Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 5: Forest Escape by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.

By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 5: Forest Escape

Narrator: Last episode the Viridian city pokemon center was attacked by a group of thugs. The damage was extensive. It will take some time for repairs to be made.

Hakuzo's efforts, along side the rest of the pokemon trainers, saved the pokemon center and every pokemon in it. once again normal services can be extended to every pokemon trainer.

Now hakuzo and Andrew stand outside the entrance of the forest. Both unaware of the danger inside.<<<

On the outside, the forest looks just like the forest that connects Pallet town to Forest town. The main difference is Viridian forest is much larger in size.

"I've been in these woods before, as long as we stay to the marked paths we will not get lost." Hakuzo explains to Andrew.

"Great, I don't want to get lost in this place." Andrew states.

"Once we hit Pewter city we are going to pick up a map." Hakuzo replies.

The two continue deeper into the woods. sounds of random pokemon fill the air. The two pass by a bush and an explosion of feathers fill the area as a group of wild Pidgey take flight. all but a lone Pidgey rushes out at Hakuzo.

This particular Pidgey has a scar on its right leg.The bird charges forward and Miles jumps in front of Hakuzo to protect him. On instinct the fox pokemon used hypnosis on the Pidgey before Hakuzo could say anything. The pokemon hits the ground with a light thud asleep.

Hakuzo throws out one of his pokeballs at the sleeping Pidgey. The ball strikes the bird on the side and opens up. A beam of light pulls the pokemon into the ball. The ball then closes and the button turns red for a moment, then shuts off.

"Great, you caught it Hakuzo!" Andrew congratulates.

"Miles did all the work just by trying to protect me." Hakuzo Sighs out.

Narrator: Night fall approaches as Bayne and his gang finished setting up their ambush. The three sit and wait in the shadows not very well hidden.<<<

"What was that? I thought I heard something!" One of Bayne's flunkies asked.

"Shut up Raid, you moron! It's them, get ready!" Bayne says in a harsh whisper.

Hakuzo and Andrew walk up to a small clearing. "Dang it! I was hoping to make it through the woods tonight but it's already getting dark." Hakuzo states.

"Well, we can't go any further anyways. Look, the road is blocked up ahead." Andrew points out.

Up ahead on the path was a police blockade. A couple of officers stand in front of the barrier. As soon as Hakuzo and Andrew approach nearer one of the officers with a Scottish accent approaches them, "No one is allowed past these parts of the woods due to a mysterious explosion that happened last night. Trainers need to follow the detour signs to get around safely. follow the signs and you won't get lost."

"I see, thank you for the explanation sir." Andrew says to the officer.

The two start to follow the signs but unknown to the group Raid jumps out of the bushes and changes the direction of one of the signs. After Hakuzo and Andrew passed by, Raid changed the sign back and rushed back to Bayne.

Raid made it back as soon as Hakuzo and Andrew emerged from the trees. Bayne gives a silent nod and the his two flunkies pull a rope taught as Hakuzo and Andrew Pass. Both fall to the ground and Miles skids to a stop.

"Now!" Bayne yells, "Take their pokemon quickly Raid and Skid."

The two thugs run up to the downed trainers but they run into a growling Vulpix. The flunkies start backing up a bit, "A-Ah nice Doggie." Skid stammers.

"He's a fox you dult, now quit quivering and get their pokemon!" Bayne orders.

During all of this, Hakuzo and Andrew pick themselves up and Andrew released Torchic. "Bayne you really sunk to a new low this time, I can not allow you to steal other people's pokemon!" Hakuzo Exclaims.

"Wha... I.. Get the you two! Double battle that should throw them off." Bayne barks his orders to Skid and Raid.

"Right-O boss!" Skid says as he lets out a Nidorino while Raid lets out a Nidorina. Both pokemon are either a shade of Blue or Purple, and the males have a poison stinger on their heads. Both seem to have a look of being able to work together.

The trainers start shouting orders. Skid shouts, "Focus Energy 'Rino." At the Nidorino. The purple pokemon closes his eyes and starts to meditate.

Raid tells the Nidorina to use leer. The blue pokemon gives an odd look at Miles and Torchic, causing the two to lower their guard some.

Next, Andrew calls out his attack, "Torchic, use ember on .. Vulpix!" Torchic looks questioningly at his trainer but follows his commands. Torchic spits fire at Miles, causing no harm but instead making miles stronger.

Lastly was Hakuzo's turn. "Miles use flamethrower on the Nidorina!" Miles unleashes a stream of fire at Nidorina, impacting the pokemon in the stomach. The hit was solid but it seems that the Nidorina barely noticed it.

Both Skid and Raid order their pokemon to use poison sting on the pokemon directly in front of them. The Nidorino lowers his head and rushes at Torchic.

"Torchic counter with scratch!" Andrew orders his pokemon. The Nidorino impacts into Torchic, knocking him back a bit. Luckily Torchic did not get poisoned. Torchic then jumps up and scratches his foe right across the face, scoring a good hit and causing the Nidorino to recoil a bit.

Nidorina attempts to strike Miles with poison sting but the blue pokemon misses. "Miles attack with flamethrower." Miles unleashes an enhanced stream of flame making a solid hit, but not enough to knock out Nidorina.

"Shoot, we are down too much already!" Skid exclaims.

"Quit your clucking and get on with the fight." Bayne barks at his flunky.

While everyone was distracted Hakuzo and Andrew call out their next commands. "Torchic use ember on Nidorino!" Andrew yells out suddenly.

"Miles, repeat with flamethrower, same target." Hakuzo shouts out also. Both pokemon did as they where told and scored good hits on their targets. Nidorino and Nidorina are in bad shape and a bit disorientated.

Skid and Raid jump to action, "Nidorino use Peck!" Skid utters.

"Nidorina quickly use scratch" Raid commands. Nidorino attempts to hit Torchic, but he sidesteps at the last possible second and Nidorino does a face plant.

Miles tries to dodge Nidorina's attack but the blue pokemon was persistent and scores a critical hit on Miles, doing massive damage.

The battle swiftly concludes as Torchic and Miles make both of their foes faint after their next attacks. Both Nidorino and Nidorina where recalled and the two flunkies looked down-casted at their boss.

"Bah! I can't depend on you two for anything! Fine my turn." Bayne says as he throws out a pokeball. "Hakuzo I challenge you to a duel! If I lose here, you will get every cent I have right now including the money of my flunkies. If I win you both hand over your pokemon to me and quit being trainers."

"I'll battle you, but I won't let you win! You have always been trying to take everything from me, but you always fail."Hakuzo simply states. He lets Pidgey come out and gives Miles a rest.

"What! you caught a new pokemon already?...T-this changes nothing!" Bayne becomes agitated by the moment. "Flamester, eat that bird for dinner!"

Hakuzo starts the battle off with sand attack, blinding Flamster. After that Pidgey had the advantage in the fight.

Try as he might, Flamster could not land a hit at all, and Bayne became eve more furious. Strike after strike, Flamester was finally knocked out.

Bayne recalls Flamester and growls "Bah! here's your money..."

"What? No more pokemon?" Hakuzo asks.

"Lets go you two, we have someplace to be." Bayne yells and walks off, his two flunkies in heel. At this time it was starting to get dark already.

"Looks like we gotta make camp here for tonight. I'll gather up firewood while you set up camp." Hakuzo states as he and Miles looks for fallen branches.

After about an hour later, camp was all set up. Hakuzo and Andrew let all of their pokemon out to rest and eat for a while. Both trainers have a simple meal and discuss their past some more.

"I'm amazed at how quickly pokemon like you. It took me forever to get Aron to like me. He can be quite hard-headed." Andrew starts with his comment. "Look at the Pidgey, an hour ago the thing was attacking you, and now look, he is already your best friend."

"I don't know, it just seems like pokemon like me." Hakuzo Answers, "Tell me more about your hometown."

"Well, the town is called Sootopolis. The town is at the base of an active volcano, and ash is always falling around. I always had to collect the soot and bring it into the glass works. I got paid per bag. It took all day just to fill up two bags. Aron carried the bags on his back for me." Andrew explains.

"Isn't that dangerous living near a volcano?" Hakuzo asks.

"True, but it's a small town. Most everyone can escape quickly in the event of an eruption." Andrew explains further.

This went on for some time until the trainers fell asleep. The rest of the night was uneventful. The night changes over to morning, quiet as a fox.

Hakuzo was woke up by Miles gently licking him in the face. Hakuzo wakes up and notices Andrew snoring.

"Morning Miles, did you sleep well?" Hakuzo greets miles.

The Vulpix nods and says his name a few times. After a half-hour of trying to wake up Andrew, the two finally found the right path to Pewter city.

Narrator: The two trainers make it out of the forest swiftly. The team was well rested and ready for adventure. Once the duo made it to Pewter city, they seen fliers for the grand opening of the local museum.<<<

"Look at this, trainers are allowed into the museum without having to pay. Why don't we go there for a while before we take on the gym leader?" Hakuzo asks as he continues to look at the flier.

"That sounds like a plan. It will give us something to do for a bit, while we plan out a strategy to take on the gym leader with." Andrew replies.

The museum was recently built and opened. This is the biggest building in town and the same stony color as the rest of the buildings. A lot of trainers where gathered at the enterance.

"Wow! Looks like everyone is here." Hakuzo states.

To Be Continued.

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 5: Forest Escape


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