Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 9: Tunnel Vision by Hakuzo

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Title: The Lost Pokemon Episodes.
By: Hakuzo Nightfox

Episode 9: Tunnel Vision

Narrator: Last time, Andrew and Hakuzo where on their way to mount moon. When they made their way to the entrance of the network of caves they where greeted by one of the local tour guides named Genia. Once inside the cave, Genia set off an explosion that made the blocked the path they came from.<<<

A few Zubat fly off at the explosion sending screeching sounds traveling along the branching tunnels. Luckily Hakuzo and Andrew escaped unhurt. The two start coughing from the dust the fills the air.

Genia starts laughing, the two trainers fell for the trap she set up. “My you two where so gullible! Now hand over your Pokemon and no one will get hurt. “ Genia demands.

“No way, We are not going to give over our Pokemon to the likes of you!” Andrew shouts.

“Fine, I'll take them by force! Golbat you know what to do.” Genia sends out a Golbat and lets out a screech as it appears. Andrew steps forward and he sends out Eleckid. Ice starts to cover the Eleckid's fist as it punches the Golbat, causing super effective damage. The Golbat counters with Crunch, landing a hit on the Eleckid. Eleckid switches over to shock wave and alternated between the two attacks. Golbat continues Crunch the whole time, but in the end, Eleckid was the first to faint. Golbat is severely weakened at this point, but can continue on.

Andrew sends out Aron next, starting out with Iron defense. Aron's armor glows and becomes super strengthened. The Golbat attacks this time with wing attack, but the attack does minor damage. The Aron counters with a Take Down. The attack does full damage to Golbat without any recoil damage to Aron due to his ability. The Golbat attacks again, doing minor damage but was knocked out by another take down.

Genia growls and sends out her next Pokemon, Vileplume. Aron uses Iron defense again, its defense is now doubled. The Vileplume unleashes a Razor Leaf at the Aron but doing minimal damage. The Vileplume attacks gain with the same move, not scratching the Aron. The Aron then counters with an Iron head, causing a good hit against the Plant Pokemon.

This time Vileplume switched over to using Giga Drain, It wraps it’s warms around Aron and starts draining the Aron’s life force, restoring some health. Aron breaks free and slaps mud at the plant attempting to blind it. The move does some damage, clearing away the extra health that was stolen. This fight continued on for a while, the Vileplume winning by ultimately healing all the damage done to it.

Combuskin was the next one to fight, The fire Pokemon made short work of the Plant Pokemon, knocking it out with one fire based hit without taking any damage. Genia sent out her last Pokemon a Gravler, a larger form of Geodude with the addition of legs of it’s own. The Combuskin rushes forwards and uses Double Kick against the Geodude, causing super effective damage, dropping the Gravler’s health to half. The Gravler then attempts to use Rock Tomb against the Combuskin, but misses. The Combuskin finishes with another double kick and the Gravler is unable to battle.

“FINE! If I can’t have your Pokemon, I’ll bring this whole place down on our heads. Gravler Self-Destruct now!” Genia shouts at her Pokemon. The Pokemon attempts to follow the command, but nothing happens. “W-What?”

A disembodied voice fills the area. “I will not let you harm these two.” The voice was deep sounding and masculine. Hakuzo could swear that it sounded like Thranos, but why would he even help these two? Genia ran off down the tunnels shouting unintelligible things as she went. Hakuzo and Andrew switch on the flashlights they bought and talk as they stroll through the damp tunnels.

“That voice.... sounded an awful lot like Thranos didn't it?” Hakuzo asks Andrew.

“But why would he even help us?” Andrew states.

“none of this makes any sense.” Hakuzo replies, lost in though over everything that has happened so far. Thranos keeps showing up, Bayne is also a pain too. Hakuzo's thoughts become scattered as the two continue deeper in the cave.

No other trainers where in the tunnels this time of day. There was an eerie silence, not even the Pokemon that live here could be heard. The darkness still seems to close in around the two despite the lights they are carrying.

The darkness continue to become more solid as the two continue on the path. “This isn't right... It's as if the darkness is turning into a living thing.” Hakuzo says as he stops in his tracks. The air itself felt like a solid wall.

A laughing fills the area. “You fools are now in my domain.” The same familiar voice is heard from the darkness. Even the darkness on the other side of the tunnel starts to solidify as well. “There is no escape for you now!”

“What do you want from us?” Andrew yells.

“From you, nothing! From Hakuzo, that Vulpix of his.” Thranos intones as his form starts to appear. His form starts to appear, still appearing human, but has a look of something more. “That little fox has a rare coloration for a reason. It wasn't there from birth but a higher force took over and gave that single Pokemon a powerful gift that I must have for myself!”

“I won't let you put a single finger on miles!” Hakuzo yells, preparing to call out his other two Pokemon to defend Miles. The golden fox leaps forward and unleashes a hypnosis attack against Thranos, trying its hardest to protect Hakuzo. The attack just bounces off and doesn't faze Thranos at all.

“HA, your Hypnosis attack won't work against me at all.” Thranos states triumphantly. A new sound starts to come from the other side of the darkness. It was low at first, but it started to increase in volume. It sounded like someone singing. “What is that sound?” Thranos asks suddenly.

The sounds started to become clearer, as if a hundred voices where joining in on the singing. As the sound starts to sharpen, distinct sounds could be heard. “Clefairy, Clefairy.” A chant of the word Clefairy fills the cavern, the sound coming from both sides now.

Hakuzo pulls out his Pokedex and calls up the information on Clefairy. “Clefairy: the fairy Pokemon. They are attracted to Magical power. Their song is said to have the ability to heal the sick or restore a burnt down forest. Be warned, their song can also have devastating effects as well.”

“Clefairy, You are not match to my barriers!” Thranos exclaims as he seems to loose focus on Hakuzo's Vulpix for the second. The barriers created by Thranos starts to shake and vibrate from the force pushing against them from the outside. Cracks starting to form in the darkness, a light shining in from the other side. “This... can't be!” Thranos starts showing a nervousness that is unlike his character.

The chanting continues to increase in volume. More and more cracks start to form in the darkness. The sound of breaking glass fills the area as the darkness barriers shatter into pieces.

Hundreds of Clefairy fill the tunnels now. Thranos becomes angry and releases a Dark Pulse at the pink Pokemon. The Clefairy closes to Thranos use their physic powers to reflect the attack away from the rest of the Clefairy. The reflected Dark Pulse strikes the wall of the cavern exposing a source of moon stone.

The ten closest Clefairy start to glow, their shape changing and expanding. Once the change was complete, ten Clefable remain. Hakuzo points the Pokedex at the Clefable, “Clefable: Evolved form of Clefairy. The Moon Stone hold some strange power over these Pokemon and allow Clefairy to evolve. It is said they come from a different planet… No further Data.”

“You pink mutants are not going to keep me from my prize!” Thranos yells as he sends out another Dark Pulse at the Clefairy and Clefable. Again, the Clefable reflect the attack away. Without warning all the Clefairy and Clefable start chanting again. A beam of light focus on Thranos from an unknown source. The beam shrinks to a fine laser point then suddenly expands rapidly.

Once the light fades, Thranos is slumped on the ground. “h…how.. is it possible that these Clefable summon a Solar Beam into a cave like this?....” Thranos wraps his cloak around him, fading into nothing. “You have not seen the last of me, that Vulpix WILL be mine!”

“These Clefairy and Clefable showed up just in time…. “ Hakuzo turns to one of the Clefable. “Thank you for your help.” Andrew also thanks the Pokemon. Once the Clefable and Clefairy felt everything was all right, they dispersed and left the area quickly. “Maybe we should have tried to catch one of them?” Hakuzo asks Andrew.

“I don’t know, It wouldn’t feel right to capture them, after them helping us.” Andrew replies.

“I guess your right.” Hakuzo reached out and pets Miles. “Are you ok Miles?” The fox Pokemon gives a nod and the group continues on the way through the tunnels. Soon the trainers emerge out of the cave near Cerulean City, but the sun has already set.

Hakuzo and Andrew make a quick stop at the police station to report about the cave in. Afterwards, the quickly made their way to the Cerulean City Pokemon Center. When they arrive there, Bayne was there along with Skid and Raid.

“Look’s like the Dork Fox is following us.” Bayne announces to his flunkies.

“Can it Bayne, We are in no mood to deal with you right now.” Hakuzo answers in a sharp tone.

Bayne makes a mock face of being pained. “Aww, that hurts deeply. Eh, you’re not worth my time tonight anyways.”

Hakuzo and Andrew ignore Bayne and have their Pokemon checked up on at the front desk. Once everything thing is in order, the two trainers retire for the night.

Narrator: While the Hakuzo and Andrew where asleep. Bayne and his flunkies snuck out of the Pokecenter. They go off to some urgent business that a stranger proposed to them. The three meet another pair of three on Nugget Bridge.<<<

Bayne and company was greeted by Ana. She was dressed in black leather, and had a motorcycle. Her clothes exaggerated her features, causing Bayne to become a bit nervous. She slowly walks up to Bayne with her ample assets staring him in the face. She says in a seductive voice, “Follow me little boy.” She says as she walks her motor cycle down the bridge and then proceeds under it.

These four arrive to see Mole and Rax standing by a trashcan that has a fire burning in it. These two also have motorcycles and are wearing what looks to be Standard biker gear. “Are these the people you talked about Ana?” Mole asks as she arrives.

“Yes, these strong boys are here to help us with our work.” Ana said while winking at Bayne.

“I see.” Mole walks up to Bayne and sizes him up. Mole is barely a head taller than Bayne, and tries to puff himself up to look bigger. “You do this job, and each of you will come out 500 Pokedollars richer.”

“Just tell us what we have to do.” Bayne says with a tone that he will do anything for money.

“Ok, Kid, I like your attitude. Here is what we are going to do.” Mole starts explain to them what is expected of them.

Narrator: Everyone in the Pokecenter was awakened by the sound of Police sirens. Everyone quickly woke up and went to investigate what happened.<<<

Hakuzo and Andrew follow everyone out of the Pokecenter to a nearby home. This home was of one the wealthy residence of this town and none other than Bayne and his flunkies are at the scene of the crime. Hakuzo made it close enough to hear what was happening.

“This wasn’t our idea, honestly. We got paid by some bikers to help them with this job. They ditched us as soon as they heard sirens.” Bayne explains while his flunkies remain quiet.

Hakuzo shakes his head, seems Bayne will do anything for a quick buck. Hakuzo and Andrew left the scene, and head for the Pokemon Gym. “Can you believe it, Bayne will do anything just to get some money…” Hakuzo states as the enter the river side Gym.

“Yeah, don’t worry the police will keep them out of trouble.” Andrew replies.

Inside the gym, was not one but 3 giant indoor pools, and even an outdoor pool can be seen through sliding glass doors. The biggest indoor pool had a diving board and floating platforms. Hakuzo and Andrew where greeted by a set of female’s wearing one piece bikinis. The oldest one was in her teens, the other two doesn’t appear quite teenage yet.

“Greetings, We are the Cerulean City Fabulous Sisters. We run this Gym for our parents when they are away.” The eldest Sister greets them.

“So, did you come here to challenge our beautiful selves?” The youngest one said, she had blue died hair, and had a bit of a high pitched squeaky voice.

“Of course, we challenge your Gym to a Pokemon battle!” Andrew states.

The eldest sister spoke. “We only have four Pokemon in this gym, so How about a each person gets to use only 2 Pokemon per battle.”

“I'll take the first battle then.” Hakuzo states, “I'll use Bulbasaur and Pidgey.”

“Then I will be your opponent, I will be using Staryu and Kingdra” The eldest sister calls out Staryu first, waiting for Hakuzo to make a move. The youngest sister took the remaining two Pokemon, Starme and Shelder to battle Andrew.

“We will have both battles at the same time, so lets see who can keep the most concentration.” The eldest sister explained the final rules of the fight. Gym leaders are allowed to make any special rules they wish during an official challenge.

Staryu swims around one of the platforms as Hakuzo calls out Pidgey. The Pokemon flies over to one of the floating platforms and awaits the match to begin. Shelder waits on another platform in one of the smaller pools. Andrew sends out Aron, it appears on the one of the platform, suddenly noticing it is surrounded by water. The Aron starts to freak out a bit, feeling trapped on the platform.

“Calm down Aron, you can handle a little bit of water!” Andrew tries to encourage his Pokemon, but knows well enough that Aron is going to have a rough fight. Andrew orders Aron to attack the Shelder with Iron Head, but the Pokemon wouldn't move. Shelder uses water gun against the Aron. The attack barely missing the frightened Pokemon.

Staryu continues to swing around under water avoiding showing near the surface. Pidgey tries to use gust against the Staryu. The Water Pokemon keeps swimming around and attempts to shoot a Water Gun at Pidgey, but misses. Pidgey switches tactics and uses Whirlwind to pull the Staryu out of the water. The Water Pokemon is pulled out of, and into the vortex that has been created. The Staryu is flung into the air and hits one of the platforms hard. The Pidgey quickly hits the Staryu with a gust, bringing the Staryu to half health.

Aron, still refuses to move except to keep dodging the long ranged attacks. Both sides are gaining no ground. This dance continued until Aron started to get used to his surroundings. Soon he is confident enough to jump across to the other platform. This was an unexpected move and the Shelder withdraws into it's shell. Aron rams it head into the shelled Pokemon but the attack just bounces off. The force was enough to jar the Shelder out of it's shell long enough for Aron to strike again, getting a critical hit to the Shelder's face.

Staryu staggers to stand up on it's starfish like legs. Once it it steady on it's feet again, it launches into a Rapid spin. It flies through the air like a shuriken. The attack hits Pidgey sending it recoiling slightly in the air. Pidgey a hits the Staryu with another Gust attack and it faints. The Pidgey starts to glow suddenly, and it starts morphing in the air. Soon a Pidgeotto is left standing. Kingdra was sent out, a seahorse like Pokemon. The Kingdra hits the Pidgeotto with an Ice Beam, causing it to faint instantly.

The Shelder kept protecting its self every time, not even bothering to attack. Soon Aron wore down the Shelled Pokemon without taking any damage. The Shelder was recalled and Starme was sent out.

The Starme uses Surf against Aron, causing to faint in one hit. The next opponent to come out was Eleckid. The Yellow Pokemon jumps deafly to one of the platforms, looking more confident than Aron. The Eleckid releases a Shockwave of electricity at the Starme, causing super effective damage. The Starme tried to counter with an Ice Beam, but the small Pokemon dodges the attack by jumping to a different platform. This went on until Eleckid was the winner with all super effective attacks.

Hakuzo calls out his last Pokemon, Vinzith. Kingdra tries hitting Vinzith with a water gun, but the attack doesn’t do much damage at all. Vinzith countered with Sleep powder, buying him enough time to use Leech Seed on the Kingdra. He also lands a single Vine Whip against the Kingdra before it woke up.

Kingdra wakes up, and blasts Vinzith with an Ice Beam. The super effective attack knocked Vinzith to the halfway point of his health. Vinzith gains some life back from the Leech Seed, and the plant Pokemon delivers another super effective hit against Kingdra.

Vinzith is hit again with an Ice Beam, causing it to become very weak. Vinzith staggers to stand, and then unleashes a final Vine Whip against the Kingdra, knocking it out.

Both Hakuzo and Andrew are victorious in there battles. The eldest sister walks up to the two trainer and curtsies. “You two have officially defeated all our Pokemon. I present you with the Cascade Badge.” The Eldest sister gives a badge to each of the two. The Dou accepts the badges and leaves the Gym feeling more confident that before.

The two slink over to the Pokecenter, to attend their Pokemon. Once Nurse Joy took the Pokemon, Hakuzo and Andrew phone oak. “Ah, boys, you caught me in the middle of cooking Tofu. Is everything ok?” Oak asks the two.

gEverything is fine, We are just calling you to show you these.h Hakuzo holds up his badges for Oak to see. Andrew also shows off his Badges.

gwow, It hasnft been a week yet, and you two already cleared the first Two badges. None of the other trainers have even made it to the first badge yet.h Oak natters with delight. gOh, that reminds me, Hakuzo, there is a small village south-east of Cerulean City. The place is called Sap Village. Many of the Bulbasaur and Ivysaur gather there to evolve. There is also a secret festival going on there tooc not many know of it. Well I have to go, before my Tofu burns!h That was the last thing heard before the screen went blank.

The two retrieve their Pokemon from nurse joy and Andrew asks about Sap Village. “Do you know how to reach Sap Village from here?”

gWhy yes, you follow a trail outside of town. Itfs a small dirt road, follow it til you reach a sign. That sign points the way to Sap Village. You canft miss it.h Nurse joy answers with a smile. Andrew thanked her and the trainers resumed their journey.

The whole walk was quiet on this sun filled day. The sun was setting a bit low as they reached the sign. The arrow was pointing to a faint path that leads deeper into a forested area. Hakuzo and Andrew follow the small path, feeling like deer walking through the forest down a deer trail.

The tree cover thickened as the path continues to wind through the forest. A faint sound could be heard in the distance. Ahead the outline of a small village can be seen. The duo reach the village just as the sun was starting to dip behind the horizons.

The village wasn’t very large, but the sounds of drums fill the area. As the trainers approach, there is a small gathering of Oddish outside of the village. The Pokemon seem to be enchanted by the drums. As the trainers approach the Oddish dash out into the forest. From this viewpoint Hakuzo and Andrew could tell everyone was wearing masks. It looked like a mix between Fox masks and Wolf Masks.

Near the center of the village was a large pit fire and a group of Bulbasaur and Ivysaur sitting around the fire, dancing in tune to the drumming. The whole seen reminds Hakuzo of a Native American dance. Each Pokemon swaying in time to the music, and a few even seem to be singing along too.

One of the villagers wearing a fox mask approaches the duo. “Greetings Trainers, You have come during the night of the great festival.

“Wow, so this is really where the Pokemon come to evolve?” Hakuzo asks.

“Yes, many Pokemon gather here on this night.” The villager replies.

“Do you think My Bulbasaur will evolve then?” Hakuzo asks the villager.

“You have one of the sacred Pokemon with you?” The villager asks shocked, “May I see it?

Hakuzo nods and lets Vinzith out of this ball. The Bulb Pokemon takes not of the other Bulbasaur and Ivysaur and gets really excited. “Seems your Pokemon can sense what tonight is...Please join in on our festival.” The villager says as a pair of fox masks was thrust onto the trainers. “Please wear these, you two will be with the other 'Foxes'. My name is Clarence and I am the leader of this village, and the rest of the festival will be made clear.”

Hakuzo and Andrew release all their Pokemon so they can all can watch the festival. Hakuzo puts on the fox mask, It had a natural feel to it. Miles walks up and sniff at the mask, and tilts his head sideways. “It's still me Miles.” Hakuzo says as he reaches down an pets the small fox.

Vinzith joins the others near the fire and takes part in the singing and dancing. Combuskin, Miles, Pidgeotto and Aron all group together and start running around. Eleckid still stood by it's self. “Why is your Eleckid staying by himself?” Hakuzo asks Andrew.

“I... Don't know... It's as if he doesn't want to be with the other Pokemon.” Andrew thinks deeply why this would happen... “Maybe we should ask Professor Oak tomorrow.”

Clarence stands up in front of the fire, “It is now time for the village contest. Wolves line up on this side, and Foxes on the other. This year will be a Capture The Flag event. The first team to capture the flag and bring it here will be declared the winner. This will give the winning team the Privilege of seeing the sacred right of Evolution. Your Pokemon will also be allowed you to help, as there will be one of the Village's Pokemon guarding each flag. Now begin!”

Hakuzo and Andrew call their Pokemon to them, all but Vinzith came. “I guess Vinzith is too entranced by the other Bulbasaur and Ivysaur to come along... Well, that's ok I guess.” Hakuzo states, Knowing that Miles and Pidgeotto will be more than enough help.

Everyone on the fox team dispersed in the forest going in seemingly random places. “So much for a team effort.” Andrew says with a sigh.

“But at least splitting up means more ground is covered quicker.” Hakuzo replies. “Maybe we should do the same?”

“Ok then, We'll split up and maybe one of us will find the flag before the other team.” Andrew replies and heads off into the woods. Hakuzo picks a direction and begins to follow it. Lets see, there should be some sort of clearing where the flag is at. If a Pokemon is guarding it, there would have to be enough room to battle there. thinks this as he walks deeper into the forest, while Miles helps by keeping an eye out for the flag.

It seems most of the Fox team where searching near the village, but Hakuzo went deeper into the woods knowing that the flag would not be so close to the village. His instincts where leading the way. Soon in the distance, the shadow of a Pokemon could be made out. Miles also notice the Pokemon. As Hakuzo approaches the, he can see clearly that the flag belongs to the Wolf team. “That is it Miles!” Hakuzo whispers, “What's our target lets go!”

Hakuzo carefully approaches the Pokemon, which was none other than an Arcanine. The Pokemon is much larger than a Growlith. The Fire Pokemon produces it's own light, illuminating the flag. The Arcanine waits for Hakuzo's move.

Hakuzo calls out Pidgeotto first, but the bigger Pokemon is intimidating. The Pidgeotto's physical attacks are not as effective as before. The Bird Pokemon tries to use quick attack, but the Arcanine uses Extreme Speed, hitting the Pidgeotto before it could react. The Pidgeotto attacks with his attack doing minimal damage.

The Pidgeotto flies up in the air and releases a Gust attack at the Arcanine. The attack hit's for a slight bit of damage, but the Fire Pokemon counters with a Crunch. The Bird Pokemon strikes with another Gust, and this time the Arcanine counters with a Take Down attack, causing the Arcanine to take some damage in return. The Arcanine finishes up with a Heat Wave attack, Knocking out Pidgeotto.

“Miles, your go now... we have to take this guy down and get the flag back to the village!” Hakuzo instructs Miles to enter the battle. Miles is unaffected by the Arcanine's ability, because Miles doesn't know any physical attacks. The Arcanine seems to smirk at the small Pokemon and Unleashes a Heat Wave against the Vulpix. Miles absorbs the attack and powers up his own fire moves.

Miles unleashes a flamethrower at the Arcanine and lands a solid hit. The Arcanine counters with Extreme Speed hitting Miles in the head or a critical strike. Miles eyes start to glow, as he unleashes a hypnosis against the lager dog Pokemon, the attack hits and the Arcanine falls asleep. Miles hits the sleeping Pokemon with another Flamethrower, and the enemy Pokemon wakes up. Arcanine rushes at miles and attacks with a Crunch. While still in the jaws of Arcanine, Miles unleashes another Flamethrower causing the large Pokemon to faint.

Hakuzo rushes up to the flag and grabs it, holding it high in the air. Hakuzo then runs back to the village as fast as he could. As Hakuzo ran, the other fox members caught sight of the flag and also begin following after Hakuzo.

Once inside of the village, Hakuzo places the flag into the ground, just as the other fox members come running. Andrew walks up and pats Hakuzo on the shoulder. Hakuzo began to recount the tale as the members of the wolf team arrive with their flag.

The flag holder saw that Hakuzo already arrived with the wolf flag and practically threw down the fox flag in anger. Clarence looks sharply at the one who almost threw down the flag, and the villager starts to back away a step.

“The Fox team is the winner, Hakuzo bested our Guardian Arcanine, and captured the flag.” Clarence Announces to the villagers. “Every one of the Fox team is allowed to watch tonights festival Evolution event, while the members of the Wolf team are to remain in their homes until after the Ceremony.”

“How does an outsider beat our own Guardians?” The fox flag bearer shouts.

“Because, His bond with his Pokemon is much stronger yours. Learn this lesson well, and you will become better friends with your own Pokemon. You where able to defeat our second Guardian Ninetales, Though... I doubt you did it on your own.” Clarence states looking straight at the flag barer.

“I.. uh.....” The villager stammers out but then closes his mouth, thoroughly defeated.

“Now return to your homes, The sacred ceremony is about to begin!” Clarence usurers the members of the wolf team to their homes. Some of the villagers remove their masks and throws them to the ground as they leave. “I'm sorry for you two to see our villagers act this way, the wolf team is usually the victor every year, and they are sore losers. You have brought a new hope to the members of the Fox team this year.”

“Doesn't anyone ever switch sides?” Hakuzo asks.

“It has been a sort of tradition in our village that once you choose a team, you remain on that team your whole life.” Clarence relates this information to Hakuzo.

“It seems a bit... unfair to the losing team. Being forced to stay inside while the winning team takes part of the ceremonies.” Hakuzo retaliates.

Clarence sighs, “Yes, it is a bit unfair, but this is how we have done it for years... Tradition has always been unbroken here.”

“Tradition can change! Allow everyone in the village to partake of the ceremonies. If you rely too heavily on Traditions your village will never grow.” Hakuzo unleashes the volley of logic at Clarence.

“Your right.....” Clarence clears his throat and announced to the whole village. “Everyone listen up, There will be a change to the tradition starting this year. Even the ones that lose the Competitions, will be allowed to participate in the Ceremony. All the members of the wolf team, please come back out here.”

At once all the wolf member come out of their homes and joins the others again. The ones that threw down their wolf masks dusted them of and puts them back on. Suddenly the Bulbasaur and Ivysaur stop dancing as the moon hits the area round the fire.

The Pokemon start to glow, a dim glow at first, but the grow brightened as each one glows in turn. Each Pokemon starts to grow and soon the glow fades. Vinzith also evolved into an Ivysaur. The Ivysaur present evolved into Venusaur themselves.

Lost Pokemon Episodes: Episode 9: Tunnel Vision


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