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Hey yo, what's poppin?

Oh hey

Life update


What has been the up recently

My online handles (art galleries)

Lots of updates (places to find me)

would anybody be interested...

Commission prices updated

Art schedule during the holidays

I got proposed to!

FAU7 Recap

Gonna try

Been away from a lot of things recently

Arthur and I will be at the April Delaware Furbowl

Where to buy fur?

Katamari Critters temporarily closed

More slots open for Katamari cousins!

Katamari Critters icon commissions

Commissions for new icon set opening soon!

Let's learn HTML for Weasyl! part 4

Let's learn HTML for Weasyl! part 3

Let's learn HTML for Weasyl! part 2

Let's learn HTML for Weasyl! part 1

Get to know me meme

Oh you guys! + Collections! + More!

Welcome new followers + plans for the future

List of things to complete

Catching up on some things

Welcome to Weasyl + Art progress until the end of the year

Update on tablet situation

September was kind of of a shitty month

FA:U Post con report!

What I've been up to lately

Commissions OPENED! [[FILLED & DONE]]

Panel accept! Come visit us at FAU + need more responses!

Please take this survey for our panel!

Commission slots

Commission TOS

Gender stereotypes the meme

How big should Mana get? (ENBC comic)

Gonna do the fun fursuit thang

Where I have been for almost 2 weeks.

You like my new icon?

2 announcements (update things?)

Make a promise to yourself right now

Steam and Art blog (new tumblr)

Current plans and status etc

OH NO, NOT ANOTHER "Merry Christmas!" journal!

Grandparents get together - aftermath

Grandparents are coming over tomorrow - very nervous

Old art submissions complete!


The do's and don't's of my art

Thieves, Impersonators, etc

So you got a commission/trade/gift from me?

WARNING! Journal flood ahead!

Arthur and the tree - Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy - We are ok

I will be uploading more here!

Well shit

Nerves and art

Things to do

First journal!