Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 3: A Fight In The Night by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 3: A Fight In The Night

Narrator: Last Episode, Hakuzo completed his exams and now has Bulbasaur as a partner in his endeavors. Now in the darkness of the night, a new danger awaits. What will happen to this young trainer?<<<

"So, what did the big mouth want?" A dark figure asks as Hakuzo exits the building.

Instant recognition was shown on Hakuzo's face. He sighs, "Bayne, don't you have something better to do than to bother me?"

"Fine! If you won't tell me, I'll just have to beat it out of you with a pokemon battle!" Bayne exclaims and throws out his pokeball. "Go Flamster!"

Hakuzo reaches for the pokeball that contains Vinzith, but Miles jumps out in front of Hakuzo instead. "What? you want to fight Charmander?" Miles gives a nod. "Okay then, you can do the honors."

"Hmph, I'll beat what ever you send at me!" Bayne boasts as he thinks about how quickly Flamster will beat the golden fox pokemon.

Hakuzo was about to announce an attack but he suddenly realizes that he doesn't know Miles attacks. Luckily Dexter has a built in function that tells you all of the moves a pokemon has learned. Hakuzo pushes a button on the device, its synthesized voice proclaims "Attack List For Miles: Flamethrower, Hypnosis."

"Wow!...Miles Hypnosis now!" the yellow Vulpix jumps into position as Bayne yells out his attack.

"Flamster, scratch that midget to pieces!" Bayne shouts at the charmander.The Charmander attempts to attack but suddenly stops. The reason is simple, Miles attack struck.

Miles eyes start to glow a deep crimson red. A golden aura surrounds the fox, such a noticeable occurrence that you don't need a Lucario to describe it. Psionic waves hit Flamster and he slumps to the ground snoring. "Miles, use flamethrower!" The fox nods and unleashes a strong blast of fire at the sleeping pokemon. The attack is not as affective as it could be, but Vulpix's natural fire ability boosts the attack. Charmander's low special defense, coupled with Vulpix's high special attack equals a one hit knockout for Flamster.

"What the? Ok! I'll make you pay for this Hakuzo. Bah!, Flamster return." Bayne rushes off to the pokemon center while throwing down a couple of pokedollars as prize money.

"Good job, Miles!" Hakuzo congratulates his pokemon, while it says Vulpix a couple of times. "Shoot!" Hakuzo looks down at his watch."It's getting late... Miles, can you go into your pokeball just until we get home? I really want to surprise my parents." Miles nods and allows its self to be recalled to its pokeball. Hakuzo thoughts it best to do so to make it home quicker.

Narrator: So, now the young trainer makes his way home. As nightfall approaches, sounds of wild pokemon fill the skies. Hakuzo arrives back home without further incident, where he is greeted by the eager faces of his parents.<<<

"Hey son! Sorry I could not be here this morning, but work is a necessary evil." Eric sighs, truly sorry he had to work.

"It's okay dad. Maybe I can become a great pokemon trainer and you can finally find a job you really like." Hakuzo smiles at his father.

Before anyone one else could do anything, Gloria announces, "Dinner's ready, You can show off your new pokemon then." Hakuzo nods and smiles inwardly about his extra surprise.

Everyone makes their way to the dinner table, each taking their normal place. Hakuzo notice an extra plate and has a hard time not laughing knowing it will not be enough.

"So, how did you day go?" Gloria asks her son.

"Well today was real exciting at least." Hakuzo proceeds to tell his parents about how the exams went and about getting Bulbasaur. He lets the pokemon out of its ball as he continues his story, leaving out the parts about Vulpix for the moment. Once everyone got a good look at Bulbasaur he let out his surprise.

"So after the long day I had, I have more to tell!" Hakuzo states and lets out miles next. The golden fox pokemon appears and says its name a few times, happy to be out of the pokeball finally.

At the sight of the rare colored pokemon both of Hakuzo's parents almost burst with excitement. "H-How did you pull this off?" Eric asks suddenly.

"I kind of rescued him, and he stayed with me since." Hakuzo filled his parents in about the rest of the day's events, leading up to this part, "Which brings me up to the reason I was late... Out of all things, Bayne DayFox had the audacity to wait for me outside and challenge me to a pokemon battle. Lets just say Miles made short work of his Charmander."

"Wait, I thought that a Fire type pokemon could not hurt another Fire type too much?" Gloria asks as she puts out another bowl of generic pokemon food for Miles.

"Normally, but Miles has a lot of Special Attack power. I'm just glad I could save Miles in time, and becoming friends with him." Hakuzo states while thinking over everything that has happened today.

Narrator: The rest of the night was filled with preparations for the next day. At morning's light, Hakuzo is ready to start on the road to Veridian city. Since Hakuzo lives between Pallet and Veridian city, he should arrive at the latter fairly quickly.<<

The rays of the sun fall across Hakuzo's face as his alarm clock wakes him up again. He quickly gets ready, while eagerly thinking about the day. Once he is finished, he rushes down stairs with miles following , trying to keep pace.

Hakuzo is once again greeted by his parents, and normal morning conversations goes on during the meal. After the meal, Hakuzo said his good-byes and starts the first steps of his pokemon journey.

The air outside is still, as if waiting in anticipation to see what this young trainer will do. "Let's see, If I am lucky I should be able to make it through the Veridian Forest all the way into Pewter City before night fall." Hakuzo states to himself. Miles follows behind Hakuzo becoming increasingly agitated as they reach the very same woods that everything started in.

Hakuzo stops in front of the woods that lead to the road between Veridian City and Pallet Town. Miles bumps into Hakuzo's leg and whimpers a bit. "Hmm, whats wrong? Oh I see... You don't want to go back in the woods again after what happened... Do you want to go back in your pokeball for the journey?" Miles thinks it over, but is stumped on what to do. He doesn't want to go into the woods, but he doesn't want to go into the pokeball right now either. The fox pokemon realizes he his not alone anymore, and that the human will not let him get hurt. With a resigned sigh, the pokemon shakes his head.

"Okay then! You will make it through the woods just fine." Hakuzo smiles at his befriended pokemon. The two companions travel around the woods a while and come to a small clearing.

Hakuzo decides to take a short break and lets out Bulbasaur for a bit. The green pokemon yawns and says its name once to greet his trainer. As fate would have it, Hakuzo's group is not alone in this part of the forest.

Miles ears perk up as he sniffs the air. The pokemon says its name to get its trainers attention. "I know Miles, I heard them too." Hakuzo states as he stands up. "Whose there? Show yourself!"

A rustling sound is heard by the group, and a trainer holding a bug net emerges from the trees. The trainer is wearing light colored clothes, and a strange looking hat. "Sorry if I scared you... I was just hunting bug pokemon."

"Not really..." Hakuzo says in a bored tone.

"oh... Hey! You're a pokemon trainer right? Lets have a pokemon battle! Caterpie Go!" The bug trainer exclaims while throwing out a pokeball called a net ball. This green pokeball is specifically designed to catch Bug or Water type pokemon. Once the Net ball hits the ground, a caterpillar like pokemon the same color as the ball comes out.

"Vinzith Go!" Hakuzo yells out. He decides to send out Bulbasaur to be fair, Caterpie is weak at this stage of evolution. Also, this puts Bulbasaur at a type disadvantage, he felt Miles would of be overkill.

The Bug Cather gains a bit too much confidence as he calls out his first attack. "Caterpie, String Shot now!" Caterpie sprays out a stream of sticky silken string at Bulbasaur.

The already slow pokemon becomes slower. "Vinzith, use Growl now!" Hakuzo orders.The Plant Pokemon releases such a fierce grow, it make the Caterpie quake in fear.

Both trainers yell out, "use Tackle!" at the same time. The smaller caterpillar Pokemon attacks first against Bulbasaur. The attack was a weak hit due to the creature's size. Bulbasaur then strike the Caterpie with his own attack, causing enough damage for a One Hit Knockout.

"Aww, Caterpie return... Your turn Weedle!" This time a pokemon similar to Caterpie came out. It is beige in color and has two white singers; One on its tails and one on its head.This pokemon seems stronger than the other one but only just.

Hakuzo is laughing so hard internally, that it threatens to escape. He knows that Weedle can not hurt Bulbasaur at all. "Hmm, this should be fun." Hakuzo smirks.

"Weedle, use Poison Sting!" The Bug Catcher orders.

"Vinzith, keep Tackling until you win." Hakuzo instructs his pokemon. Weedle strikes Bulbasaur with the stinger on its tail and strikes Bulbasaur in the arm. The attack did next to nothing to the Plant like pokemon.

"Wha? That attack didn't even phase your Pokemon..." Asks the confused Bug Trainer.

Hakuzo chuckles, "That's easy, you are using a poison type move against a poison type Pokemon. Poison type Pokemon are immune to Poison attacks."

As the fight continues, Bulbasaur's attack Tackle misses, giving Weedle the chance to attack again. A couple more rounds went on like this until Bulbasaur ultimately won.

"Here's your prize money" The Bug Trainer hands Hakuzo some Pokedollars, though it wasn't very much. "Well I have to go now, sorry for bothering you." The Bug Trainer leaves quickly after his defeat.

"Well, we wasted enough time already. Time to head out!" Hakuzo decides to leave Bulbasaur out for the time being, and the three continue on their path.

Narrator: The young trainer makes it through the rest of the forest without incident. It seems not even wild pokemon dared to bother them after the battle that went on. The small group finally makes it to Veridian city. As the emerge from the trees, they noticed that the sun was at its highest point; indicating it was noon already.<<<

"Dang, it's this late already? Hmm, we need to find some lunch." Hakuzo mulls over where to eat. On the way deeper into town, Hakuzo passes the city's abandoned Gym. "Hmm, why would this Gym be abandoned? Maybe someone in town will know."

Oddly enough, this small town did indeed had a prosperous Gym. Shortly after an unknown incident, the Gym's leader up and left. Now the large building stands alone with graffiti on the sides like a faded tattoo.

At last the small group came to a little restaurant that also severed pokemon too. The place was rather small, but it served nice home cooked meals. After a good meal, the group set out for the local Pokemon Center.

Once the group left the restaurant, they spot the Pokemon Center. It was one of the largest buildings in town, second to the abandoned Gym. As Hakuzo reaches the Pokemon Center something seems off. Upon further inspection, a rather noisy commotion was going on.

End of Episode 3

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 3: A Fight In The Night


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