, they spot a face they recognize.<<<

“Is that the Pewter City Gym Leader over there?” Hakuzo asks.

“So, that's where he got to? I guess we missed him during the night.” Andrew answers.

Hakuzo and Andrew stroll up to the Gym Leader while an Onix was shifting around parts of the make shift stage the Mayor used earlier. Also a Geodude carrying beams back to a storage shed. “Why hello you two, I've heard all about what happened last night from Mia. She told me how you two saved her from some goons. You two are worthy to battle me, but I have to finish up here first.” The Gym Leader tells his Pokemon a couple of commands and continues on. “I'm Flint, I'm sure you know that I am the Gym leader of Pewter. I come here every year to help with the festival. Once everything is done here we can walk back to Pewter together.”

Hakuzo and Andrew help out with the rest of the work, with the aid of their Pokemon. Aron help carry some of the heavier things while Torchic and Miles help with the lighter objects. Soon the stage was completely apart and stored into the shed where it will reside for another year.

“That wraps up all the work. You two have been a great help!” Flint thanks the two for their help. “You two look hungry, I'll treat both of you to breakfast.” Hakuzo and Andrew where a bit surprised at this kindness. There competition is showing them a friendliness that is uncommon among most Pokemon battles.

“Why are you showing such kindness to your competition?” Hakuzo asks Flint as the group enters into a local diner.

“That's simple; it’s a type of honor code that dates back to the medieval times. You always show a respect to your opponent, and never hold hostility towards them.” Fling explains this over the meal. Hakuzo and Andrew think quietly over everything as they eat.

Once the meal was finished, the group continues on the path to Pewter. Mia stopped the group before they left town. “Hey, wait up Hakuzo, The Inn keeper found this letter tucked away inside a locked draw, but it wasn't there before. It has your name on it, and the Inn keeper asked me to give it to you. “

Hakuzo takes the letter and opens it. The writing was delicate and flowing hand-writing. The note contained the following:


There is so much I wanted to tell you, but most of this you will have to find out on your own. Next time we meet, it will be real and not an illusion like it was this time. Thranos is a very real threat, which you will run into again. Stay vigilant dear brother, for the future is yet to be determined.
Ivy MistFox

Hakuzo carefully folds up the piece of paper, and places it in his backpack. “Who was that from?” Andrew asks.

“It.... was from Ivy. She warned me that Thranos will return again...” Hakuzo replies.

“Then, We have to be very careful in the future. Besides we still have our Pokemon to help protect us!” Andrew Exclaims.

“I guess,” is all Hakuzo could reply.

Hakuzo followed Flint and Andrew in silence the whole time they were on the road back to Pewter. The sun was at its highest point when the three made it back to the Gym in Pewter. The rest of the town was quiet except for the noise of construction coming from the museum.

“Here we are, Home sweet home.” Flint opens up the door of the Gym and the lights inside where already on. The inside looks like a Japanese Rock Garden, large odd shaped rocks jut up from the ground. The arena looks similar to a soccer field.

“Ah, there's my oldest son, Brock. I see you went on and opened up the Gym or me.” Flint addresses his son, which is the same age as Andrew. “Well enough chatter, I'm sure you two are ready to face me?” Flint asks the two, and both just nod in reply. “We will have two separate battles, Two Pokemon each. These are the official rules of this Gym do you accept?”

Again both Hakuzo and Andrew nod. “But who will go first?” Andrew asks.

“Brock will be the one to choose based on your Pokemon. So please release all of your Pokemon.” Andrew releases his three, as does Hakuzo. Brock looks carefully at all the Pokemon in front of him. He looks closely at Hakuzo's golden colored Vulpix, and then he looks over Andrew's Pokemon. He takes immediate notice of Aron and Torchic.

“I have chosen, This one with the weird Pokemon will go first.” Brock states.

“So be it, what will be your two Pokemon?” Flint asks Andrew. With Andrew going first, it gives Hakuzo some time to sort out his feelings about what happened last night.

“I will use Torchic and Aron. Eleckid would be useless in this battle.” Andrew states, as he tells Aron to start the battle.

“In that case, I will start with Geodude. Show his Pokemon what it’s like to mess with us! Defense Curl now!” The Geodude follows the Gym Leader's curls up into a tight ball, preparing to deflect further damage.

Aron ducks down and rams the Geodude with it's iron head, causing super effective damage. The Geodude would have normally recoiled from an attack like this but its defensive stance allowed it to press on without taking the full damage of the attack. The Geodude takes its rocky fists and starts pounding the ground in rapid succession. Geodude was only able to cause an average magnitude, the shock waves barely phasing Aron even though it was a super effective hit.

The two Pokemon continue to trading blows like this until Aron scraped by with only a sliver of strength left. Flint recalls Geodude and calls out his last Pokemon Onyx. “I will grant you that your Aron there is a strong warrior, but his strength is almost out. Can he continue to battle in that condition?” Flint asks Andrew.

“Aron is still good for one more attack.” Andrew announces. Aron lands a good strike against the Onyx but its natural defenses are stronger than Geodude's. Onyx slams his tail into one of the rock monoliths, raining rocks down onto Aron. The attack was too much for the Aron to take the hit. Andrew recalls Aron and sends out Torchic.

Torchic unleashes a turret of growls at the Onyx, causing it to lower its guard. Onyx uses is snake like body and binds Torchic in a tight grip. Torchic unleashes even more growls causing the Onyx to loosen its grip. Torchic jumps out of the grip and takes on an offensive stance.

Torchic unleashes an ember attack at the Onyx but the attack barely phased the Pokemon. Onyx slams into the Torchic sending him flying off nearly hitting into one of the monoliths. The small Pokemon stops and suddenly starts glowing.

The Pokemon starts grow, his legs start to extend and grow. His wings then grow out and turn start growing into hands. The Pokemon is much taller now, almost as tall as Andrew.

“What?!, Your Pokemon evolved during battle? That is unheard of.” Flint exclaims.

Andrew's Pokedex starts to beep, and he points it at the new Pokemon. “Combuskin, Evolved form of Torchic. New attacks learned, Double Kick, Peck. Continuing to gather data.” Combuskin looks much stronger now, and not as frail.

“Alright Combuskin!, we have the upper hand now! Double Kick that Onyx back to the gravel pit!” Andrew proclaims to his Pokemon. The Pokemon gives as sharp nod and Kicks the Onyx sharply in the body and then follows through with a spin kick to the Onyx's face. The Rock Pokemon falls to the ground, unable to continue the battle.

“Your skills as a Trainer has allowed you to beat my Pokemon. Brock take Onyx and Geodude to the Pokecenter so we can begin the next match” Flint walks over to Andrew give him the Boulder badge. “This is your proof that you have beaten me. This boulder is made out a stone only found here in Pewter city. “ Brock takes his father's Pokemon and runs out the door.

Brock steps out the door and starts running toward the Pokecenter, but a hand grabs Brock by the mouth. “Heh, So this is the Gym leader's son hmm? He looks weak.” Someone says.

“Yeah, but the boss says that the Gym leader will pay out the nose to get his son back. Lets get this take him to where we are supposed to and wait for the boss.” A female voice replies.

Brock is then gagged and then a blind-fold was placed over his eyes. Brock drops one of his father's Pokeballs, it rolls away unnoticed. Brock is carried off to some place close.

An hour passes, but Brock hasn't returned yet. “Where's my son at? He should have been back by now.” Flint states out loud.

“Maybe we should look for him?” Hakuzo suggests.

“Yeah, some thing's not right here. I agree we should look for him” Andrew replies.

“Fine, Let's all spread out and ask around town.” Flint states as he rushes out the door in the direction of the Pokecenter.

“Looks like we need to split up and start asking around town” Hakuzo states as he picks a direction and goes that way.

Flint asks around the Pokecenter, but no one has seen Brock at all. Flint starts to worry that his son may be in some sort of danger now. He heads back to the Gym to wait on the others.

Andrew asks around town for Brock but no one has seen him at all. Out of options he also heads back to the Gym.

Lastly, as Hakuzo leaves the Gym he notices a lone Pokeball by the side of the wall. “This must be Flint’s… That means that Brock was abducted here. I gotta tell the others about this when I get back.” Hakuzo starts looking around the area for clues. He notices a couple sets of footprints, one set looking like Brock’s.

Hakuzo follows them until he gets to a spot where the footprints end because the ground is harder there. He returns back to the Gym. Once he gets back, Flint and Andrew are already there, discussing their lack of luck.

Hakuzo hands Flint the Pokeball he found. Flint releases the Pokemon and Geodude pops out. “I found the Pokeball by the building. I also found footprints leading off too, but the end after a while.” Hakuzo explains.

“Then that’s a start. I will return to the Pokecenter and see put the word out. Then we can attempt our search again.” Flint exits the Gym and then returns shortly. “Hakuzo, take us to where you seen the footprints and maybe we can pick up a trail.”

Hakuzo nods and shows them where he found the Pokeball, then he points out the footprints and Flint acknowledges that they indeed belong to Brock. They follow the prints out to where they end and look around.

“Seems this is where they end. The direction they are heading is toward the museum.” Flint examines.

“That’s where a group of thugs first caused us trouble, A short guy, some freaky lady and a plump bald guy.” Andrew explains.

“So I’ve heard from the reports… It seems they still have a base of operations here somewhere.” Flint explains as he looks around for any possible place they could be hiding.

“Maybe they still have access to the museum. Some kind of hidden door maybe?” Hakuzo asks.

“Maybe spread out and look for any ground level access. Reports said they escaped using a secret elevator, so it’s safe to say their base is under the museum.” Flint tells the two as he attempts to find a door into the museum’s basement.

All three look around the perimeter of the museum but find no track of a door. They spread out there search and find a nearby shed that looked a bit out of place. “Could this be the secret entrance into the hideout?” Hakuzo asks?

“Maybe, Lets take a look.” Flint opens the door all they find is an empty shed. “Looks like it’s empty…” Then something catches his eye. Flint enters into the shed and ducks down near the ground. “Ah ha! A secret door, There is even a ladder that leads down.” Flint starts climbing down the ladder into the unknown.”

“Well we should follow him just in case.” Andrew says as he heads down the ladder next. Hakuzo follows close behind, keeping Miles in his Pokeball for the climb down the ladder.
As Hakuzo descended the ladder, light filtered up from down below. Hakuzo exits the ladder into a well-lit tunnel that appears to lead under the museum.

The group makes it to a T-section in the tunnel and Flint motions for everyone to stop. To the right led to a dead-end while the left lead to a door. The three walk quietly to the door and listen carefully; the sound of three people could be heard. Flint releases Geodude and bends close to it and whispers something. The Pokemon floats off to the door and smashes through it.

Flint rushes in with Hakuzo and Andrew close behind. 迭elease my son this instant!・ Flint shouts at the three in the room. Ana, Rax and Mole look up in surprise.

“What? These three clowns again?” Hakuzo says with a bored sigh.

“How... How did you find us?” Mole stammers out, as he get up and inches away.

“Not so fast, Geodude, block his path.” Flint orders his Geodude, Brock jumps up and runs over to Flint. Seems that the three thugs thought they were untouchable so they didn't bind Brock to the chair. Flint takes Brock's gag off and unties his hands. “You still have Onyx” Flint asks Brock.”

“Mhm, right here father.” Brock answers as he hands the Pokeball to his father.

“Fine, your not getting out of here without a fight!” Rax yells as he sends out Munchlax.

“I'll handle this one!” Hakuzo exclaims as he calls out Pidgey. The Pidgey flaps his wings and sends a strong gust at Munchlax, but barely phases the small Pokemon. The Munchlax attempts to counter the attack with a lick, but Pidgey dodges the attack easily.

Pidgey attacks with another gust against the Munchlax again. The Munchlax still doesn't acknowledge the hit. It counters with a Headbutt, causing a critical hit to the Pidgey's stomach. The Pidgey staggers from the hit, but doesn't falter.

They Pidgey recovers and rushes forward, using a quick attack, again no reaction from the Munchlax. Munchlax starts to get mad and Headbutts the hitting the exact same spot again. The Pidgey faints from a second critical hit.

“HA! I win!” Shouts Rax.

“I don't think so, I'm not out of Pokemon yet! Vinzith your go.” Hakuzo sends out Vinzith next, the plant like Pokemon gave a small yawn and looks at the Munchlax, unimpressed. Vinzith hits Munchlax with a leech seed.

Vines and leaves starts growing around Munchlax after he was hit by many seeds from the bulb on Vinzith’s back. Immediately the started to zap the strength out of Munchlax, and soon Vinzith defeated the Munchlax with a couple of vine whips.

Andrew and Flint also made short work their opponents too. The three thugs ran off to another secret door, yelling: “You won’t stop Team um...” Mole said.

“We still don’t have a name yet, The Boss will decide that tomorrow.” Ana replies as they disappear behind a one-way panel.

“...That was odd.” Andrew says.

“Well We need to get back to the Pokecenter. Onyx is still not responding, and Hakuzo’s Pokemon needs help also.” Flint tells as he leads the three out of the underground headquarters.

“It looks like all of your Pokemon are fine.” Nurse joy returns the Pokemon to their proper owners. “That's quite a tale... I'll tell everyone that comes here to be careful. Still you should go to the police station right away.”

Flint gives a slight nod. “We will, but we have official Gym business to get back to first.”

The four return back to the Gym as the sun was starting to dip lower into the sky. “Sorry that our duel was interrupted. My son is safe all thinks to your help.” Flint begins, then he tosses his Pokeball belt to Brock. 的 want my son to take this fight, He needs the experience.”

“But... But, I don't like battling....” Brock replies as he glances at the ground.

“Nonsense! You are the heir to this Gym, you are the eldest child and it's your duty to make sure this Gym continues to strive.” Flint says with his fist raised high into the air.

・....Fine.... I'll do it for you Father....,” this was followed with a sigh. Brock releases Onyx from the Pokeball. “Onyx, I trust you will win this battle!”

Flint looks at Hakuzo and asks, “What are your Two Pokemon?”

“I will be using Vinzith and Miles for this fight. Pidgey will be useless in this fight.” Hakuzo states as he releases Vinzith. The plant like Pokemon says his name in response to his foe.

Hrm, this fight could go either way. Both Pokemon are weak to each other's moves. Hakuzo thinks over his strategy. “Lets do this!, Vine Whip now Vinzith!” Vinzith ducks low and vines shoot out at rapid speed at the onyx. The attack strikes the Rock Pokemon with enough force to make it stagger back.

The Onyx picks its self off of the ground and then Flings his tail into the ground, ripping up large boulders and chucks them at Vinzith. The Plant Pokemon becomes wedged between the boulders and is slowed down. Vinzith and Onyx attack at the exact same time. Both attack hit their mark and it the result is a double knockout.

“Wow..... I didn't expect that to happen. This is a first in this Gym.” Flint iterates, unsure how to handle this predicament. Brock sends out his father’s last Pokemon, Geodude. Where as Hakuzo sends out Miles and commands him to use hypnosis. The Geodude gets hit wit the Hypnosis rays and falls over asleep.

“Now’s your chance to do damage, keep using flamethrower till you win. If he wakes up, use hypnosis again.” Hakuzo issues his commands to his Pokemon. Geodude may be resistant to fire, but he has very low special defense. Miles unleashes several streams of fire at Geodude before he even had a chance to wake up. Soon the Geodude fainted.

“I’m sorry father,... I failed you again…” Brock utters almost to the point of tears.

“It’s ok son, These two trainers where no average bystanders. The fought from the heart and their Pokemon trust them completely.” Flint explains to his son.

“I know... I also know it’s the job of Gyms like this one to test those trainers.” Brock answers, while wanting the discussion to end.

Flint then turns back to Hakuzo and shakes his hand. “You have been declared the winner of this fight.” Flint then passes a Boulder badge to Hakuzo, “You are officially recognized by this Gym as having passed our test.”

Hakuzo just nod and pins the badge to the underside of his top button up shirt. Andrew comes up to him, “Well we managed to defeat our first Gym leader. This was a good test of our skills.”

“Yeah, Lets hope we don’t run into those three losers again.” Hakuzo replies and he stretches.

“So you guys have a place to stay for the night? If not you two can stay over at our house. We have room to spare.” Flint asks the two.

“No, we haven’t gotten a chance to set up anything for the night.” Andrew replies.

“Great, then Dinner is on me. I’ll take you two home, and you can meet the family.” Flint states eagerly. The four take their leave of the rock filled Gym and make the short walk up a slope to Flint’s home.

Flint introduces Hakuzo and Andrews to the rest of his family. His wife, and Brock's brother and two sisters. “Oh, that's right! I need report what happened today to the police station.” Flint relays this as he tries to sneak out the door.

“WHAT? What happened today Flint!?” Flint's wife yells out at her husband.

“Um.... well.... you see, there was a situation today.... The same thugs that destroyed the museum, sort of kidnapped Brock today. These two help me get him back.” Flint explains while looking extremely nervous.

Flint's wife turns to Hakuzo and Andrew. “Thank you to for helping to get our son back.” She then turns her attention to flint. “As for you, We will talk later.”

Flint ducks out of the door quickly and the two trainers finish their introductions. They where left to explain the situation with Brock's help. Soon Brock's mother calms down and everyone was a lot less high-strung. The two trainers then played some games with Brock's siblings and soon they get a chance to talk more to Brock.

“It looks like you were not too happy to battle today. Do you dislike the Gym?” Andrew asks Brock.

“It's... not that.... I don't like battling Pokemon. I'd rather find way to take care of them and help them. Most people do not know how to really take care of their Pokemon properly. Most do not even know that each Pokemon has individual likes or dislikes or food”・ Brock explains, he has bookshelves full of books and magazines explaining the biology of the knows species of Pokemon.

“So your father wants you to take over the Gym because you are the oldest. I see,.... The choice should be up to you not your father.” Andrew explains.

“Yeah, why don't you tell him how you really feel?” Hakuzo asks.

“You seen how he is. He is so adamant about me taking his place. He wouldn't understand...” Brock

Brock's mother comes in, ”Dnner's ready now, Everyone wash up.” She says in a cheery manner.

Narrator: Everyone had an uneventful meal. After everyone settled down for the night, the morning was upon them already and so the start of a new day begins. Hakuzo and Andrew where greeted with a nice breakfast and a heartfelt farewell. <<<

I had that same dream again.... This time, Vulpix was with me. Everything else was the same. But now this threat of Thranos feels more and more real each time. No one knows if this guy is really a Pokemon trainer or some Warlock. Ivy told me that Vulpix is the key, and will know what to do when the time is right.... Hakuzo's thoughts where interrupted by Andrew.

“Did you sleep well last night” Andrew ask Hakuzo.

“I slept fine.... but, I had that dream again. This time Vulpix was in it, and Ivy warned me that Thranos will return....” Hakuzo states, lost in thought.

“If he does return, we will just beat him again. Now don't worry about that now. We need to make it through mount moon or we won't ever make it to Cerulean City.” Andrew comments at they make their way to the Pokemart. The buy some rope and some flashlights and extra batteries. They also buy some food rations just in case of emergence. Lastly a map with the layout of Mount Moon, and it includes directions to the Cerulean City Gym.

The two leave town and pick their way to following the map until they reached the base of the mountain. A steep slope greets them, as it's the first challenge of this mountain. The entrance to the mountain caves is at the peak of the slope. The map also shows there is a small rest area near the entrance of the cave.

After climbing the slop the two trainers make it to the rest area. A glance around and it looks like not a single trainer is around. Hakuzo and Andrew take a break and let their Pokemon out of their Pokeballs.

“Based on these maps, It says it will take a long while to make it through the mountain caves. As long as we stay on the marked paths, we won't get lost.” Andrew continues to look over the map, making sure to memorize as much of it as possible.

“At least we should be able to make it through before nightfall. The Pokemart owner told us that not too many people come through the caves this time of year.” Hakuzo replies.

“Also, there should be a local tour guide around here. Their job is to make sure that Trainers make it through the caves safely. Andrew states.

While Andrew and Hakuzo talk, Miles and Combuskin get bored and have a small contest. The two Pokemon use their fire attacks to see whose is the strongest. Combuskin's ember is nothing in comparison to the power of Mile's flamethrower. Combuskin has yet to learn any upgraded fire moves yet, and is disappointed at the results.

Miles walks up to the Combuskin nuzzling it's leg to show that they can still be friends. In some odd way even though the two Pokemon are from different parts of the world, they can communicate in simple terms. The Combuskin nods at Miles and it appears the fox Pokemon smiles back.

All the other Pokemon also interact with each other, some starting to form bonds with one another. All except Eleckid, he stays to himself. He doesn't seem interested in forming friendships with the others. Miles sees him Eleckid by himself and walks up to it, saying its own name in a questioning matter.

The Eleckid shrugs off the fox Pokemon and tries to avoid him. Miles gets a look of being upset and quietly walks to the others. Miles says something to the others and they all look at the Eleckid. Before any of the Pokemon could react, their trainers called them all back to their sides, and all but the fire types where recalled back to the Pokeballs.

“Hrm, Hey that looks like one of the tour guides over there coming out of the cave.” Andrew points out. The two rush over to the person. She was a very tall woman, with long dark brown hair.

“Why yes, I am one of the Tour Guides for this mountain. If you two will follow me, I will lead you though Mount moon. My name is Genia.” Genia tells the two as the walk through the cave. Genia secretly pushes a button on a small device and there was a sudden explosion. A large rumble fills the area and soon the entrance of the cave collapses.

End of Chapter 8

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 8: Rocking with the Rocks.


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