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Mana Psirando
Refurence here
Female | Fox | Magic user | Inflation/ WG/ Hyper/ TF/ Genderbending
Alternate forms: Plush, Witch (Ether), Monster, Red Panda, Deer, Tanuki

Samantha Trine
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Gender fluid | Lion | Scientist | Hyper/ Inflation/ Genderbending/ WG

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Null | Deer | Cyborg | Vent/ Inflation

Female | Monster | Aqua Being | Inflation/ Vore/ Micro and Macro

Name: Mana Psirando
Species: Red Fox
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Polysexual
Relationship: Engaged
Fiancé: arcticsilverfox
Zodiac sign: Leo
Main art themes: Furry art, furry porn, cute art, and fetish art
Mediums: Digital art and traditional art

Hello! Mana here! And here's a little bit about myself :3. I am an artist and an overall geek. I've been in the furry fandom since 2008. My fiance, Arthur SilverFox, is the one to convert me~ I am so glad he did because it is something we share together, and we have met so many wonderful people in the fandom <3. I love astrology and food! I have a dog named Spirit, she is a black lab dog who is a chubby pup! I am a web designer in a small business. Some games I like: The Katamari series, Chrono Trigger, Zelda series, Mischief Makers, and various board games. I love to cook and to cook for others. I am shy at first, but I can be chatter box once I get to know you. I am a social introvert.

I draw WEIRD and STRANGE things sometimes! I enjoy drawing my favorite kinks and porn. But I also draw clean, cute, and funny things. This account has clean SFW and adult NSFW works. I enjoying drawing all sexualities, genders, and species, variety is the spice of life!

❤Thank you for visiting and for all watches, favorites, comments, and shouts! I hope you all enjoy my art ^ ^ ❤

Latest Journal

Hey yo, what's poppin?

on 8 December 2018 at 16:30:10 MST

So uh, remember how I said I would be more active here? Yea, Imma work on that.

I will be updating my profile here at sometime - I need to adjust the ratings of a lot of my pics. Basically some of the SFW ones are going to move to 18+ non sexual

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1. Sketches

a) Basic
$ 10.00
b) Simple Color Background
$ 13.00
c) Simple Sketched Background
$ 15.00

2. Outlines

a) Basic
$ 20.00
b) Simple Color Background
$ 25.00

3. Colored

a) Flats: No Background
$ 25.00
b) Flats: Black and White and One Color
$ 25.00
c) Flats: Simple Background
$ 30.00
d) Cell Shading: Simple/ No background
$ 35.00
e) Cell Shading: Complex Background
$ 45.00
f) Soft Shading: Simple Background
$ 35.00
g) Soft Shading: Complex Background
$ 45.00

4. Icons

Cutie Face
$ 6.00
Fat Little Chibis (Stills Only)
$ 15.00
Katamari Ball (Animated)
$ 5.00
Katamari Ball (Still)
$ 3.00
Katamari Cousin (Animated)
$ 10.00
Katamari Cousin (Still)
$ 5.00
Pixel Art Body (animated)
$ 15.00
Pixel Art Body (still)
$ 10.00
Pixel Art Face (animated)
$ 10.00
Pixel Art Face (still)
$ 7.00
Pixel Fwoomp (animated)
$ 15.00
Pixel Smooch (couples animated icon)
from $ 10.00
to $ 20.00
Plush Dolls (Still Only)
$ 5.00
Super Mario Baddies (animated only)
$ 10.00

5. Sequences (BETA)

a) Multi Page (per page): Sketch
$ 10.00
b) Multi Page (per page): Outline
$ 15.00
c) Single Page Multi Pose: Sketch
$ 20.00
d) Single Page Multi Pose: Oultine
$ 25.00
e) Single Page Multi Pose: Color (flat)
$ 30.00
f) Single Page Multi Pose: Color (Cell Shaded)
$ 35.00

UPDATED: 8/22/15

General Commission Info & Examples
Icon Commission Info & Examples

Each additional character= +$5
Extreme complexity +$5 - +$10

  • All pictures are done digitally
  • Prices include up to 2 characters
  • Nude scenes and sex scenes DO NOT cost extra

Please be sure to read my commission TOS and other info (posted in profile) before ordering a commission!


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    your art is awesome! hey do you make other peoples oc's?( i just want to see myself in your art!) is that bad? i cant draw....)

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      Thank you! I do commissions but I am currently not open. I am trying to get into the swing of things.

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    thank you so much for the lovely comments! <3

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      Oh man you are welcome! Thank you for all the wonderful art and being you! ^ ^

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    I like your artwork

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    snugglies and purrs