Lost Pokemon Episodes: Chapter 19, Final Chapter by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokémon Episodes.
By: Hakuzo NightFox

Episode 19: The Final Chapter

Narrator: Last episode Hakuzo and Andrew were trapped on the top floor of Lavender Tower. They defeated Thranos’ giant Gengar and two legendary Pokémon fought an epic battle.<<<

The sound of an airship draws Hakuzo’s and Andrew’s attention. Both trainers run to the hole in the wall created during the battle they had. The airship belonged to Giovanni, and he was standing on the deck, “Hurry aboard before the building collapses!” A platform extends out from the airship to the opening of the tower.

The two trainers quickly exit the collapsing building and arrive on the deck of the airship. Giovanni explains what happened in the tower, “When the building started to collapse I and some of my men were trapped inside the building. After some time a bright light filled the area and we were all taken outside of the tower. I didn’t see you two so I quickly scrambled my ship to aid you two. Tell me what happened in there?”

The two trainers quickly tell of the battle that unfolded and that the two legendary Pokémon fled after the battle. Giovanni listens with disdain at the thought of the legendaries escaping, “A shame those two wolves escaped. Very well, I feel you two have done well to prove that you can handle a gym fight. That being said I have one final test that you two must perform.”

Giovanni summons out Persian. “The task is simple. Both of you choose one Pokémon. First one to hit the opponent’s Pokémon wins. All three will go at once, which means that Persian will have to hit your Pokémon once each to win.”

“Easy enough.” Andrew replies as he calls out Blaziken. Hakuzo silently nods and Miles steps forward.

“Are you sure Miles?” Hakuzo telepathically asks.

Miles nods, “I won’t have to use any attacks, just make contact.”

All three Pokémon are fast so this is a challenge that will not be easy for any of the Pokémon. Blaziken rushes in for a direct attack trying to Blaze Kick Persian, but the attack was dodged. Miles hangs back and keeps his distance for now.

Persian releases a Power Gem attack; glowing rocks appear around the feline Pokémon and shot outwards towards both Miles and Blaziken. Miles dodges the attack easily whereas Blaziken kicks one of the rocks back at Persian. The rock brushes against Persian’s fur but isn’t enough to count as a hit.

“Impressive so far. You two are the first ones to successfully dodge that attack.” Giovanni explains as Miles dashes around Persian and then feints to the left. Persian dodges to the right at the same time as Miles pounces the Persian. Blaziken uses this chance and strikes Persian with a blaze kick.

Giovanni approaches the two trainers. “That’s enough. You two have proven to be competent trainers. As such you both have earned the Earth Badge. I’ll take you both to Pallet Town.”

Hakuzo takes the Earth badge and thinks in silence the trip to Pallet Town. All eight gym badges have been collected but now Hakuzo is going to have to train harder now and prepare for the final challenge. Then there is Thranos as well that must be stopped. All of these thoughts and more keep filling Hakuzo’s head.

“Hakuzo, it will be ok. We made it this far already, we’ll make it through.” Miles projects to Hakuzo hearing all his random thoughts.

“I know… It’s just that it feels like my journey is coming to an end already.” Hakuzo sighs out.

“This part of the journey maybe, but there will always be adventures to have, many other regions to explore.” Miles nuzzles Hakuzo. Hakuzo looks out the window and watches the landscape pass by.

The airship touches down in Pallet town and the two trainers head back to Professor Oak’s lab. They explain all that transpired in Lavender Tower. Oak nods and takes notes about the legendary Pokémon.

“It seems you two had quite the adventure, but now you can put that behind you and focus on your final challenge. That being said, the Dragon Sage is training on Silver Mountain and investigating further happenings involving the Pokémon there. If you talk to him, he can help you evolve Dragonair into Dragonite. I hear the training can be quite extensive.” Professor oak explains as he walks around the room.

Andrew nods and turns his attention to Hakuzo, “I will go see him. Looks like from here we should split off and do our own training to prepare for the approaching battle.”

Hakuzo also nods back, “I think you are right. We both go off and train our own way until we meet back up here?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you when I have Dragonite. From what I hear it can take a long time. Maybe a month or more.” Andrew replies.

“You been training with Dragonair for some time now, it shouldn’t be that much longer.” Hakuzo informs Andrew while petting Miles.

“I hope you’re right. There’s no telling when Thranos will show up again.” Andrew shakes his head at the thought of Thranos coming around again.

“Great, if you two need anything come back here. Keep me posted on how training is going.” Professor Oak gives both trainers a Focus Sash, a rare item that is said to give any Pokémon supernatural focus to prevent from fainting from a strong attack. Both trainers thank Professor Oak then part ways.

Hakuzo ponders while walking along where he can train at. His team of Pokémon are fully evolved now and some of them need extra training to catch up. He thinks about the few towns that are close to try training in. Cinnabar Island and the surrounding ocean may be a good place to train most of his Pokémon but he isn’t sure. Maybe he will return to Fuchsia city and train with Koga.

Hakuzo head out to the city defeating a few random trainers along the way that challenged him. “My whole journey, I hardly run into any trainers and now that I have eight badges, everyone wants to battle me” Hakuzo says to Miles as the walk along.

“Consider it training. Everyone thinks they can take down a strong opponent.” Miles replies.

Hakuzo shrugs, “carbon copied fights are hardly any form of real training. That is why I’m going to see Koga. He makes me plan and think carefully about what to do. I have to be prepared for any random attack.”

Miles nods, “yes, that was quite an interesting battle. Never knowing where Koga will pop in next. It was quite thrilling.”

It was that exact challenge that Hakuzo was looking for. He is about to take on the top class of trainers and he has to take on a challenge that will prepare him and his Pokémon.

Hakuzo arrives outside of Fuchsia City as a commotion is going on. Several people are gathered around what appears to be an acrobatic act. As Hakuzo draws near he notices that a group of people and Pokémon are performing parkour stunts and free-running. A Rattata does a back-flip and lands into a handstand. A Sandshrew curls into a ball and rolls around a bit before springing into the air and landing on its tail on a ledge. The human trainers demonstrate a wall run and various flips or pole-vault.

Hakuzo and Miles watch the street performers go on for a bit. This display of agility and dexterity could mean for a good training lesson if they were to battle. For now Hakuzo just watches and studies what he sees.

Andrew arrives at the base of Silver Mountain, the site of their encounter with Moltres. “I really hope I don’t run into Moltres again. It’s going to be tough enough to make it up this mountain without that. I wonder what this Dragon Sage looks like.” Andrew muses to himself as he starts his trek up the mountain. Andrew wishes he had a Flying type Pokémon with him to scout out for the Dragon Sage. The next best choice is Scyther, he can cover more ground faster than any of his other Pokémon and can easily scale the mountain.

Andrew releases the green Bug Pokémon, “Scyther, I want you to scale this mountain and see if you can find any trainer with Dragon type Pokémon.” The Scyther nods and starts jumping from rock to rock.

Andrew wonders if there are other caves hidden around the mountain as well because he hasn’t seen any one or any other Pokémon. Andrew was half tempted to let Aaron stomp around to find any hidden caverns but then though against it while he slowly circled around the base of the mountain figuring this side holds nothing.

A chittering from Scyther catches Andrew’s attention as he looks up and follows his Pokémon to see what the Bug Pokémon has found.

The street performers send out a Farfetch’d and a Primeape next. The Farfetch’d starts out by twirling around her Leek, and the Primeape starts stretching his muscles. Farfetch’d throws her Leek baton up into the air. Upon seeing this Primeape parkours up a tree, jumping from branch to branch without missing a beat.

Farfetch’d catches the Leek in her beak as she prepares to do some acrobatic moves. She tosses the Leek back into the air and does a forward somersault, landing while catching the Leek again.

Primeape springs from the tree spinning several times in the air and landing besides Farfetch’d. The crowd cheers after the showing. Hakuzo watches on and waits for the crowd to thin out some.

Hakuzo approaches the free-runners and their Pokémon, “I see you two a very interesting way of training your Pokémon. I want to battle with you.”

One of the free-runners speaks up “I, Ivar and my brother Olav here don’t battle like normal trainer. We battle with our selves and with nature. A battle of Parkour and free-running. Best Pokémon wins battle.”

“I see so only the most agile of Pokémon could complete such a task. In that case I will use Miles.” The fox Pokémon steps forward ready to take on any challenge.

“Correct. You watch us, show us if you learn.” Olav states as he sizes up Miles.

“I may not be able to do Parkour but Miles will be able to keep up with your Pokémon.” Hakuzo studies the two trainers carefully wondering which of the Pokémon they will choose.

Ivar chooses to use Sandshrew and Olav choose to use Farfetch’d. The three Pokémon line up Ivar parkours up a tree and ties a ribbon to the highest branch of the tree then calls down from above, “Challenge one. First to get ribbon win.”

“Simple enough.” Miles projects outwards.

“Begin!” Olav shouts out. Sandshrew and Farfetch’d run to the tree while Miles just waits a moment and grins. Before the other two Pokémon reach the tree Miles gracefully leaps into the air and bounds off the trunk of tree landing midway up the tree. Another bounding leap lands him near the ribbon and he takes it into his maw. With another powerful kick he launches into the air and spins around sideways landing squarely on the ground again.

“Very good, but can you best next challenge?” Ivar asks once he made it back to ground level.

A bear of a man looms partway inside of a cave. The skittering of a Scyther draws the man’s attention, “Unusual… Scyther doesn’t roam these mountains. A trainer must be near…”

Outside of the cave Andrew and Scyther draw closer. The man keeps quiet and waits for the trainer to arrive. Andrew breaches the cave opening to find the older man waiting. “Trainers do not traverse here, why are you here?”

“I’m looking for the Dragon Sage. Since no other trainers are around there’s a high chance it’s you.” Andrew replies as he steps deeper into the cave.

“You are indeed correct. I am the great Dragon Sage Alton. Why do you seek me out?” Alton asks while he sizes up Andrew.

“Professor Oak told me you were training here and that you can help me evolve my Dragonair into a Dragonite.” Andrew calls out Dragonair as he explains.

“Now you are wondering why Dragonair hasn’t evolved yet no matter how long you train it?” Alton asks and Andrew just nods in reply. “You are missing a key ingredient that allows Dragonair to evolve. It must be exposed to special energies. This mountain is one of the places where such energies exist.”

“No wonder Dragonair couldn’t evolve. Though why didn’t he evolve when we were here with Moltres?” Andrew quizzes Alton.

“Simple, Not enough exposure. It could take up to a year for Dragonair to evolve. If you train hard every day, it is possible to shorten that time to a month. Do you think you can handle a tough challenge?” Alton stands firm and tall in front of Andrew imposing his height and weight to an advantage.

Andrew holds out his eight badges, “I have all eight badges and I will take on the Elite Four. I can’t back down at a moment like this!”

“Very well, your training begins now.” Alton brings out his own Dragonite. Andrew’s Dragonair looks up at the large Dragon Pokémon.

“Challenge two, Obstacle course. First to clear the end without tripping win.” Olav explains while Ivar starts setting up a course and tying another ribbon to a rail. The course ran along several obstacles including several rails, stairs and trees. Ivar demonstrates the path that must be taken.

Miles studies the path carefully while Olav sends out Rattata this time to run the course. Miles considers the speed of the Rattata, and the smaller form. The shorter legs mean he has to run twice as hard to cover the same amount of ground.

Miles and the Rattata line up preparing to follow along the course. Rattata flicks his tail while he waits to begin. Miles stays silent as he focuses on remembering the path to take. Miles contemplates of letting the Rattata get a head start.

“Miles focus. We are here to train seriously, if you get over confident now you’ll lose.” Hakuzo projects back Miles.

“You’re right… I need to focus.” Miles replies back while lightly shaking his head.

Miles clears his head and focuses. Ivar signals to go and Miles leaps into action heading to the first rail and jumps over it while twisting his body around. The Rattata races off and catches up with Miles quickly. Another bounce gives Miles more ground as he maneuvers around the second obstacle. The Rattata takes his chance and is able to get ahead, using his own tail like a spring-board and soars over Miles.

Rattata takes the lead and springs over another rail. Miles keeps going carefully judging distances as he runs and then leaps into the air from several feet away from the rail and sails over it in a clean arc. Once again Miles takes the lead as both Pokémon closely approach the goal.

Both Pokémon try to pull ahead while they race towards the last obstacle, a low hanging branch. Rattata tries to jump over it but misses and hits into the branch instead. Miles soars over the branch easily and then takes the ribbon from the rail.

“Miles good, You train well.” Olav states in astonishment.

“You beat two challenges already. You won contest.” Ivar explains while attending to Rattata. “Since you beat us, take this.” He gives Hakuzo a shirt with Ivar’s and Olav’s team symbol on it. The free-runners gather their Pokémon and leave off to another city.

Hakuzo arrives outside of the Fuchsia City Gym and he does not bother with subtlety. He is here to train and prepare for the future Elite Four battle. Hakuzo goes straight for the door of the Edo style castle and goes straight inside ignoring the guards at the door.

“You’re very brash having defeated this gym already.” Koga was already there waiting for Hakuzo.

“I’ll make this quick. I need to train harder than I have before to take on the Elite Four. You are the only one I can think of that will provide adequate training for this last trial.” Hakuzo explains getting straight to the point.

“Very well, today you shall start learning the art of the ninja. You will become a shinobi of this gym.” Koga states as he leads Hakuzo through the gym to begin his training.

Alton leads Andrew deep into the heart of the mountain through the cave. For the longest time it felt like they were going deeper down into the earth. At this point no natural light penetrates this far down into the cave. Andrew keeps his hand pressed against the wall as they walk along unable to see anything else, is this part of my training as well?”

A drip resounds through the dark tunnels, slow and steady. The noise resounds off the walls bouncing around with an echo making it impossible to locate. Alton calls out for them to stop and Andrew does so, wondering what’s going on.

“We’re here. Close your eyes so you won’t be blinded.” Alton says as he ignites a flair using it to light a large basin in the middle of the room. The fire blazes to life lighting up a cavern housing a statue of a Dragonite. The statue was nearly four times larger than Alton’s Pokémon. “There’s a legend that says Dragonite used to grow to titanic size. These legends say that the Dragonite gave up their titan power to save the humans that came to worship them. History doesn’t give a clear record of what happened but something caused the Dragonite to surrender power, thus becoming closer to humans but at the same time losing a god like power.”

Andrew stares up at the large statue, “Dragonite used to be worshiped as gods?” He asks with an astonished looked on his face.

“So some say. There’s been no solid proof other than Dragonite being one of the hardest type of Pokémon to ever train. I will leave it to you to decide how valid such a story really is. Maybe it will give you an aim.” Alton lights smaller torches along the room, each one bringing more light into the cavern causing the Dragonite statue to shimmer and glow with a reverent aura.

Andrew’s Dragonair looks up at the statue staring in awe as he sees the lager ancestor. “What do I and Dragonair have to do to progress?”

Alton turns around and faces Andrew, “Fight!”

“That seems unfair to me. I already have eight badges where as most of these trainers that come around have little over half of that.” Hakuzo voices as he takes up the ninja robes, “I already beat you, and I wouldn’t feel right fighting with others that come seeking you.”

Koga laughs for a moment and turns serious, “Pokémon battles are fought with honor. You have bested me but I still have a lot more battle experience than you do. That aside you have also taught me that if trainers push beyond the normal and devise a battle plan that they can even beat the tougher foe. You are correct though, you will not be fighting other trainers but you have another task.”

Hakuzo ponders a moment, “Very well, what is it I must do Koga?”

“I am Sensei now, and the first job of a ninja is to gather information without being sighted. Observe those trainers without being seen. This will be your task.” Koga trains Hakuzo in basic stealth. He goes over points of how to control his breathing and how to move quietly. Koga also goes over how to conceal and hide traces of a path that may be left behind.

The next morning, Hakuzo is tasked to move around the gym without being noticed or heard. Miles takes to this task naturally due to being a fox creature. Miles moves along the spaces between the walls without making any sound at all. Hakuzo carefully watches and studies his Fox Pokémon to try emulating his movements.

Hakuzo arrives to the room where the first of the trainers taking on the gym challenge are battling at. Hakuzo feels a bit odd silently watching over the battle between a male trainer and a one of Koga’s advanced ninja. Miles makes a light mental smirk as he watches the trainer’s Pokémon get knocked out in a single hit. “That trainer seems to be a local one that just started his journey. He needs to train harder before coming back.”

Several other trainers tried to take on Koga but thus far none have made it past his ninja. The gym was about to close for lunch time until a female trainer approaches the gym. Hakuzo suddenly feels shy while he watches the female trainer take on the guard ninjas.

The female trainer appears to be a few years older than Hakuzo and it makes him slightly blush as he still felt odd watching from secret. She is confident and strong, Someone Hakuzo wishes to battle.

“Miles, send a message to Koga. I want to battle this trainer.” Hakuzo telepathically tells Miles.

The fox nods and soon replies, “He says to come on out of hiding and face her.”

The female trainer breezes through the guards and confronts Koga directly. “My name is Kaylynn and I’m here to claim the Soul Badge!” Before Koga could reply, Hakuzo bursts out from his hiding spot, still wearing his ninja gi.

“You have to face me before you have a chance to take on Koga.” Hakuzo states as Miles stands at ready to battle.

“Gah, fine, just another weed for me to stomp on before I get my prize. Nidoqueen you’re up.” Kaylynn releases out Nidoqueen to face off against Miles.

Koga steps forward, “Both of you will only use just one Pokémon. The outcome of this battle will determine if Kaylynn faces me. Now begin!”

Miles rushes forward unleashing a flamethrower at Nidoqueen but she dodges the attack being much faster than she appears. Nidoqueen tries to counter with Power-up Punch but misses as well. Both Pokémon keep trying to trade blows but keep missing their target for several long minutes.

Nidoqueen crouches low and waits for Miles to jump into the air and then launches a Toxic attack against him. The attack lands causing Miles to become badly poisoned. Miles growls out and instinctively releases a flamethrower attack striking Nidoqueen. The battle continues on for several more minutes while the poison slowly weakens Miles causing him to slow down.

Miles unleashes one last blast of Flamethrower and faints. The attack connects with Nidoqueen causing her to faint as well. Koga surveys the battle. “That was one very interesting battle indeed. Hakuzo go on and have Miles attended to.” Koga then turns his attention to Kaylynn once Hakuzo left. “Take time to let Nidoqueen recover and then we shall battle.”

Dragonite rushes with Extreme Speed at Dragonair and the attack sends the smaller Pokémon flying. Dragonair tries to counter with Dragon Tail but Dragonite easily dodges and continues to attack Dragonair with unrelenting force.

Dragonair keeps trying to counter but soon tires. “Enough for now Dragonite. Let the little one rest.” Dragonair sits back panting trying to catch his breath.

“You have a long way to go yet. Dragonite was only using a small portion of his power” Alton sits down and prepares some tea.

Andrew is slightly discouraged but vows to train even harder. He needs to prepare for the Elite Four as fast as possible. During this rest Andrew tries to plan out a training schedule, but doesn’t see how he can do so much in such a little amount of time.

The next day Alton puts Andrew’s Dratini through a training exercise of moving around a large boulder inside the cave. The first day Dratini is not able to move the boulder very far. Over several more days Dratini gained enough strength to push the boulder around the cave.

Narrator: Hakuzo and Andrew continue their training for the next month. Both trainers working hard to learn new skills and prepare for taking on the Elite Four. The two Trainers meet back in Professor Oak’s office once again, hoping they are prepared for final battle.<<<

Hakuzo was waiting in Professor Oak’s office talking with Oak, “Koga has been training you for some time now, He tells me you have progressed quicker than any other student he had in the past.” Oak comments while he sips at his tea.

Hakuzo lightly pets Miles on his head, “I’ve had a fox with me, teaching me things long before Koga came in the picture.”

“You have a strong bond with Miles. One stronger than I’ve seen throughout the many years I’ve studied Pokémon.” Oak continues to sip at his tea while they wait for Andrew to arrive.

Andrew is brought into Oak’s office and the two trainers are given a few words of last minute advice. “The Elite Four are the strongest trainers in these lands. Each of the Elite has a single theme of elements for their main base similar to the Gym Leaders. There will be no breaks in-between battles, so you must beat them all in a row. If you both survive the challenge you both will be named champions of the Kanto Region.”

Both trainers silently go over their training as they arrive at the gates of the Indigo Plateau. it is the highest point between Kanto and Johto regions. From here both trainers can see over the lands they come from.

They arrive at door with a guard booth beside it. "Display your badges to proceed." Both trainers display their badge cases to the guard. He pushes a button and the door opens up, "proceed."

The two trainers enter into a large chamber. This is the entrance of the PokeLeague. Stone columns and statues of fierce Pokémon line the chambers. Names of those from legends line the walls of the room. Hakuzo looks over some of them noticing Pokémon he hasn’t seen before in his life.

Four trainers emerge from various doorways, two males and two females. They all appear to be around thirty or forty years old. Each one wearing clothing depicting one of the four main elements, earth, wind, fire and water. “We are the four masters of the elements. All our lives we have studied a single element and have mastered it to its fullest extent.” A male wearing a shirt depicting a tornado speaks to the trainers.

“Since we have two trainers here at the same time, we’ll make this interesting. Double battles will be the course we take.” The Female with a water drop states while looking over both of the young trainers. “Its twelve Pokémon verses twenty-four do you two have what it takes to beat this final challenge?”

“We’ve been through a lot and we are not backing down now.” Hakuzo states

“Likewise, we’ll take on and beat this challenge.” Andrew announces with conviction.

“Very well, this way to the battle arena.” The male with a picture of a mountain leads everyone out to a large battlefield with terrain that can be electronically changed to any environment.

The two females step forward, first up the female with the flame symbol, “My name is Sana and my Pokémon will burn you.”

The other female with the Water drop steps forward next, “My name is Trina, and you will be swept away by my sheer force.” The two females step up to their platforms and they activate a field. A copy of Cinnabar Island rises up from a hidden place. The normally inactive volcano is active on the field flowing with magma.

Andrew looks to Hakuzo and nods. Both trainers step up to their side of the field. Both trainers think carefully about which Pokémon to send out first. Andrew starts out with Electivire, sending him out to the field. After consideration Hakuzo releases Lapras into the water on the field.

Sana sends out Magmortar onto the field, her partner Trina sends out Vaporeon. Lapras launches a lighting bolt straight at Vaporeon causing Super Effective damage. Electivire strikes Magmortar with a Low Kick, since Magmortar is a heavier Pokémon the attack does a large amount of damage.

The water near Electivire starts to boil and churn after Vapereon’s eyes glow. The water strikes Electivire for a Scald attack. The attack does light damage but has a high chance of causing a burn, but this time fate is on Electivire’s side and he did not get a burn. The Magmortar rushes Lapras and calls down a Thunder Bolt, due to Lapras’ high defenses the attack did minimal damage despite being Super Effective.

Electivire growls out and energy gathers between his antennae, the energy discharges into a Shockwave an unavoidable attack that strikes Vaporeon for massive Super Effective damage. Vaporeon staggers and has trouble standing but before it could recover it gets hit by a Lightening Bolt from Lapras’ horn causing the poor water Pokémon to faint.

“You two have great team work, but now take on Golduck.” Trina sends out the blue colored duck Pokémon to replace Vaporeon. Since it is faster it moves first and strikes with Surf striking both Electivire and Lapras for a decent hit each. Magmortar launches a Heat Wave at Hakuzo’s and Andrew’s Pokémon striking for a moderate hit as well.

Electivire’s movements start to slow down but with the help of Lapras they both strike Golduck with electric attacks causing the Pokémon to faint. Trina sends out Tentacruel in response, “Two down but four to go, can you keep it up by tag-teaming my Pokémon?”

Magmortar tries to attack but he misses completely nearly striking Tentacruel, causing the octopus like Pokémon to flinch.

“Andrew, have your Pokémon jump into the air, I have a plan.” Andrew does so and the Electivire jumps into the air just in time for Lapras to unleash a surf attack Magmortar is instantly knocked out and Tentacruel only takes minor damage.

Sana sends out Arcanine next, “Speed is on this one’s side, Hope you are fast!” Arcanine runs with Extreme Speed at Electivire and strikes the weakened Pokémon knocking him out.

“There goes our main advantage. I didn’t want to do this yet but I respond with Dragonite.” Andrew responds by sending out the Dragon Pokémon. Dragonite roars at the opposing Pokémon.

“Have Dragonite use my next attack to power up. Lapras unleash Surf!” Lapras complies and does so. A massive wave of water engulfs the area and Dragonite jumps onto the wave and rides it forward.

Using the momentum of Surf to boost the power of Extreme Speed, Dragonite rams into Tentacruel. Soon after Surf strikes Tentacruel and Arcanine knocking both of them out. Sana sends out a normal colored Ninetales and Trina sends out a Gyarados.

“Hakuzo, Let me fight the Ninetales.” Miles asks Hakuzo telepathically.

“Ok then. Lapras can rest while you battle.” Hakuzo nods, “I recall Lapras and send out Miles.” Lapras is returned to her Pokéball, and Miles jumps onto the battle stage. Sana’s Ninetales sizes up Miles. Sana’s Pokémon smirks with confidence being slightly larger in size than Miles.

Sana’s Ninetales starts thinking up a Nasty Plot to use against Miles. Gyarados and Dragonite rush at each other. Dragonite grapples with Gyarados and the two square off with brute force.

Miles tries to put the common Ninetales to sleep but the attack was dodged and countered with Foul Play. Sana’s Ninetales uses Miles own Attack power against him but the attack was very ineffective due to Miles’ low attack.

Gyarados smacks Dragonite away with his tail but the Dragon Pokémon flies back and grabs around the large snake like Pokémon. Dragonite unleashes a Thunder Punch against the Gyarados at close range causing the Pokémon to faint.

Trina, down to her last two Pokémon sends out Starmie. “You two work well as a team. Now I have to fight harder. “ Trina states then orders Starmie to unleash a Blizzard against the field. Dragonite was able to dodge the attack but both Ninetales get hurt by Blizzard for minor damage.

“Watch it, you hit my Pokémon with that attack!” Sana yells out at Trina.

Both Ninetales growl out at each other and soon abandon using moves and fight with primal instinct. Each one fighting with claws or bites. Miles dives under the other Ninetales and flips the opposing Pokémon onto his back.

Starme and Dragonite square off as well. Starme rapidly fires off Ice Beams at Dragonite but he flies around dodging the attacks. Dragonite deflects an Ice Beam away and it hits Sana’s Pokémon and Miles pounces knocking out the Ninetales.

“You knocked out another one of my Pokémon Trina. That’s it!” Sana shouts out as she sends out Rapidash and commands it to Drill Run Starme knocking it out.

Trina growls out and sends out her last Pokémon Poliwrath. “Calm down or the enemy will win without fighting.” Trina says as she commands Poliwrath to attack Dragonite with Ice Punch. The attack connects and freezes Dragonite's right wing.

“Miles, thaw out Dragonite’s wing without causing damage.” Hakuzo commands while the fox Pokémon lets out enough of a flamethrower to thaw out Dragonite’s wing.

Rapidash slams into Miles with another Drill Run causing moderate damage. Hakuzo recalls Miles and sends out Kangaskhan instead.

Poliwrath tries to attack again but Kangaskhan strikes first with a Sucker Punch. The attack knocks the Poliwrath back giving Dragonite an opening to strike with Thunder Punch.

Trina nods, “You have bested me.”

Sana recalls her Pokémon as well. “I forfeit. There is no way I can withstand a double assault.”

After the last defeat Bayne has been training Charmander every day. After several months of training Charmander emerges as a Charizard.

A dark figure looms over Bayne and Charizard. Darkness surrounds both trainer and Pokémon. It becomes thick and solid creating a barrier that denies passage. A mist forms around Charizard seeping into the Fire Pokémon.

Charizard's scales turn black and the insides of his wings turn blue. Blue flames erupt along with his tail flame turning blue.

“W-What's going on?” Bayne asks.

Silence is the one only answer until a laughing breaks it. “Bayne, your malice and hatred have transformed Charizard into a creature of darkness and you are now unworthy of him.” The voice fades away while Charizard flies up into the air.

Bayne watches on in shock and with a deep loss of reality. Zoroark escapes his Pokéball as well and chases after Charizard.

After a long battle both Andrew and Hakuzo emerge victorious from battling the last two Elite Four members. Only Miles and Dragonite remains after the skirmish.

Professor Oak arrives shortly after to congratulate the two trainers. “I started out shortly after you two engaged in your second battle. Congratulations you two.” Oak leads them out of the arena and through a hallway with pictures of previous Elite Four members. “Here we are, the Hall of Fame. The place where only the best trainers end up.”

Oak goes about taking pictures for the induction into the Hall of Fame. He gives each trainer a personalized medal showing the concluding of the Elite Four.

A loud thud is heard followed by the walls shaking. Several pictures fall to the ground and shatter.
Another thud brings the sound of the wall cracking, followed with the wall exploding apart and Charizard emerges from the dust.

“What manner of Pokémon are you?” Oak asks while backing up.

“My kind of Pokémon, corrupted.” Thranos states as he sets out of the shadows. “Today you two shall fail.”

“Bah, our Pokémon haven’t recovered yet.” Hakuzo growl out as Miles staggers forward. “Miles you need rest.”

“There’s no choice... I have to fight.” Miles communicates telepathically.

Andrew sends out Electivire and the Pokémon tries to Thunder Punch Charizard but he blocks the attack by grabbing Electivire fist. Then Charizard goes into a Seismic Toss, lifting Electivire into the air and slams him into the ground knocking him out.

This went on for a while as Charizard systematically knocked out every Pokémon without much of a fight. Miles is the only one left when Charizard charges at Hakuzo. Miles tries to stop Charizard but is slammed against the wall instead, fainting. Charizard easily picks up Hakuzo by the throat.

“Now you die today!” Thranos starts laughing again at his moment of triumph.

Charizard roars out and snaps forward at Hakuzo. A Dark Pulse strike Charizard’s face, and drops Hakuzo to the ground.

“Not today, Thranos.” Zoroark steps into the light and takes on a humanoid form. He walks up to Miles and places a hand to his forehead. A light envelops the fox Pokémon.

Charizard charges at Zoroark but he holds up a hand and forms a psychic Barrier around the charging Pokémon. Miles wakes up and also takes on a humanoid form.

“What.. Is this?” Miles asks.

“No time to explain. We have to seal away Thranos' powers.” Zoroark walks up to Thranos with his palm out. “We are going to take back the power you stole.”

“No!” Thranos unleashes a Dark Pulse at the two humanoid Pokémon. Zoroark deflects away the attack. “I will not give up what I have.”

Zoroark telepathically tells Miles to build up energy and release it on his signal. Miles nods and builds up the energy. Zoroark rushes forward and forms a crystalline barrier around Thranos.

“Now!” Zoroark yells out. Miles unleashes the power he stored and Zoroark redirects it around Thranos. The shield compresses and traps Thranos in a small space of a gem. Charizard breaks out and grabs the gem flying off in the sky.

Miles tries to follow but Zoroark stops him. “He’s gone. He won’t be able to break out of that.”

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Miles demands.

“We are brothers. Born of the same legendary Pokémon. Thranos is similar to us. He was also born of a legendary Pokémon as well.” Zoroark looks over Miles in this new form. “My true name is Zanku. I will join your side Hakuzo.”

“Don’t you belong to Bayne? “ Hakuzo asks.

“No…. I only followed him to get close to my brother.” Zoroark scratches at one of his fox ears.

“How is it you look human?” Andrew asks next.

“Our father had the ability to turn human to blend in. Sadly no one knows his true name.” Zoroark and Miles revert back to their Pokémon selves.

Oak is speechless at all the events that he just witnessed. “Hakuzo my lad, you must find any information on this legendary and we must document it fully.”

“I understand. I owe it to Miles to find something.” Hakuzo replies.

Narrator: Hakuzo and Andrew go their separate ways. Andrew returns back home to his grandfather with tales of his adventures. Hakuzo returns back to Koga to continue his training. Both trainers take several years to go through with their lives.<<<

Hakuzo is sleeping after an extensive training day. Soon his dreams are filled with a battle verses Thranos again.

“We… defeated you. Why are you back?” Hakuzo asks Thranos

The image soon fades away, replaced by a dark haired girl with green eyes.

“Thranos will return one day. When that happens you will need my help. You will find me in Icirrus City.” The girl tells Hakuzo. He wakes up but forgets about the dream as time goes on.

This concludes story Arc 1 in the Lost Pokémon Episodes.

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Chapter 19, Final Chapter


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