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Updates, novel, publishing and patreon

I've been busy working away on several writing projects. Soon I will be releasing a novella on Amazon and soon to smash words Second, my novel is drafted and you can get details on my Patreon. Http://www.patreon.com/hakuzo Lots of big things will be showing up soon.

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Patreon update: price reduction

http://www.patreon.com/hakuzo all tier prices of $20 and above has been drastically reduced. Check out the new prices while I percolate on ideas for rewards.

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Patreon is live!

I've been working on a novel and other short stories lately and now I'm launching Patreon to promote my novel. www.patreon.com/Hakuzo Come and find out about my book, and help support the creation for exclusive content.

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Ivy is open for Commissions!

https://www.weasyl.com/journal/60632/commissions-are-open Ivy Kirax is open for commissions. Limited slots available, reserve a spot today! Let her know you found out Via this journal

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Story Commission Special. $1 dollar stories.

I am opening up a short story commissions. For just $1 dollar. You get 1 main character and 3 to 5 pages in length. It can be from general to Adult. Extra characters will cost an extra .50 cents. What I need is a basic story idea and character descriptions. Links to pictures will help. I also will…

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Anyone in WV please help. Emergency situation.

I've been in a bad situation for about a year now. My mate has refused to get a job over the past year and I've been supporting them for over a year. I told the I would no longer pay for food, so they called their parent and have me kicked out because they refuse to take any responsibility. I have…

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Newly joined

I have decided to create an account here. Over the next few days I will slowly start uploading stuff to this account. Keep an eye out for anything new I may post.