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Mana Psirando
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Female | Fox | Magic user | Inflation/ WG/ Hyper/ TF/ Genderbending
Alternate forms: Plush, Witch (Ether), Monster, Red Panda, Deer, Tanuki

Samantha Trine
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Gender fluid | Lion | Scientist | Hyper/ Inflation/ Genderbending/ WG

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Null | Deer | Cyborg | Vent/ Inflation

Female | Monster | Aqua Being | Inflation/ Vore/ Micro and Macro

Name: Mana Psirando
Species: Red Fox
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Polysexual
Relationship: Engaged
Fiancé: arcticsilverfox
Zodiac sign: Leo
Main art themes: Furry art, furry porn, cute art, and fetish art
Mediums: Digital art and traditional art

Hello! Mana here! And here's a little bit about myself :3. I am an artist and an overall geek. I've been in the furry fandom since 2008. My fiance, Arthur SilverFox, is the one to convert me~ I am so glad he did because it is something we share together, and we have met so many wonderful people in the fandom <3. I love astrology and food! I have a dog named Spirit, she is a black lab dog who is a chubby pup! I am a web designer in a small business. Some games I like: The Katamari series, Chrono Trigger, Zelda series, Mischief Makers, and various board games. I love to cook and to cook for others. I am shy at first, but I can be chatter box once I get to know you. I am a social introvert.

I draw WEIRD and STRANGE things sometimes! I enjoy drawing my favorite kinks and porn. But I also draw clean, cute, and funny things. This account has clean SFW and adult NSFW works. I enjoying drawing all sexualities, genders, and species, variety is the spice of life!

❤Thank you for visiting and for all watches, favorites, comments, and shouts! I hope you all enjoy my art ^ ^ ❤

Latest Journal

Life update

on 23 August 2016 at 22:51:09 MDT

Hello all~

Thanks for being patient with me during my hiatus. Figured I'd explain why I was away.

New home!
So the major reason for the lack of being away was, well, Arthur and I moved in with each other to an apartment! We officially moved in mid July, so all the away time before that was me packing. I have a weird amount of things.... mainly from never throwing away stuff! So, I had to throw away some old stuff, organize some things, and then pack it accordingly. On top of that, trying to communicate with the landlord and make sure we were ACTUALLY getting a place, which was very stressful. Thanks to so many of our friends who helped us move! Some of you are on here even and know who you are. It was a smooth move in. Well..... except for the fact that our apartment was never cleaned @ n @ It wasn't AWFUL, but it wasn't good. The floor for instance.... while it was vanished- the dirty and dust stuck to the floor till we were able to mop it. Or the sink had particles in it, or the counters were dirty. Dust on top of the kitchen cabinets. Stuff like that. So it took time to clean things, which delayed unpacking. At this point in time, we are 95% moved in - we just have to do decorations and the TV/game systems in the bed room. There are about 2-3 boxes left to deal with. Even though it was a rough start, I love it. I love seeing Arthur every day, I love the peace of the apartment, I love the freedom.

The beginning of August was Megaplex and Arthur and I got to go! It was a lot of fun. We spent our time down in Florida and at the con with chefcomet (Sigmund) , Warren , and met a new buddy (a friend of their's) Gaia Rose. This was my first time on a plane and oh boy.... what an experience XD Only 4 hours of sleep, still dark out as Arthur drove us, I was super nervous- so much I barfed before entering the airport, and was just out of it as I went through the whole thing. Take off was the worse of course. But.... once in the sky it was really cool to look down at the clouds :3 Sigmund and Warren met us in the Florida airport (WOO POKESTOPS TOO!) and had us stay at his place during the trip/con. Thursday we went to Epcot, another first for me and I believe a first for Arthur! It was neat! But oh man... the heeeeeat and then raaaaain XD Also.... soooo many pokestops there toooo XD Friday and Saturday at the con was SOOOO much fun! Dealers den was awesome and I got to meet some artist that I already knew and loved their art. Went to some panels including Miss Strawberry's panel which the title confused me at first and I went just to figure it out, but stayed because Miss Strawberry is just wonderful. Got to go into the dance for like..... 5-10 minutes. Everyone was tired, otherwise Gaia Rose and I woulda stayed XD I got to meet up with some awesome furs, including Foxxel, Rikki, and Circe; even got to see a familiar face there as I saw Shy-Matsii. I was very social Friday and Saturday, but crashed a bit on Sunday. On top of that, Sunday I started getting con crud. I felt so awful.... it wasn't fun at all. I had a bit of a second wind during closing ceremonies, but it got worse after that. I felt bad because it would have been fun to adventure elsewhere, but all I wanted to do was sleep XD Monday was our flight back home..... which was hard now cause I was so sick XD The WORSE this time was ear pressure WHILE being sick. But we got back home no problem and as soon as we got in? Oh boy did I sleep. I napped for 4 hours straight, then went to bed early. Thankfully.... I was still on vacation till Thursday. I was still run down, but now I am ok :3 Overall, awesome con. I want to definitely go again!

Future plans
Now that we are, for the most part, settled in- I'll be a bit more active on things, such as with art and placed like twitter. The move was not only a nice new adventure, but there were a lot of things at my parent's house preventing me from drawing and enjoying drawing. I need to actually get myself going again with art (mainly digital art) so I can not only enjoy it again, but also well..... be good at it. I've gotten a bit rusty. There are some things I need to complete, but other then that I am actually thinking about opening up commissions again in mid September or sooner hopefully. I'll announce it again when I am closer and more definite to opening.

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1. Sketches

a) Basic
$ 10.00
b) Simple Color Background
$ 13.00
c) Simple Sketched Background
$ 15.00

2. Outlines

a) Basic
$ 20.00
b) Simple Color Background
$ 25.00

3. Colored

a) Flats: No Background
$ 25.00
b) Flats: Black and White and One Color
$ 25.00
c) Flats: Simple Background
$ 30.00
d) Cell Shading: Simple/ No background
$ 35.00
e) Cell Shading: Complex Background
$ 45.00
f) Soft Shading: Simple Background
$ 35.00
g) Soft Shading: Complex Background
$ 45.00

4. Icons

Cutie Face
$ 6.00
Fat Little Chibis (Stills Only)
$ 15.00
Katamari Ball (Animated)
$ 5.00
Katamari Ball (Still)
$ 3.00
Katamari Cousin (Animated)
$ 10.00
Katamari Cousin (Still)
$ 5.00
Pixel Art Body (animated)
$ 15.00
Pixel Art Body (still)
$ 10.00
Pixel Art Face (animated)
$ 10.00
Pixel Art Face (still)
$ 7.00
Pixel Fwoomp (animated)
$ 15.00
Pixel Smooch (couples animated icon)
from $ 10.00
to $ 20.00
Plush Dolls (Still Only)
$ 5.00
Super Mario Baddies (animated only)
$ 10.00

5. Sequences (BETA)

a) Multi Page (per page): Sketch
$ 10.00
b) Multi Page (per page): Outline
$ 15.00
c) Single Page Multi Pose: Sketch
$ 20.00
d) Single Page Multi Pose: Oultine
$ 25.00
e) Single Page Multi Pose: Color (flat)
$ 30.00
f) Single Page Multi Pose: Color (Cell Shaded)
$ 35.00

UPDATED: 8/22/15

General Commission Info & Examples
Icon Commission Info & Examples

Each additional character= +$5
Extreme complexity +$5 - +$10

  • All pictures are done digitally
  • Prices include up to 2 characters
  • Nude scenes and sex scenes DO NOT cost extra

Please be sure to read my commission TOS and other info (posted in profile) before ordering a commission!


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