Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 2:Exams are just the Beginning by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 2:Exams are just the Beginning

Narrator: Last Episode we met a young trainer that befriended a rare colored Vulpix, what will the exams hold in store for his fate? <<<

Back in the exam room, everyone was still gossiping about random nonsense. When Professor Oak's steps where heard, everyone ran to their seats quickly, as if nothing was out of place.

"Now then! Everyone ready for the first steps to an adventurous lifestyle? "Oak asks as he enters the room. He proceeds to the desk upfront and pulls out the exam papers. "This exam will be in multiple parts. The first part of the exam will consist of a personality exam. This will determined what stater you will be pared with. The second part is general knowledge to see if you qualify to even be a trainer. Lastly you will be battling me with your assigned Pokemon. " Oak pauses a moment to catch his breath after his speech. "There is no time limit, but... we don't have all day to for this either." Professor Oak passes out a stapled pamphlet filled with knowledge that every trainer needs to know.

Once Oak passed out the packets, he says these words, "Remember to use your own paper and write clearly" Oak sits back down at the normal looking desk and starts reading the Pokemon Friends magazine. "Just put your names on the paper and bring them to my desk when you are finished."

Hakuzo looks over the questions, noticing all of them are multiple choice questions. Hakuzo thinks to himself, "Great! At least my answers maybe readable , since I have the worst handwriting ever." Hakuzo looks over the personality portion of the exam, answering questions like, 'If a fight breaks out, what would you do?' This and many others one would find on the internet quiz sites, by far the easiest part of the whole exam.

After a few minutes Hakuzo is satisfied with his answers, he moves on to the harder skill questions. He reads the questions in his mind, "Let's see, what are Pokemon caught in? That's easy!" Hakuzo chooses the third option, A pokeball. Hakuzo flies through this part of the exam in under a few minutes.

With all of the written answers on paper. Hakuzo gently sets vulpix down in the seat and the young trainer walks to oak's desk and turns in his paper. He was not the first one to get done, but was directly the middle paper in the stack.

After another five minutes, Bayne was the last one to turn in his exam. Professor Oak sets down his magazine and stands up to address the youngsters. "Good job everyone! While one of my Aides grade and sorts out the paperwork, We will have a lunch break."

Narrator:The group takes a half hour break at the lab's cafeteria. At this point, all of the youngsters get a chance to relax a bit, but most are still nervous about their results.<<<

A small part of the groups sits around Bayne. "Yeah, I'm not too worried at all. This exam was just like similar personality quizzes on the net. You can always get the results you want based on what you choose!"

"Wow! So do you know what Pokemon you're getting?" one of the other boys asked.

"Of course! I will get a Charmander. I've chose him because he will be the strongest one out of the other two." Bayne smugly remarks.

Hakuzo just goes about choosing out some food to eat while trying to avoid listening to Bayne. Hakuzo things over ever possible thing that he could share with Vulpix. "Hmm, well he is a fox essentially. Foxes usually eat mice or sometimes chicken. They also eat berries if nothing else is available."

Hakuzo choose a chicken sandwich and a chocolate milk cart to start with. He walks on as the small fox Pokemon silently follows him like a shadow. Hakuzo continues on with mashed potatoes and he also grabs three or four berries. The berries appear to be Oran and Wiki, not only edible to humans but Pokemon also. He pays and finds a seat.

Hakuzo sits off to himself with the fox Pokemon following suit. Being a Pokemon research facility, the grounds have to provide food for both human and Pokemon alike. That being said, its is not unusual for Pokemon to be seen eating at the tables along side their trainers.

Before Hakuzo could even open up his milk carton , Vulpix was attempting to get a wiki berry from the tray. "Hey now! Its not nice just to reach into someone Else's plate!" Hakuzo says while he hands the golden Pokemon one of the Wiki berries. Hakuzo watches as the fox eats the fruit and seemingly enjoys it. Hakuzo decides to try the other Wiki berry, but its too dry for his liking. He gives the rest of it to his small friend. Hakuzo really like the Oran berry better because of the many different flavors it possesses.

The sharing of food continued like this until everyone was finished. Professor Oak gives a nod "Now then, if everyone is ready we will head back." The group follows single file, Bayne taking the last spot in line.

Narrator: Professor Oak takes the group back to the exam room. As predicted his aide came in with a tray full of ten pokedexes and ten arranged pokeballs. Also a bin of empty pokeballs sits by the tray. Oak then begins calling off names, stating what Pokemon they got and how well they did on the test. Oak finally comes to Hakuzo and Bayne.<<<

"Next up is Hakuzo." Hakuzo walks up to get his pokedex and starter Pokemon. "Your personality matches up with Bulbasaur. It seems you have a strong connection to nature and this grass Pokemon will be your best Allie there. Lets see, you only missed one question on the generic knowledge part , Great job!" Hakuzo gives a slight nod. "Oh!, now that you have a pokedex you can officially catch Vulpix now."

Hakuzo throws one of the empty pokeballs at the fox Pokemon. It makes contact and the vulpix is covered in a red light. A few moments later the fox is pulled into the pokeball. a red light shows up on the button of the pokeball, then fades away.

Dexter, the nickname of the Pokedex, chimes out with a synthesized voice, "Register Nickname?"

"Huh? Nickname?" Hakuzo asks the professor with a questing glance.

"Yes, you can give pokemon you capture a nicknames so that it is easier to remember. But think hard, you can not change it from that point on. All you have to do is say Nickname, followed by the name you want. You can also say Append to wait on giving a nickname." Oak explains.

"Okay! Nickname, Miles." Hakuzo tells the small red electronic device.

"Nickname Registered. Nickname for Bulbasaur Pending..." The voice of Dexter states.

"Hmm, Nickname, Vinzith" Hakuzo intones once more to the computer.

"Nickname Registered. No Pending." Dexter tells.

After all this was done, one of the Pokeballs attached to his belt opens by its self and miles appears.The fox Pokemon rubs against Hakuzo's leg. "Huh? How did you get out?"

Oak chuckles, "Some Pokemon don't like staying inside the pokeball for long. Others refuse to go back in. So nothing to worry about."

Hakuzo give a nod and takes his seat. Oak calls up the last trainer, Bayne. Oak gives a slight frown while calling up DayFox. "Bayne, I must say you had the lowest score so far. you only got five out of ten. Also, it seems you got a Charmander as a partner." Oak states while thinking, "How fitting." Oak slightly shakes his head. "We now move on to the final part, battling. Don't worry if you lose, It will just be for battle experience."

Oak leads everyone outside to a spacious field behind the lab. A table with ten pokeballs line a wall. Each pokeball is filled with a 'normal' type Pokemon. "Who will be the first to battle me?" Oak asks.

"I will!" Bayne states confidently.

"Okay then! Remember everyone, I may have been the one to train you're Pokemon but they will only obey you now." Oak states as he picks out a pokeball. He throws the sphere and a Rattata pops out. Miles tenses up at the sight of the rat pokemon.

Bayne just chuckles and throws out his pokemon, "Go Flamster!" a red colored Charmander pops out.

"Rattata, Scratch now!" Oak yells at the purple pokemon. It charges at the fire pokemon and the attack connects, only doing a small amount of damage.

"Now show him a real scratch attack!" The charmander follows the command and strikes the rat in the head for a stronger attack. The hit did critical damage and the Rattata fainted after the hit. "Very good Bayne. Return Rattata." This went on until only Hakuzo was left. "looks like you're the last one, Hakuzo show me what you got!" Oak throws out the last pokeball, a bubble gum colored Jigglypuff appears.

"Go, Vinzith!" Hakuzo throws out his pokeball and thinks over his move. "Vinzith use growl." the grass pokemon with a plant growing on his back, starts growling at the Jigglypuff. This causes it to get scared and lower it's defense.

"Jigglypuff, Sing now!" Oak tells the roundish pokemon. It starts to sing a lullaby to put the pokemon to sleep, but it seems to have messed up its attack. Bulbasaur did not fall asleep.

"Now, Attack with Tackle and keep using it." Hakuzo commands the bulbous Pokemon. It's first attack was dodged but the second one hit its mark after the Jigglypuff tired to sing again. One more hit from Bulbasaur was enough to take out the other pokemon.

"Very good Hakuzo, Good stratigy to create an opening." Oak recalls the Jigglypuff and ushers the others back inside.

"Everyone did a great job." Oak complements while pacing back and forth. "You ten are now full fledged trainers. Being as such, it allows you to travel to distant lands across Kanto. Also, best of all you do not have to go to school either!" Everyone bursts into cheer. "Think of this as your career now. Not only that, we had the most balanced spread of starter pokemon this year. Three Squirtiles, Three Bulbasaur, and 4 Charmanders." Oak pauses to catch his breath. "Treat your pokemon with respect and they will be a friend for life! Everyone can go home now" Oak takes on a serious tone. "except for you Hakuzo,I would like to speak with you."

Hakuzo packs his stuff up and waits for everyone else to leave. Once the room was empty, Hakuzo speaks up. "Um... Did I do something wrong?" Hakuzo asks.

"No, nothing at all. I have known you for most of your life. you are one of the most honest trainers I've ever known. Today you surprise me with a real treat. Nurse Joy called me before the exams just to tell me about what you did. I am very proud of what you have achieved, and I hope you keep me updated with your Vulpix. Hmm, I have a challenge for you. Collect three badges and evolve your bulbasaur once ,I will give you a fire stone for your Vulpix." Oak finally rests a second for a reply.

Hakuzo didn't know what to say, quite speechless even. "Finally he gave a slight nod. "I will accept the challenge!" Miles rubs against Hakuzo while saying Vulpix a couple of times. "As long as I have Miles I can do it!"

Soon both part ways, Hakuzo starts for him with his news.By the time hakuzo makes it out, the sun starts to set. Outside the lab someone is waiting for Hakuzo.

End of Episode 2

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 2:Exams are just the Beginning


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