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Divine Spring by Dark Violet (critique requested)

Divine Spring (critique requested)

Dark Violet

4 June 2014 at 16:02:38 MDT

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Underneath the troubled lands of Nippon lie many mysterious springs, hidden and kept away from those that reside above. To a God, however, the seals are easily disregarded, making the hidden caverns places of much-delighted solace for weary deities.

This piece took ages D: Well... not as long as some, but it did seem to drag oooooooon and oooooooon.

But, I guess it's not too bad. It certainly came out alright, after a few attempts at various different things and a few... minor problems regarding shapes. Either way, it's all seemed to come together rather well, and I rather think this is one of my favourite pictures :3


Okami (c) Clover Studios

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    Very lovely picture with some nice colors and lighting <3

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      Thanks muchly! The lighting was something I really worked on, tried to get to work :3

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    Nicely done, I particularly like the attention to the rocks and the affect of the ropes tied around them. Especially in a picture like this the little details mean a lot. The background seems more important than the subject. I like it.

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      Hah, indeed! I spent a lot of time on the background of this one, and in fact it rather disheartened me when I had to dim it for the beam of light. Still, it came out pretty well in the end I think.

      Thanks ^^