Lost Pokemon Episodes:Episode 4: The Road Not Traveled by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 4: The Road Not Traveled

Narrator: Shouts and the sound of breaking glass fills the air. Smoke rises up from the Pokemon center and police sirens cry out a warning of danger. Hakuzo looks on In disbelief. The road is blocked of with a police blockade. A lone female officer directs people to stay back.<<<

"Everyone listen up. I am Officer Jenny of the Veridian Police Force. I want everyone to stay calm and keep back." An explosion form the pokemon center interrupts Officer Jennie.

Most everyone in the immediate area starts to scream and panic. Except for the pokemon trainers. More shouts are heard in the distance. A new sound follows, the sound of heavy equipment and vehicles.

Officer Jennie's radio crackles to life. "They just brought in a heavily armored vehicle and are now trying to load up all the injured pokemon." The voice of a young male officer reports.

"Do what ever it takes to stop the vehicle!" Officer Jennie commands.

Fire can be seen now and more smoke now fills the area. Another officer comes running up to Officer Jennie. "O-Officer Jennie." The officer stops to catch his breath."There are pokemon trapped inside and the fire fighters are being held up by the members of the group attacking this place."

"This is terrible..." Officer Jennie says with a look of fear on her face.

Almost every pokemon trainer started to volunteer their pokemon to help. People with Water type pokemon offered to help put out fires. Others with fighting pokemon offered to help transport the injured. That only solved part of the problems and Hakuzo spoke up. "Officer Jennie.... Miles here can get in to save those pokemon. His ability will allow him to make it through without getting hurt."

"You all are right. Okay everyone you know what to do. If you run into the ones that did this mess, do not provoke them." Officer Jennie tells everyone.

Trainers with Water type pokemon went to work putting out fires so Hakuzo and miles can get inside. Now that the entrance was clear, there was not trouble getting inside the pokecenter.

Smoke fills the inside of the pokecenter and makes it hard to see or breath. "Gotta stay low... Miles keep an eye out for danger." Hakuzo and Miles make their way to where the pokemon where trapped. unfortunately flames covered the area. The Water type trainers where needed at the other end of the building, where pokemon that where in intensive care are located. those pokemon are in no condition to be move.

On the other side of the flames, Hakuzo could hear laughing and some sort of vehicle. A crash is heard followed by cursing, and then the sound of something rolling, possibly pokeballs.

Hakuzo looks around wondering why the sprinklers is not on, and figures the fire system was disabled. Hakuzo spots a fire extinguisher. "Miles go inside and distract them long enough for me to put out this fire."

Miles dashes through the flames, become stronger because of his ability, Flash Fire. Miles almost runs into two men wearing black clothes and black ski masks. Miles is slightly started at the sight and releases Hypnosis on the two thugs.

Hakuzo manages to put the fire and arrives to the mess that covers the room. Hakuzo looks down to see the two thugs snoring away while miles stood watch over them.

Hakuzo next takes notice of the armored vehicle pulled up to an opening blasted into the building. The vehicle is open and loaded with stolen pokeballs. Hakuzo quickly comes up with a plan to stop the truck from escaping. "Miles use flamethrower to melt the tires to the pavement." Hakuzo commands his friend.

Miles nods and unleashes a stream of fire at the tires of the truck. Rubber and Asphalt becomes one, and the two become inseparable. The vehicle tries to pull away but to no avail.

"What the?" A burly guy dressed in the same thug apparel as he jumps out of the armored vehicle, and lands heavily on the ground. He looks at the back tires and can clearly see what happened. He then sees Hakuzo and yells, "You did this? a pip-squeak? Time for me to beat down your pokemon." The burly grunt explains as he throws down a pokeball.

A Rattata comes out and immediately Miles starts growling at the rat pokemon. "Miles attack with flamethrower." Before Hakuzo could finish the command, Miles was unleashing a fierce attack at the Rattata. All it took was just one blast to knock out the Rattata because he was still supercharged from Flash Fire.

The burly grunt gets mad and recalls Rattata. The next pokemon to come out is a Starme, a purple starfish like pokemon, with a red gem in the center.

"Shoot, I gotta switch out. Miles come back, Vinzith go!" Miles runs back and Hakuzo throws out a pokeball. Vinzith comes out and says his name once.

"Starme Swift now!" Starme unleashes a wave of energy at Vinzith. The wave is super concentrated where it appears that stars from the night sky are falling, never missing their mark.

The attack was only moderately strong against Vinzith. "Use leech seed now, Vinzith!" Seeds shoot out of the bulb on Vinzith's back, and attach them selves to Starme. Vines start wrapping around the pokemon and and sends the life-force to Vinzith.

Starme unleashes another energy wave at Vinzith. The wave critically strikes Vinzith in the face. Vinzith would have been knocked out if it wasn't for Leech Seed. "Vinzith, use Vine Whip now!"

Vinzith jumps back and vines extend out, striking Starme right in the gem. A crack forms in the gem and starts to dim, causing Starme to no longer be battle effective.

"Argh! Why You!! You think this is over because my pokemon are knocked out? Think again punk!" The burly grunt cracks his knuckles as he approaches Hakuzo.

Hakuzo starts backing against the wall. Miles and Vinzith stand in front of Hakuzo, both taking up a defensive stance. Both pokemon willing to defend their trainer at all costs.

At this time a group of four officers come in through the opening by the truck and quickly handcuff the grunt. The burly grunt tries to struggle out of his bonds but it's no use. "You will never stop us!" The grunt yells as he was dragged off.

"You ok kid?" One of the officers asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." Hakuzo replies.

Just then the officer's radio blares to life. "All suspects have been apprehended. Continue to put out the fires while the fire trucks continue to make their way to the building. Assist the trainers in any way possible."

The officer picks up the fire extinguisher and address Hakuzo. "I saw the last moments of your fight. Head on outside for some fresh air and rest for a while."

Hakuzo nods and heads out the pokecenter. The officer radios to Officer Jennie telling that Hakuzo is on his way out.

outside the group grows lager as time goes on. The sirens of firetrucks come closer as Hakuzo walks back up to Officer Jennie.

"Thank you so much Hakuzo for your efforts today! You actions saved many pokemon." Officer Jennie turns to the rest of the crowd. "Most of the equipment inside the center looks undamaged. Unfortunately most of the human sleeping quarters have been destroyed. As such, there will only be a limited number of cots placed in the pokecenter. A local hotel has offered to let trainers stay for free until the pokecenter is repaired."

Complaints and groans emanate from the crowd. Soon everyone was allowed to go inside the pokecenter to get their pokemon healed. The center was charred by the fire and smoke. Repair crews and fire fighters are roaming all over making sure nothing else is in danger of catching fire.

Hakuzo receives his pokemon back after they where checked over by the assistant nurse. He then releases both of his pokemon so they can relax.

Hakuzo attempts to head out the door, but is knocked down by an eleven old trainer. The trainer is dressed in Hoenn region clothing. The trainer rushes over to the counter and gives his pokemon over to the assistant nurse.

Hakuzo gets up and brushes himself off, "Hey! What's the big idea?"

The unknown trainer turns around to face Hakuzo. "Oh sorry.... I just finished battling with someone named Bayne and his group of thugs. I just had to get my pokemon here, they nearly collapsed."

"Unfortunately, I know Bayne already." Hakuzo shifts his weight around before continuing. "But who are you?"

"I'm Andrew, and I come from scootoplis. It's located in the Hoenn Region." Andrew states as he is waiting for this pokemon to be taken care of.

"I see, I am Hakuzo NightFox and I come from forest town. It's right here in the Kanto Region. Since you meet Bayne, you're going to need my help! Besides I know his tricks better than anyone." Hakuzo states.

"Ok, I will join up with you. My grandpa told me in order to keep my Aron, I had to collect all the Kanto badges to show I am responsible enough to take care of him." Andrew explains as his pokemon are returned back to him.

"Why Kanto first? Why not start off in Hoenn?" Hakuzo asks Andrew.

"Because, it seems grandpa figures gyms from a region I am not from would be more challenging. Thus showing how strong of a trainer I can be!" Andrew exclaims.

Hakuzo looks down at his watch and realizes its getting too late. "Dang! I gotta get going if I want to make it to Pewter city before night fall!" Hakuzo rushes out of the pokecenter, his pokemon following his heels.

"Hey! Wait up!" Andrew shouts as he chases off after Hakuzo. Andrew catches up with Hakuzo at the edge of the forest/

Narrator: As the two trainers enter the forest, another trainer is deep inside plotting an ambush. <<<

"... Dang it all! You lot of useless trainers! How could the three of you get taken out by a trainer with a flaming chicken and a tin can with a face?" Bayne yells profusely at his group of flunkies.

"B-But, boss.... his pokemon where strong, not to mention we never seen any pokemon like them before." One of the flunkies responded.

"That's because they come from the Hoenn region you dolt! Now shut up and prepare the ambush. If we are lucky, we will catch either Hakuzo or that other trainer unprepared." Bayne barks orders to the flunkies and they scatter like cockroaches.

Narrator: Bayne is not the only one brewing up trouble. Some of the thugs that broke into the Pokecenter escaped out of it unnoticed. <<<

located inside an abandoned building outside of Veridian city, a group of three thugs stand in front of a TV screen. The TV turns on and shows a fuzzy image of what appears to be some sort of person.

"Did the raid on the Veridian city Pokemon center go as planned?" The person asked, the voice clearly being masked.

"Everything was going well, until trainers started showing up and disrupting our work. We lost all of the initiates we just recruited." One of the thugs explains looking quite nervous.

"Your incompetence will be overlooked this time due to us being under-manned. You three are to head over to pewter city as soon as possible and wait for instructions there. You three better get this next job completed successfully or Else!" The person on the screen orders. A moment later the screen shuts off.

"We better head out before the boss gets mad." was all that was said by the shortest thug while the three left the building and one presses a button on a remote. The building the thugs where in exploded into many pieces.

Lost Pokemon Episodes:Episode 4: The Road Not Traveled


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